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  1. A tough photo in here of LCJ Sr. comforting LCJ Jr. after learning the tourney had been cancelled.
  2. I love the way our announcer says, "Threeeeeeeee..." Not just in the clip above, but for every Zips 3.
  3. All great memories. I'll add another which hasn't yet been mentioned. Tribble's baseline poster-dunk -v- Kent. I haven't enjoyed a team this much since the classic Dru-Rome-Wood squads. This team was a joy.
  4. (Since I ran out of Likes hours ago.)
  5. Haven't we won the national championship the past two years?
  6. "How Deadly is Coronavirus? What We Know and What We Don't" | New York Times "We spoke to a number of experts in epidemiology, and they all agreed that 1% [death rate] was probably more realistic (than the 3.4% being mentioned)." So that's good news - if The Time's sources are correct. But the situation is still fluid and is changing rapidly.
  7. That sucks. This may be my single favorite week of the year.
  8. "How serious is the Coronavirus? Infections Disease Expert Michael Osterholm Explains" | Joe Rogan podcast.
  9. Thursday the attendance is usually pretty sparse - especially the afternoon session. But every time I've gone up for Akron on either Friday and/or Saturday it's been pretty packed.
  10. (They lost game two 18-3) 😅
  11. off topic but had to share. carry on...
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