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  1. I've got a friend studying computer graphics design @ the U and he does absolutely amazing work! It would be interesting to see what the arts department would come up with!And I love the old-gold throwback b-ball uni's!!! I'm hoping we go with a gold (as opposed to white) motif next season!!!
  2. I'll admit, I was pulling for Can't last night! I had them in the Sweet 16 of my bracket. (I also had NEVADA in the Final Four - my bracket's dead.) I'm always for MAC schools when they play out of conference. I was also pulling for Miami in the NIT (that pains me as much as rooting for Can't.) But man, we need a solid showing from ALL of the MAC next year!!!!!!! I heard the MAC was 1 - 10 against MVC schools?!?! Not acceptable!!! They had a great year, but we should be beating down on MVC schools!!!!!Go MAC!Go Zips!
  3. Is the official merch store in the JAR? Or is it the student bookstore on Exchange? Or the student bookstore in the Polsky building?We should most definitely build a huge freakin' Zips Team Shop in the new stadium.
  4. Alright, let me toss this out to The Nation & see what you guys think...After about 2 years, I'm getting the feeling that unless you're a diehard Zips fan (like myself), people generally think the "Capital 'A' w/ Kangaroo head" logo is rather dumb (the logo we have on the sides of our football helmets.) I work with jr. high & high school kids & have had quite a few of them look at that logo, being unfamiliar w/ the UA program, and ask what it is & then just reply, "Oh. That's dumb." I've literally had about 5 of them ask, "Is that a donkey head?"So... what if we would go with that extremely cool "Z" on the sides of our helmets instead of the A-Kangaroo head. The same "Z" we have centered beneath the neck of our jerseys and on the sides of the JAR floor? Would that be "cooler"? Like I said before - I'll bet we all like the A-Kangaroo head, but we're all die hard Zips fans who may be a bit blinded by our bias. I'm basing my suggestion on what I've heard from people not familiar w/ the Zips program - people we should be trying to win over! We'll be fans regardless, but maybe we should be thinking about casual observers?So, what's the nation think? Would that "Z" logo look cool on the sides of our helmets? Or no?
  5. Are you f*cking kidding me? First off, Mount Union is D3, not 1-AA. Any D3 school would get absolutely ass raped by any D1, 1-AA, or D2 school. If Akron played Mount Union, first of all, it would be unsafe for the Mount Union players because it's an entirely different kind of player and skill level. Secondly, it'd be 56-0 or worse by halftime. 1-AA schools can sometimes compete with a 1-A school. But Mount Union would not come close to Ashland, much less Akron. Ha ha! Yeah, I'm no Vince Lombardi, but anyone who knows anything about football realizes that the entire Mount Union football team would be in Alliance Community Hospital by the end of the 1st quarter!
  6. Gold uni's? Game's as good as over. We win.
  7. Man, I love those gold uniforms! We'd BETTER be wearing them tonight!!! We should sign a deal w/ Nike for gold uni's to go along w/ our new $200 million downtown Nike/Lebron James Arena!
  8. Okay, now I'm a bit confused again. Could, or could not WZIP carry Zips football & b-ball with our corporate sponsor ads and remain a 'non-profit' station?
  9. Ooops. My last post should have contained this quote which I was responding to...
  10. No, man. The Buchtellite is a great paper! I much prefer it to the Beacon sports section!!! I think whoever said that it was "worthless" was 1) definitely mistaken, and 2) probably speaking from a publicity point of view. The Buchtellite is not widely distributed outside of the UA campus community (is it?). That's all. The Buchtellite's FAR FROM worthless!!!
  11. Ah!!!! Now that's the information I was looking for!!! Man, I love this board! I've been wondering for years why we weren't on WZIP and I finally understand! Thanks! Makes sense. Too bad we couldn't have games on WZIP though, stricktly for publicity reasons. WZIP is an absolutely HUGE station w/ local high school kids & talk about reaching a target audience - MAN!!! Whatever's on WZIP is automatically "cool" in their eyes. Oh, well. That's that.We might just have to be patient. A few years of winning teams will bring competition in the marketplace for Zips athletics. Considering our athletic programs less-than-stellar history, we may want to consider ourselves lucky to be on the radio AT ALL!
  12. Does Tom Beck work for UA? Why would he want nothing to do with the Zips?! It's the U's radio station, is it not? If Tom Beck doesn't want anything to do with the Zips (?!) then screw him! Go over his head. Proenza would probably love to see football & men's b-ball on WZIP. Proenza came from Purdue and recognizes the tremendous residual impact of a good sports program (I saw him leaving the Q after the Toledo debacle.) He's intelligent enough to see the value of the Zips on WZIP. I just think the U should work together on this. WZIP wanting nothing to do with the Zips (?!) is just provincial and divisive. b.t.w. 1350's new ultra-left wing programming sucks. What happened to the sports?!?!
  13. Akron @ Temple. Tough matchup! But I don't get this at all: the BJ says that Miami (O) gets to HOST a 1st round game against... Butler?!?! Miami gets an easier draw AND a game at home?!?! What gives?! :blink:
  14. Yes. Yes. You're absolutely right. But I was more specifically referring to Darryl Peterson's mysterious lack of playing time. Any casual observer could see that DP should have been on the court more - so there must be more to the situation than meets the eye. No?
  15. 6-10 dude is going to Indiana State. He's pretty good, but McKnight is the man. -McKnight's introduced last in pregame intro's & Lancaster's fans go nuts when he runs out onto the court! -He's the emotional team leader as well - he's got a real quarterback-like calm head on his shoulders. -He has set Lancaster's all-time scoring record (I don't remember the exact # of points.) -He was offered by West Virginia.-He was named tournament MVP @ a little Christmas tourney in Columbus last year - handing eventual state champ Canton McKinley their only loss that year.-He's the real deal.Unfortunately, I know a lot more about him than about the other 2 guys we've signed. I do know that Darryl Roberts - the point guard from Toledo St. Francis DeSales - was Division 1 Co-Player of the Year in his northwest district - so that's GREAT!!!I think Bardo's a project. But I don't know.
  16. That'd be strange for a senior to quit, unless he was pretty certain he wouldn't be getting much PT.
  17. I don't think KD spoke after the game. Admittedly, by the time I got to my car, half the postgame show was over. I heard one of the assistant coaches interviewed - I can't remember who. Darryl Peterson probably played better than anyone on the team over the last 3 games, only to find himself on the bench in crunch time. There MUST be more to this than the distant observer can diagnose, no?! I'm still just trying to figure things out, too. What went so wrong in the last 10 minutes?!?! My head is still spinning - I still can't believe we lost like that - playing SO poorly! I'm sorry DP had to end his career in such a fashion.
  18. Funny the conversation turned in this direction. I had the opportunity to see Rydell play Thursday night in the Buchtell-Hoban game at Barberton and, humbly, was not overly impressed. Neither I, nor my friend, believe he's a big D-I type of talent. He's not very confident in his outside shot and he glances down at the ball too much as he dribbles. His passes are also a little slow & inaccurate. I'm just being honest - he'd CRUSH me one-on-one, but he's probably more of a Walsh U. type player. Just by reading his stats in the BJ, I had wanted to go out of my way to see him play. But I was underwhelmed. Maybe this Lance Jeter from Pittsburgh is the real deal?
  19. Good grief!!! Talk about one HUGE strike zone!!!
  20. I've never submitted a "Poll" before, so I hope this is legible. Naturally, I hope our Zips reach the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tourney. But... since this is unlikely to happen THIS year (wait till next year, baby!) what do you guys think would be a more beneficial scenario for our program at this stage - making the NCAA Big Dance, but getting knocked out in the 1st round (not that I'm saying that'll happen - don't hate on me! This is merely for hypothetical fun!). Or, getting upset in the MAC tourney and thus, settling for an NIT bid, but making the Final Four of the NIT & playing @ Madison Square Garden on ESPN?
  21. This thread has taken on a life of it's own, which is cool - conversations evolve naturally, but I'd just like to post that the Sunday ABJ's coverage of the Zips-Can't State game was very good! As Rasor pointed out: GREAT picture of Dru (with the magnificently doppy Werzinski - or whatever his name is) along with the teaser in the A-1 skyline (I think that's what Rasor called it - he knows journalism jargon).I hope you guys are correct when you claim there is a "shakeup" going down at the ABJ and how they choose to cover Zips athletics. In my humble opinion, Zips athletics is what is going to give the Akron area our identity in the not-too-distant future! Not The National Inventors Hall, not the Soap Box Derby, not blimps (though they are extremely cool too!). No, Zips athletics is where we'll find our community identity. And with the ongoing renaissance of both downtown and the U, I sincerely feel we are indeed one of the up-and-coming athletics programs in the entire nation!I emailed David Giffels (the popular ABJ 'Local Section' writer) and told him my opinion on Akron's new identity, and invited him to join The Nation! I invited him to the Zips-Can't State game & I told him we're interested in ANYTHING Akron - not just athletics, but culture, education and development as well - anything that benefits our great city. I told him we're the most deliciously biased Akron supporters he'll ever want to meet. He emailed me back & said that he, "...fears the roo daily!" So now, perhaps, we'll occasionally get a little love from Giffels too?! That'd be pretty huge.Go Zips!
  22. That's too bad about Terry and Hight. Not just for us as a team over the next 3 years, but for them personally for the rest of their lives. But Marshall, help me out, who was he? I can't recall.As far as backup QB goes, I haven't seen anyone on our roster other than Getsy even throw a pass! So I'm far from even having an opinion on the subject - let alone a slightly qualified opinion. I must say the videos of Hakes were AWFULLY impressive! But I don't think a true frosh will come in & be the #2 man. Next year = Carlton Jackson. Hopefully we're all pleasantly surprised w/ Carlton!Go Zips!
  23. Are you guys planning on meeting before Thursday's 2:00 game?
  24. I believe I remember hearing not to count on Terry - that he wasn't even enrolled in school? I'm excited about seeing Robinson & Hight. We're going to have the best DL in the MAC - not even close! TOTAL domination!
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