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  1. The Zips got 5 points from the bench yesterday. This will need to be corrected throughout the season, or winning 3 games in 3 days in Cleveland will be a tall order. That was an exciting game that shouldn't have been that exciting. Credit where credit is due: I still wish Akron students were 1/4 as passionate as the OU student section. The Athens crowd really gives them an advantage in close/rivalry games. Edit: Oops, wrong thread. Feel free to move.
  2. Ali had a driving left-handed scoop shot in the 2nd half that shows you his potential with his ball handling, length and athleticism. He was forced to take the shot because the shot clock was expiring, but it was gorgeous. He'll be on heck of a player as he gains confidence and maybe a few extra lbs.
  3. Unsure why you feel the need to include the pot shot. Dambrot had a platform as a senior MAC coach and member of the rules committee. I'd rather have a coach that fights for his fellow mid-majors, and I'm sure that given the chance, Coach Groce will do the same. We see it every year and I'd rather have a light shown, no matter how small. Before it was RPI, then BPI/Pomeroy, now NET...but in the long run it means nothing. #40 NET team from the ACC is a lock. #39 NET team from the MAC isn't on the radar. Unless you're ok with having to either win the conference tournament or go 30-2 to get into the Dance. I had my doubts with Groce and staff, considering the sample size. I've been happily proven wrong at this point, because I'm a fan of my alma mater and it's teams first. We were picked 2nd to last...absolutely we're exceeding expectations. If Coach continues to succeed, I need him to prove me wrong a second time and not leave with the first "big" offer.
  4. I'm as excited as anyone, but the only way a MAC team gets an at-large is if they're in the top 25 after losing the MAC Tournament Championship. And being in the top 25 at the conclusion of the season is a HUGE uphill battle, when any one conference loss drops a MAC team off the radar for most voters. Zips could afford one...mayyyybe 2 more losses this year, and that's a tough ask even in a year when there's only one other top 100 NET team in conference. But we're on the right track. Keep going 1-0.
  5. Love him or hate him, if they have a good A-10 season, Coach D deserves huge Kudos. I read an article about how they have no arena (or even home locker room/practice facility) until their arena is finished being remodeled next year. They're practicing at the university rec center. Amazing coaching job to have his team in this position, regardless of non-conf schedule.
  6. We got one vote this week in the AP poll. Keep winning.
  7. I was at this game and remember being completely outraged. The replay doesn't match my memory. It doesn't look nearly as bad as I remember it, and it looks like Singletary was more putting out a hand to slow Nate's progress rather than an actual punch.
  8. It's still there. Its just under her replies, even though it doesn't appear to be a reply to anything. Twitter is weird.
  9. Remarkably, CMU was picked dead last in the preseason poll by MAC media. The west was almost spot on if you flip CMU and Toledo.
  10. Can someone clarify for me? The Black Friday sale is a $75 GA seat. Weren't those $60 prior to the season?
  11. Just realized there's no game thread. I don't know about you guys, but I'll look back fondly on that one time we were tied in the 2nd quarter. Those were the days.
  12. Anybody looking to get rid of some tickets or know of any suave marketing deals out there? I've got a 4-year-old and 6-year-old who likely won't make it through the whole game and would like to attend prior to MAC season.
  13. Ok. So 100 total yards of offense against the 2nd worst team in the MAC. 35 unanswered points. -3 in turnovers. 0.9 ypc rushing. These are not stats of guys not meant for the staff's "scheme." The MAC east isn't the SEC. This staff is in over their heads and has completely lost this team. Truly Ianello 2.0. The faintest glimmer of hope is that sites are rating Arth recruits much higher than Ianello recruits ever were. Will they stay committed and will it translate? Will the staff be here to see it translate?
  14. Sorry, guys. This is worse than Ianello ball. I'll watch some more first halves this year, no reason to waste 3 hours. Hope for vast improvement next year.
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