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  1. I didn't know about his injury. And everything else you say is very true, very true! It's great to see the depth we're getting at the RB position! I don't ever recall having nearly the sort of talent we're assembling there! I'm especially excited about seeing Bryan Williams tote the rock. But I always show favor toward the local fellas. That's why I'm still hoping we sign Morgan Williams - another great RB!
  2. So he's still a junior this year? If so, it's good to see us getting a jump on these top recruits and get them thinking Zips a.s.a.p. Hopefully he'll wanna be a homeboy and represent! No selling out to Cowlumbus or Pitt or Northwestern!!! Keepin' it real!
  3. YSU can have him. He's an underacheiver, probably pretty arrogant, and we don't need anymore personalitites like that on this team! He's only got one year of eligibility remaining? We can do better.
  4. Yeah, it means he is the 29th best QB in the country of the QB's considered to be dual-threats.
  5. Rivals has Rodgers ranked as the 29th best dual-threat QB in the nation! Go Zips!
  6. I've gotta think that DK is gonna move down the depth chart. He just didn't impress me much at all this year. I was expecting more from him. Of course, the primary problem was likely due to the disgraceful performance of our OL.
  7. Beautiful shot! That should be in National Geographic!
  8. The JAR had better be packed come Saturday!!!
  9. 250 lbs. for a DT seems a little bit light, doesn't it?
  10. I think that must be the same Adams that lights up the basketball box score for Buchtel twice a week? If it is, he's really gotta be quite the athlete!
  11. I absolutey agree. What marketing wizard came up with that jingle?! It couldn't possibly be any worse! While "Fear the Roo" is genius, the jingle they've come up with almost negates any coolness the slogan has! Unbelievable.
  12. I agree! Though I've never spoken with a recruit, per se, I have spoken to a few players, and they are generally friendly guys who enjoy talking to fans. They, naturally, enjoy being told how good they are and that they had a good game. They're not stuck up, they, like anyone would, enjoy the attention. So yeah, be nice and friendly and encouraging to any recruit you may see around campus!
  13. Can't Statecks banner? Uh... I don't get it.
  14. I wasn't able to make the game Wednesday night. How was the student turnout? Were both north and south sections full? Any students elsewhere? Gotta love a sell out!!! I wish we'd sell out the JAR for games other than Can't and OU! We should be selling that place out for all of the MAC games! Can't blame people for not coming to our rather lame non-conference schedule though (except for Nevada - great game!!! But our administration didn't really have anything to do with that one, so won't give them credit there!) Next year - more Atlantic 10 conference teams please - and no, not Duquesne! I'm talking UMASS, Xavier, Rhode Island, Temple or Dayton (we can all boo Marcus Johnson for selling out on us!)
  15. I don't mind the constant LeBron references either. Dru and Rome may get a little annoyed with them all, for they are very good ball players themselves, but having said that, I think UA needs to milk the close relationship with the greatest player in the history of basketball as much as we possibly can! Kids from coast-to-coast can only think it's cool!
  16. At 6-2, 235 lbs. and a 4.5 40 time, he seems (and looks) like a very gifted hard nose! We could really use some more talent at LB! Captain, I hope your inside info is true!
  17. According to Scout.com he was also offered by Mississippi State. He's listed at 6-3, 200 lbs.
  18. Yep! I was equally surprised to see Herb Pope going to NMSU. What's up with that?! "They" were saying that Steve Sweich to Akron was possibly the best mid-major signing. But now Herb Pope to NMSU has to take the cake!
  19. We need a HOME warm-up game against a 1-AA team more than we need another ROAD trip, this time to UCONN (though I do like that matchup!)
  20. If this is true, why do you think they would do this?
  21. Actually, I think that alphabetically we're #2.But I agree. DK didn't break many long runs, and broke no tackles. Didn't juke at all either. Generally a RB either breaks tackles or jukes, but DK did neither. Here's to Alex Allen's recovery! Here's to Gary Pride coming in next year! Here's to (cross your fingers!) Morgan Williams giving us a verbal!!!
  22. I agree. I love Rome - one of my favorite Zips players ever! - but I think we'll be even better in the front court next season with Wood starting at power forward, McKnight the first off the bench, and Sweich starting at center.But the back court, withouth Dru, will be precarious. Both Dials and Middleton are 2's, not 1's. McNeese is an unknown, and I've heard he's a defensive liability. Darryl Roberts didn't qualify. Hopefully Ronnie Steward - the point guard we signed from Columbus - can come in and fill Dru's spot right away. Now that OJ Mayo is in West Virginia, Steward is considered the best point guard in the state. But there's NO WAY he'll be the shooter that Dru is! Hopefully he may be just a bit quicker and able to penetrate a little better than Dru. But no way will he be able to drill the 3 like Dru!
  23. Agreed. But if I may also add our traditional gripe that the Beacon gave the story absolutely no game-day coverage. That, naturally, doesn't help either. But today's ABJ post-game coverage was very well done.
  24. Hey Z.I.P. Just curious, but what do you do for a living out in Hawaii? Is the economy completely based on tourism dollars?
  25. Arg! Don't remind me how many excellent Buchtel players picked Pitt over Akron during the Owens era!
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