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  1. 1 hour ago, Let'sGoZips94 said:

    When facing another G5 team that has a nice upset over a P5 school that season, if we win, the joke is always, "Well that means we could beat (insert the aforementioned P5 school here)."


    I want to say we could beat Rhode Island and Sacred Heart. 

    The “Daisy Chain.”  

    I remember, Idk, 20 years ago (a year when the national champion was not undefeated, obviously), you could daisy chain the national champion down to a D-2 or D-3 school who only had a few wins on the season. 😂

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  2. 10 hours ago, Zippy1986 said:

    I’m thinking the same thinking. That is why I was wondering where the other transfers went. I’m pretty sure all 4 starting WRs from 2019 / 2020 transferred. It looks like Childs is off to a strong start with Montana at RB. (They upset #20 Washington week 1). 

    Boogie did stand out in box score against Kentucky. 

    You're right about Childs.  It looks as if he's their #2 RB.  Against Washington (his first game as a Grizzly) he had 9 rushes for 39 yards (4.33 average).  


    His transfer was, to me, the most unexpected, surprising transfer I've ever seen.  His senior year in HS he chose us over Kansas State, and on social media was 100% all Zips up to his eyeballs.  I thought he'd be a team captain by the time he was a junior.  Then he got to campus for summer training/fall camp, and transferred out before the season even began (IIRC).  Totally weird.  But following him on social media he really seems positive and level headed; not at all flaky; a future Mr. President type of young man.  (Much like LePear Toles, if you're at all familiar with his social media presence.)  Big red flag for the UA staff?  I still don't know what to make of it, as he seems to be precisely the type of athlete/person the current staff is targeting, and there are other positive, mature, true student-athletes on the team who seem to be loving it (e.g., Snowden).

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  3. Week 2 MAC Scores:


    Minnesota  31

    Miami  26


    Wyoming  50

    N. Illinois  43


    Duquesne  28

    Ohio  26         🤨


    KSUcks  60

    VMI  10


    Notre Dame  32

    Toledo  29    


    CMU  45

    Robert Morris  0


    Penn State  44

    Ball State  13


    Nebraska  28

    Buffalo  3


    South Alabama  22

    BUGS  19


    WMU  28

    Illinois State  0


    Wisconsin 34

    EMU  7


    After 2 Weeks

    KSUcks 1-1

    Buffalo 1-1

    Ohio 0-2

    Miami 0-2

    BUGS 0-2

    Akron 0-2


    Toledo 1-1

    Ball State 1-1

    EMU 1-1

    WMU 1-1

    CMU 1-1

    N. Ill. 1-1

  4. Players Auburn had in the game during DJ's TD drive:


    NT - Tony Fair - 1st string

    DE - Derick Hall - 1st string

    LB - Chandler Wooten - 1st string

    CB - Roger McCreary - 1st string (who Jonzell beat on his TD catch)

    CB - Nehemiah Pritchett - 1st string

    S - Bydarrius Knighten - 1st string


    DL - TD Moultry - 2nd string

    DL - JJPegues - 2nd string

    DL - Zykevious Walker - 2nd string

    LB - Wesley Steiner - 2nd string

    CB - Ro Torrence - 2nd string

    S - Zion Pucket - 2nd string


    DL - Romello Height - not listed on 2-deep

    DL - Eku Leota - not listed on 2-deep

    S - Eric Reed - not listed on 2-deep

    S - Devin Guide - not listed on 2-deep


    I'm sure there are others I missed.  This is just what I could gather by pausing the ESPN replay feed.  But the point is DJ wasn't doing this against scrubs.

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  5. 12 hours ago, Ham said:

    In today's presser, nobody asked about our QB position.  I get the feeling that we will see both Kato and DJ.  I personally feel DJ has earned the start.  There was talk about Owl's QB being questionable.  No mention of any injuries!  

    We may want the Owl's starting QB to play.  Watching Temple-Rutgers highlights, into the 2nd quarter the announcer said the Temple QB was something like 3-of-11.  The next highlight showed the Temple QB badly sail a pass over his receiver's head for an easy pick-6 for Rutgers.


    This article from ESPN dot com sheds a little light on how the game got out of hand for Temple... and they may not be as bad as the score indicates.  They had a number of TO's which put Rutgers in excellent starting field position.  Temple's D doesn't sound all that bad; Rutger's QB, Noah Vedral, was 15-of-27 passing for only 138 yards and was also Rutger's leading rusher with only 58 yards (on eight rushes), so Temple's run defense must be pretty stout.

  6. We gotta focus on the last 1 & 1/2 quarters -v- Auburn when DJ was in the game.  


    13-of-13, 129 yards & a TD.  


    Outscored Auburn 10-7.  


    That's the trend I'm excited to see continued this Saturday -v- Temple! 


    Get excited!  


    Go Zips!

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  7. On 9/5/2021 at 9:56 AM, WarEagleJD said:

    Hey guys! I got a little curious after the game about what you guys were thinking about that No.2 QB. He looked pretty good to me. 


    16 hours ago, ICCCRTR said:

    Hey everybody,

    Just got on your boards to hear what you thought about DJ Irons. 


    Hey fellas, thanks for stopping by.


    DJ Irons looked fantastic.  I haven't been this excited about a Zips QB in a long time.  He was JUCO last season and this was the first that any of us on here were able to see him.  He looks like the kind of QB who could save Arth's job & be a true program changer.


    He was in control of the huddle, cool, calm & collected; the game certainly wasn't moving too fast for him, which I find difficult to believe it being his first D-1 experience.  Simply unbelievable debut.  I want a "0" jersey!


    Go Zips!

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  8. Other Week 1 MAC Scores:


    Ball Sweat  31

    Western Illinois  21


    Buffalo  69 dude

    Wagner  7


    Tennessee  38

    BUGS  6


    EMU  35

    St. Francis  15


    Michigan  47

    WMU  14


    Cincinnati  49

    Miami  14


    Missouri  34

    CMU  24


    Syracuse  29

    Ohio  9


    Toledo  49

    Norfolk State  10


    Northern Illinois  22

    Georgia Tech  21


    Texas A&M  41

    KSUcks  10

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  9. Well, game's over.  Time for me to go pay the piper & suffer through the night with heartburn.


    Start Irons and I think we're on to something in the MAC.


    Bring on Temple!  


    See you guys - along with about 2000 players' and band members' friends and family - there next Saturday.

  10. 1 minute ago, akzipper said:


    I think the script Akron is fine and okay in some applications. Works on the front of basketball jerseys or occasionally on football helmets. But it shouldn't be a primary logo when we have really cool logos to pick from. I don't think any school, or professional team, has a main logo that's just their name except for Ole Miss. It just feels generic and amateurish. 

    Good point & I agree.  I love the "Z" logo and the script "Akron,"  Sort of like the Indians used to have Chief Wahoo as the primary logo but script "Indians" on the front of the jersey.  I would like to see the "Z" somewhere.  I especially liked it on the helmet.

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