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  1. Good article on a legitimate concern.
  2. I go to most games, but didn’t make it yesterday. The crowd looked good on tv and Groce & Frenchy both commented on the crowd’s enthusiasm during the postgame show.
  3. My God. This article from some dude named Fred Cay - Beacon Journal "correspondent" - is vastly superior to the drivel we regularly get from G.T. It actually reads as if he sincerely enjoyed both viewing the game and writing the piece.
  4. If you saw the game this article is worthless. But I can't disagree with this... "...second-half issues have showed up for much of the season as well. The Zips led by 12 at halftime, but couldn’t put the RedHawks away definitively in the second half... ...In what could prove to be the most important week of the season, with UA facing Bowling Green and Buffalo, the Zips will need to ramp it up to finish the season on the upswing heading into the MAC Tournament."
  5. 3 straight W’s! Peaking at the right time?
  6. If I only have a men's basketball ticket, can I get into the women's game?
  7. The final draft of this story will be in tomorrow's paper. This draft still has a lot of awkwardly-worded sentences.
  8. Just spitballing here, but Ali Ali is a legit 6'8" & he looks to me like he could put on some muscle over the next 2 years. Do you guys think he could move to a power forward/stretch 4 position? If so, we could look something like this going into next season: PG: LCJ Tribble Clarke W: Trimble Dawson W: Dailey Edwards P: Reece Ali P: Currie Sayles
  9. Tied in the bottom of the ninth & my video feed goes black. Anyone else having trouble with it?
  10. I made the following post on January 4th in the "Scholarship Chart" thread, but it's pertinent to where this thread has gone... Unless you're a Duke, North Carolina or Kansas, and are consistently landing McDonald's High School All-Americans, the formula for winning is "Get Old; Stay Old." Groce is doing a masterful job of that. Our main contributors are all seniors - Cheese, Banks & X with LCJ still having another year. Our underclassmen are talented but can take a year or two to ease their way into D-1 ball & let the game slow down for them. Tribble, Ali & Dawson (Dawson's a grown-ass man) all look good and are all getting valuable minutes this year without having a lot of pressure on them (Tribble and Ali are playing truly meaningful minutes). Next year we're adding Trimble (Jr.) and Dailey (Sr.) and ready-to-contribute sophomore big Taylor Currie so, so our current frosh still won't have all the pressure on them. Future of the program's looking good. Groce has us rolling. Next season: PG: LCJ Tribble (Garvin redshirt) W: Trimble Dawson W: Dailey Ali Edwards P: Reese Sayles P: Currie To fill out a championship-caliber roster I'm still thinking we need a ready-to-contribute JUCO post player for next season.
  11. What are you looking at to discern that?
  12. Just a sampling of this year's games. Taylor's been putting up amazing stats.
  13. This is the bare-bones article GT has to submit before deadline. A more in-depth story may run on BeaconJournal dot com later today.
  14. Changes for Saturday. Only one game which will start at 1:00 p.m.
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