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  1. Let's not forget, these games are most often planned out years in advance. I know we added Tennessee last year, but I think we replaced another $$ game? Theory at the time was to help pay for getting rid of Arth. Anyone remember whom was on the slate before UT? But I digress...2023 has the dominoes set up big time if this staff can make the progress we're all hoping for:
  2. Agree. I'm hoping they run plays early specifically for Trimble on ball screens. He's an amazing shooter when he comes off a screen, turns and squares his shoulders without thinking about it. Much better shooter in those situations than he is spot up, wide open. Get him that confidence early, and maybe we'll see 10 brush through the nylon again.
  3. When I read these things, I realize that a lot of the kids that Arth brought in were good kids, smart kids, but not often D1-talented kids. Wish them all the best, but we need talent and character.
  4. I think this is the fastest I've ever seen 247 update an Akron recruit:
  5. Defense was fantastic and Trimble got out of the funk. Tough team to beat when those two things happen.
  6. Have to take BG here after that showing on Tuesday. Short turnaround, road game, more talented team. I just don't think we have enough offense to win consistently when the defense isn't fantastic and/or Trimble continues his shooting slump.
  7. Wow, a thread with one post for Akron/Kent on the day of the game. They are in full fledged pessimism mode over on generic bbs land (csnbbs). That being said, rivalry game and two teams that have some good victories and puzzling defeats. This one is a crapshoot. Don't have access to CBSSN, so it's family movie night with the little ones in this house. Will be checking the score periodically. Gut says: Akron 65 Kent 60
  8. On a related note, how crazy is it that the 2005 MAC Championship was called by Mike Tirico (Now doing Super Bowl and Olympics with NBC) and Erin Andrews was the sideline reporter?
  9. Or a snowstorm. I think some of these kids that grew up in the south never seeing snow or having seasons are interested in a (temporary) climate change just like a lot of us that grow disgusted with Ohio's weather would like to shift south.
  10. The App State one is what hurts. Losses: Ohio State 24 😒 Fordham 143 🤢 App State 208 🤮 Ohio U 74 😐
  11. A tale of two halves...again. Watching from home, nearly turned it off with frustration. No movement on offense, no activity on defense, lazy passes, forced shots, missed open shots, silly fouls. Then the second half happened. Glad I kept the game on. I think it's a good sign that this team can beat an above-average MAC team when a key contributor like Ali only manages a single foul shot. Interesting notes about the crowd for those that were at the game. Via television, the entire lower bowl looked pretty much empty. You could hear the student section chants/cheers the whole game thought (kudos there). Let's hope we're through the worst of it with the COVID outbreaks on the team.
  12. Traded Mumpfield in so many words.
  13. You'd have thought that 6'6" 301 would've clued me in that he wasn't a linebacker.
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