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  1. I think we still have 2 open: LCJ Reece Ali Tribble Dawson Dailey Trimble Currie Clarke Edwards Marshall ? ?
  2. Groce named NABC District COTY as well. 2 opponent coaches on the list too: Gallo at Merrimack and McKay at Liberty.
  3. I think he has 1 remaining. I believe he was part of the same Mizzou class that included Willie Jackson (now at UT). I think the previous staff offered both and both thought they were too good for UA. There's backstory on Jackson choosing to transfer to UT over UA, but I won't touch that one.
  4. Coach Groce will have his hands full developing new players and adapting transfers into the culture. It will take a stellar effort from all parties to get us to a similar level as last year (assuming NCAA doesn't allow an additional year for Winter sports). We'll have to replace at least 50% of our production in all major statistics. A look at what we're losing between X, Banks, Cheese and Riak:
  5. I will gladly admit to being one of the big detractors. I even sent some tweets his way apologizing for my doubt. That being said, a LOT will need to go our way for us to play near the level we did this year.
  6. Donovan Mitchell just tested positive for COVID-19. I would be surprised if we have an NCAA tournament this year. 🤮
  7. Everyone has to see past themselves here. As fans, we're all pissed. I'll miss my first MAC tournament in 20 years. As @The Hip Zip said, there's things that are more important than basketball. While you or I may not be at risk, we could deliver this virus to someone for which it would be lethal. It isn't a sign of weakness, it's a sign of intelligence and sound reasoning based on science. If exponential infection is prevented, it may end in a lot of "I told you so" down the line, but that's still better than overwhelmed ICUs and rationing treatment (like what is happening in Italy). That being said, I REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY hope we at least see an NCAA tournament, even without fans. We have some great seniors, and I can't stand the thought of their careers ending this way.
  8. Somewhat related. Does this mean Pinky is the dean of MAC coaches?
  9. I was waiting for this response, thanks @ziptrumpet87
  10. I know it's all statistics and analytics, but per ESPN BPI:
  11. Maybe they can pump in some fake fan noise, like the football team does to practice for big non-conference games? 😂😂
  12. Things are happening fast now. UA/Kent/OSU have suspended in-person instruction per this recommendation. I would be shocked if things went off completely status quo in Cleveland Thursday-Saturday.
  13. Fatality rates internationally on reported cases are between 3 and 4 percent, and much higher for the elderly, young, and immunocompromised. Seasonal flu rates hover at 0.1% or less of reported cases. If the infection rate nears that of a seasonal strain, deaths would likely be >1,000,000. The risk doesn't lie with the healthy population, the risk lies in transmission to those most vulnerable, such as the many deaths at the nursing home in Washington. The reason for the cancellation of large gathering events is try to prevent community spread with the hope that the severity of the outbreak is dulled by the onset of warmer weather. But anyway, go Zippers, beat the Bobkitties.
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