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  1. Marshall definitely looks more like a W than a PF. The defensive capabilities of our wings could be amazing with Dawson (who moves like a gazelle), Dailey & now Marshall. I still think we need to sign one more ready to contribute JUCO F in the 6-8 range. Currie is our tallest player at 6'9" and then Ali is currently our only other player taller than 6'7". And Ali really doesn't seem like a natural banger.
  2. He's athletic This 1-minute, 58-second video will give us more information on Jermain Marshall than the Beacon Journal will give us over the next 3 years.
  3. I think he has a bad back & his days of playing competitive ball are prematurely behind him
  4. Sorry about the poor wording of my post. I didn't mean to say he'd be playing next season. I just meant that LePear will be a positive upperclassman & be cheering from the bench. Watching LePear on the bench is a lot of fun - I think he'd make a great coach one day. Love that guy.
  5. Whoops! I did. Thank you! (Since edited.)
  6. On twitter LCJ is all about the Zips, and the program, and "TTP." I.,e., not the slightest whiff of smoke concerning transferring. I'd bet the farm that my current favorite Zipper will finish his spectacular career as a Zipper. Stoked that he'll get to mentor Garvin and Tribble for a year, and another year, respectively. With LCJ, Dailey, and LePear Toles from the bench, we're not going to be lacking positive leadership. I love the personalities Groce has brought together to form this team. There doesn't appear to be a single fly in the ointment.
  7. Didn't want to start a new thread, so since he had two highlight dunks in this game, one of which was one of the nastiest poster dunks I've ever seen live...
  8. Idk. Someone subtweeted that they hope he's okay & he tweeted back that he's fine. Probably had his wrist "cleaned up" a little. But that's his shooting hand so it shows how tough he is playing with that.
  9. I missed yesterday's AK Live focussed on the defensive side of the ball, but I believe it's posted on the Zips Football Facebook page. Today's AK Live will focus on recruiting. Check the Zips Football Facebook page at 12:00 noon.
  10. Columbus Dispatch: Mr. Basketball winner VonCameron Davis of Walnut Ridge credits parents for work ethic Good for KSUcks and good for the MAC. But I'm going to post a couple highlight videos below and, I've got to say, they strike me as pretty underwhelming. And that's not just sour grapes. I'm obviously missing something. But... his video reminds me of former Zips recruit Torrey Patton, who put up ungodly HS numbers but it was mainly because he was a hustler & 6'5". His skillset didn't translate very well to D-1 college ball (I know he's a better player now as an upperclassman at CSU). Does that impress anyone? I know this is going to come back to bite me in the ass, especially if someone digs this up when he's a junior and senior - by that time I'm sure he'll be a good player. Here's another video on his VerbalCommits dot com page. Tell me if his game doesn't remind you of Torrey Patton.
  11. Always appreciate when we get articles written by Marla.
  12. The first 2:30 concerns Columbus State 🤢 We're playing Columbus State next year.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=137980877623362&notif_id=1584460810322968&notif_t=live_video
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