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  1. I still think Dawson should start.  He's a dog who can shoot and drive to the basket.  He's 6'5" & built like a bull.

    I agree with Groce bringing Dailey off the bench.  But I just don't think Tribble should be starting over Dawson.  Tribble starting gives us a starting PG who is 5'8", and two wings, Trimble at 6'2", and Tribble at 6'1".  5'8", 6'1" and 6'2" is pretty small.  Especially considering the only offense Tribble brings to the table is driving to the basket.  Whoever is guarding Tribble knows he can sag way off him.  Anyway, the point of my post is not to bash on Tribble.  I love his hustle, athleticism, and defense.  I'm glad he's a Zip.  But I think Dawson should be the starter.


    Now, if only the coaching staff would get wise & listen to me. Lol.

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  2. Just now, Bigzip1 said:

    Passing the ball getting guys involved will never be considered charitable. Especially when your idea of decent looks are pulling up as soon as you pass half court. Stop it with that nonsense this game is a team sport it takes a team effort to win. I’m disappointed in the coaching staff for allowing this to happen. Teams with lottery level talent at guard don't even allow what I just saw tonight. 

    I agree.  LCJ's got to get more of an LBJ mindset.  During the first quarter of games LeBron often passes up open looks to get his teammates the ball, purposefully trying to get his teammates going & into the flow of the game.  It's a team game.

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  3. Just now, LZIp said:

    Going into the season, I think a lot of had pretty high expectations for Dailey and Currie. The fact is both have done next to nothing this year. When two of your projected top 4 players give you nothing, you're probably not going to have the season you hoped for.

    This is true.  I've been vocal about my disappointment in Dailey, but during the preseason I had Currie penciled into my starting lineup prediction.


    I've also got to say, I still would like to see Dawson in the starting lineup.  I know Tribble's a very athletic defender, but I just don't see the reason for him getting PT in front of Dawson.

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  4. The MAC did this hype video right!

    Saturday, September 4 - at Auburn

    Saturday, Septmber 11 - Temple

    Saturday, September 18 - Bryant

    Saturday, September 25 - at Ohio State

    Saturday, October 2 - Ohio

    Saturday, October 9 - at BUGS

    Saturday, October 16 - at Fiami

    Saturday, October 23 - Canada

    Saturday, October 30 - Bye

    Tuesday, November 2 - Ball Sweat

    Tuesday, November 9 - at Western Michigan

    Saturday, November 20 - Brimfield CC

    Saturday, November 27 - at Toledo



    Extremely difficult, but nice schedule.  I like having all Saturday games until when the weather starts turning nasty in November.  One gripe in that I prefer having the KSUcks game earlier in the season to take advantage of nice fall weather.  But we do have the Ohio game at home in early October, so that's nice.  Hopefully we'll have the weather cooperate for the October 23rd game -v- Buffalo.

  5. 10 hours ago, Spin said:


    I don't post here often. I've been a soccer fan since the old ASL Cleveland Cobras, then the Force, Crunch, and Invaders playing indoor. I talked to Mike Sweeney a lot and went to his team's games, the D3 Cleveland Caps. But I don't have enough knowledge (or enough confidence in my knowledge) of the strategies. So I just read a lot.


    For awhile I thought I was the only one on the forum so I posted some updates.  


    They look solid to me. Maybe with the Gov opening sporting events up a little, we can get back to the games.

    Keep posting!  Trust me, no one knows less about soccer than me.

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  6. I loved our first half. Complete domination. That was good, old-fashioned Zips' soccer. But then I was disappointed as Kentucky really controlled the 2nd half. Does anyone know what adjustments they made?


    The first OT was a draw, but we seemed to really control the 2nd OT & Kentucky seemed glad to come away with the draw.


    Someone already mentioned this, but Kentucky’s goal felt more like an (un)fortunate bounce than a skillful goal.


    This was the first I’ve seen the team play this year, but I’ll take an effort like that first half any day!

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  7. 1 hour ago, clarkwgriswold said:

    He is averaging 16.4 ppg, 7.4 apg and 7.2 rpg so his first game performance was pretty close to average for him.

    I just remember being nervous about that game &, more precisely, the matchup at PG w/ Preston being 8 inches taller than LCJ, but then LCJ pretty easily getting the better of him.

  8. I feel like somehow we need to shake things up a little.  


    1. Start Dawson over Dailey.

    Bring Maishe off the bench & just tell him to take a deep breath and focus on playing suffocating D; let any offense just take care of itself.


    2. Bring in Clarke as our #2 PG as opposed to Tribble.

    Tribble is more of a 2 guard.  He doesn't have the typical handles of a PG. (...nor the typical shot of a 2 guard 😐)


    3. If we play as lackadaisically as we did today, then Marshall should play more.  That guy hustles.  Maybe even start Marshall and make Ali our official 6th Man.  That's not a demotion of Ali, it's a promotion.  He'd be the undisputed leader of our 2nd unit & would give us more spark off the bench.


    Just thoughts.  

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  9. Just now, monrowe said:

    The Zips look burned out from being on the road for a month.The Bobcats haven’t played in 21 their legs are fresh.

    That’s what I was thinking; they look burned out. This was their 5th road game out of the last 6 games. Maybe that’s what it was. Idk but they didn’t have any energy or form on either end of the floor today.

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