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  1. I think it's great they have an alum leading the program. I wouldn't be holding my breath regarding an immediate resurrection, though. Outside of Kent's glory year, he has a career record of 179-200 (.472) and a conference record of 68-138 (.330) (!!). At this point in the offseason, I'm rooting for the Hurons to get their proverbial sh*t together and help lift the lower half of the conference, but I'm none too optimistic here with a sample size of 11 seasons. I think Stan Heath is what he is...an average to below average coach. Hope I'm wrong.
  2. I'm getting more and more excited about this class. Hoping the small Ohio HS success translates quickly for Mitchell and Johnson. Kalle looks solid as well. We'll definitely need immediate contributions from these guys.
  3. Happy we have Groce under contract and simultaneously protect the U's finances should he leave, but can we pump the brakes and get back to a MAC Championship first?
  4. Sure. I guess we can relegate ourselves to another tier beneath G5. We can call it, "FCS+."
  5. Whatever makes you feel better about losing position coaches to another G5 school.
  6. This isn't a good sign. Tulsa shouldn't be taking positional coaches from us.
  7. Not sure if it was mentioned on this thread, but per some folks on the MAC bbs board, Nuga has entered the portal for Kent and El-Amin for Ball State. Two big losses for the conference. Coaches will really need to be good at nurturing those relationships with recruits/athletes going forward.
  8. I thought I had read that teams can go over the limit for next year, but the scholarships had to be paid by the university general fund. I may be 100% incorrect. Either way, wish Cam best of luck. He certainly provided energy and some huge momentum swings with his patented two-hand slams. I'm happy for him if he gets another year, as long as it's not in the MAC.
  9. I would guess this means that UA isn't offering seniors an extra year on scholarship. I believe that I read that while the extra year is "available," the school would have to pay for the extra scholarships out of the general fund. Cam would've been a good one to have back.
  10. It is remarkable how good Toledo is at choking. Has to be frustrating as a fan. They still haven't made the Dance in my lifetime. I was born ~7 mos after their last appearance in 1980(!!!).
  11. Had to take a look. Looks like Akron and Tulsa are very similar programs. They've won at least 15 games per season for the last 15 years (except this year) Many times 20+ wins. Made the tournament twice, lost both. Had some success in NIT and CBI tournaments. But the AAC has the benefit of potential multi-bids. And Tulsa is right next to the kid's home. He would've been nice to have in 2022, but let's not pretend he's a can't-miss prospect like a Zeke or a Chris Livingston.
  12. 1) Please stop with the conference change. There is zero point in discussing this until Akron consistently wins or contends for the championship in the two major sports. We were there in basketball a few years back, and hopefully will be there again soon. 2) You have to look at this team through the lens of preseason expectations. I thought the MAC preseason prediction was a little rosy with us having lost 4 key contributors. Turns out, it was spot on. Below is the final standings (performance vs preseason poll). Us and CMU were the only two that were correct. Toledo (+5) Buffalo (+2) Akron (-) Ohio (-2) Kent (+2) BG (-5) Miami (+2) Ball State (-3) WMU (+3) EMU (-2) CMU (-) NIU (-2) 3) I am once again not very optimistic for next year and certainly hope the staff surprises me again. The one thing from last year that I overlooked/undervalued was the return of a MAC POTY that could create his own shot and facilitate for the rest of the team. We will be sorely missing that next year. Best hopes/guess is that we see another leap in development from Ali and rotation guys like Wynn and Dawson. I'd love to see Nate Johnson come in and get buckets immediately as a freshman. That will probably depend on how he picks up the defensive system in college, as he was a pretty hefty scorer in high school. Will we have the offense next year to compete? That's a big question when you're losing the guy that took almost 30% of your team's FG attempts and supplied ~50% of the assists.
  13. Also weird that there were fans. Must've been family, but ESPN definitely showed some people in team gear in the stands. Seemed like more than a few dozen, they were seated in the mid levels behind the basket. Let's hope it's loud tonight. Firmly planning on attending EVERY game in the tournament next season.
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