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  1. Good post. 1. You're correct. Not landing =/= not recruiting. Carman said "recruited." I gave him the benefit of the doubt and posted "landed." But there is definitely a difference. 2. I believe you're correct concerning the City Series kids. East's DeVanier Floyd seemed like an Arth-type recruit. The others... not so much. Arth & Co. are clearly working to change the personality of the locker room. Buchtel had a handful of good players this year (all of whom played at Massillon this year 🙄) but I really doubt Arth is interested in any of them... at all. 3. If you read the thread some people are just negative about the city of Akron. But hey, our campus is beautiful, downtown is about to come alive and is truly experiencing a renaissance. Our stadium is beautiful & the field house is excellent. It has to be the lack of winning which makes it difficult. The soccer & basketball team don't have any trouble landing top-shelf talent.
  2. I normally just watch the game @ Kent on tv.
  3. Thread on Akron only landing in 4 Ohio kids. Lots of typical twitter negativity in the replies, but also quite a number of people who seem to want success for Akron.
  4. Ouch. Low blow tweet from Jonah Morris. So it's off to the University of Northern Colorado? Gotta call bullsh*t on this one.
  5. No idea. I was just relaying what was stated in the press release.
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