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  1. Rishad Hence, CB, 5-10, 170, Martin Luther King HS, Detroit, MI Beat out Army, EMU, KSUcks & Cincinnati 💪 Maxpreps profile w/ highlight film Hudl profile w/ highlight film
  2. Keeping fingers crossed. I'm beginning to hunger for football.
  3. Loved that guy! He came in the same year as highly-touted Massillon RB Christian Morgan - who was an unbelievable physical specimen @ 6'4, 225 & ran a 4.5. Crazy stuff. I remember bragging to people about the Zips landing Christian Morgan. Lee Owens sure could recruit. But anyway, Brandon Payne was so electric that I believe I remember Lee Owens stating that BP was the team's #1 RB during preseason practice of BP's freshman season 😳 Brandon Payne's twitter handle
  4. The Scar was hired to make the tough calls and that's what he did... but he was shockingly ham-handed. His mannerisms simply defied common sense. I don't know how he could have gotten through the battery of interviews without people detecting that, "Hey, this guy's kind of a jerk & may rub people the wrong way."
  5. Abdul Jabbaar, DT, 6'2", 260, Southfield A&T HS, Southfield, MI. Hudl highlights He's fast. He looks fast enough to play DE. But he lists himself as a DT so I will too.
  6. +1. He's one of my all-time favorite Zips.
  7. I'd hate to see us lose Buffalo (love to hate those guys). On the other hand, I'd love to see us regain Marshall (love to hate those guys).
  8. Hopefully we'll now be playing Toledo twice on an annual basis. Throw gasoline on the UA-UT rivalry. Man, I wish we got them again this past season 😡
  9. Don't be a stranger, brother! Go Zips!
  10. There's really no reason at all why we shouldn't be competitive in the MAC.
  11. @bigjim ^^I remember tossing that idea around while updating last year's recruiting class list as well. Without looking, IIRC I did include them. So good call. I'll add your above mentioned players to this year's list of recruits. And thanks for linking the article. According to the article Reese plans on studying nursing. ✊💪💪
  12. Thanks, @bigjim! I got the 280 figure from his hudl profile and from his twitter profile. I'm not familiar with "the news?" Could you link it?
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