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  1. Nice ceremony for an Akron legend. 💪💪 Love Rome!!! And I agree, Kent played a good first half & we’re still up by two. Time to assert dominance!
  2. That did take some wind out of the crowd. Nice shot.
  3. Have we ever had a senior class more deserving of a standing ovation? YES!
  4. Because the ABJ's negligence drives me nuts, for further illustration, Popovich either tweeted or re-tweeted these out last night concerning a basketball player who wants to transfer to Mount Union. You'd think LeBron was committing to the school: And yes, today there is an article concerning this monumental news in today's Repository which far exceeds the ABJ's Akron -v- Kent story. Literally incredible.
  5. Nice article by GT here. I love the human interest stories. Too bad it's published on Tyler's Senior Night. I would have liked to have had this insight into Tyler 2 years ago.
  6. The JAR is rather embarrassing. I tweaked my back on Wednesday & it still hurts today. Tonight's game on the bleachers is gonna be a rough one
  7. And let me add, because I’m a softy, that I don’t really want to pick on GT. I’ve done that too much. He’s an EXCELLENT pop culture writer and movie/tv critic. One can simply tell sports aren’t where his heart is. I’m just perpetually frustrated with the ABJ. We’ve got a true community treasure that other cities would kill for - a D-1 athletic program - and the Canton Rep has superior sports writers covering high schools and community colleges. It’s batshit crazy.
  8. I’ve thought that myself, but then realized that would be a real conflict of interest because the reporter has to be able to criticize the program when necessary. I just wish the ABJ would hire someone who feels blessed because he gets to write about sports for a living, instead of someone who generally gives the vibe that he’s simply obligated to. The different attitudes come through loud and clear.
  9. I'd rather play Toledo. We owe them payback. They got lucky and caught lightning in a bottle when they beat us. Their whole team caught fire that night. Fluke.
  10. Concerning attendance and apathy, and the Akron Beacon Journal, look at the work of Canton Rep sports reporter Mike Popovich. He covers Stark County high school sports and Mount Union college. The fact the ABJ has never had anyone cover UA with half as much passion as Mike covers smaller programs is insufferable. Mike constantly tweets out "hype" for the teams he covers. Btw, Mike is a graduate of UA and was at the Ohio game. I'd give my left nut if the ABJ would hire him to cover the Zips.
  11. What an awesome sequence. I about had a stroke when Tribble dunked it to take the lead!
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