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  1. Zips—2019 NFL Draft

    Muncie had some Testicle Tech players for their pick. Would’ve been cool if they mentioned the college team for Akron’s pick.
  2. MAC Tournament Game 2: Buffalo

    I'm rooting for John Groce to succeed because I love UA and I love Zips basketball. I didn't think he was the right choice when they hired him. I don't think he's a bad coach, I just don't think he's a good coach. My fear is that we'll see a whole bunch of years of +/- 3 games of .500 ball. A bunch of 5th through 9th seeds in the MAC tournament. Maybe a good year where we get hot and win the MAC and maybe win a game in the Dance. Maybe. I don't know... I don't know if we'll have time. Next year is a very important year for John Groce to prove me and some others wrong. He will have a full and healthy roster of mostly his guys. He also has some serious leg work in recruiting because following 2019-20, we lose 7 guys (barring offseason transfers out).
  3. MAC Tournament Game 2: Buffalo

    Remember that time we lost by 40 in the MAC quarterfinals? Pepperidge Farms remembers. I have serious doubts that this staff can create a team that is consistently above average in the MAC. I hope I'm wrong, but looking at the scholarship chart, next year is must win.
  4. MAC Tournament Game 2: Buffalo

    My usual path to cheap/free tickets is out this year. I'm going to try and sneak away to catch this one, and I'll probably be using a lotto ticket to get bogo $20 end section seats.
  5. MAC Tournament- Game 1- Miami

    Zips tied the sweaters just on points off 3pt FG. 17/31 for 51 points.
  6. Game 29- Ohio University

    This was the worst performance I've seen since the VCU debacle in the Dance. I was not a fan of the hire when we brought in Groce. I fell for some of the hype, but he's proving otherwise. John Groce is not a good basketball coach. The records prove it. He was supposed to be a good recruiter. Two of his prime recruits never played a game for UA. I'm still rooting for him to change my mind because I love this school and it's teams, but next year better be big strides forward.
  7. Camron Reece

    I think Reece looks fantastic and will be a good contributor right away. But for reference sake, 247 scored Mike Bardo 0.7667.
  8. Game 24- Buffalo Bulls

    UB has barely hung on to their rankings: 25 in AP, 24 in Coaches Poll (Toledo receives one vote here also). As an illustration of the steep hill to climb for the MAC to get 2 bids in the current NCAA climate, Maryland (18-6) hopped into the poll and over UB (20-3) by beating mighty Nebraska (3-10 Big 10). Bulls may have a shot if they win out and lose a close game in the final, but I'm betting another loss and the committee finds a way to leave them out.
  9. Game 22- Toledo Rockets

  10. Game 20- Northern Illinois Huskies

    Had this exact conversation with a friend this week. We need a sniper that's out there getting floor burns.
  11. Game 19 - Central Michigan Chippewas

    Oh yeah, no doubt. But my kids are 3 and 5, I guess I'm just in the mood to whine at prices because I doubt they make it through more than one half. Next year, family pack is the way to go. And thanks ZW for the offer!
  12. Game 19 - Central Michigan Chippewas

    Tossed around taking the family to the game tonight so I took a look gozips.com for tickets. Was pleasantly surprised to see they added a single game family pack (4 tickets) at a discounted rate (only $13.75 vs $15, but still). I added a family pack to my cart and went to checkout. $87.00. I'll watch on ESPN+.
  13. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

  14. Game 16- Northern Illinois Huskies

    Outscored by 19 in the 2nd half.
  15. This is garbage. I certainly hope you're being facetious.