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  1. Way more optimistic than me. I understand it's important to have leverage with your employer, but I can't see this signaling anything other than terrible news coming down the line. It does affirm that there was no way the Groce would ever be in this for the long hall (I had a tiny hope after the flameout at Illinois).
  2. Sure...probably a worst case scenario. But what programs can you justify keeping when education budgets are getting slashed? Did any sport come anywhere close to being in the black? Ever?
  3. Over on the basketball board, there's rumors that Groce interviewed for the vacancy at ETSU. If that's the case, I fear there's a real possibility that UA is contemplating cutting all sports.
  4. If this is true, it tells me the university is considering cutting all sports.
  5. Full disclosure: Haven't read through this whole thread Wondering if football using less than the maximum allotment FBS scholarships could factor into the decision of dropping football to FCS? I would have to think this is a consideration from all of the MAC at this point. May cause a temporary shortage in TV money, but if all colleges outside of P5 formed their own level of competition with the FCS playoff model, I'd have to think there would be a ton of interest from the general public.
  6. I ordered one for me, my wife, and one for each of my 2 kids. They charged me for one, plus shipping. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ At least the order they fulfilled was my size 😂
  7. Unless the NCAA changes some rules, UA has to host at least 17 sports to remain D1. I believe last count I saw was 19.
  8. I think we still have 2 open: LCJ Reece Ali Tribble Dawson Dailey Trimble Currie Clarke Edwards Marshall ? ?
  9. Groce named NABC District COTY as well. 2 opponent coaches on the list too: Gallo at Merrimack and McKay at Liberty.
  10. I think he has 1 remaining. I believe he was part of the same Mizzou class that included Willie Jackson (now at UT). I think the previous staff offered both and both thought they were too good for UA. There's backstory on Jackson choosing to transfer to UT over UA, but I won't touch that one.
  11. Coach Groce will have his hands full developing new players and adapting transfers into the culture. It will take a stellar effort from all parties to get us to a similar level as last year (assuming NCAA doesn't allow an additional year for Winter sports). We'll have to replace at least 50% of our production in all major statistics. A look at what we're losing between X, Banks, Cheese and Riak:
  12. I will gladly admit to being one of the big detractors. I even sent some tweets his way apologizing for my doubt. That being said, a LOT will need to go our way for us to play near the level we did this year.
  13. Donovan Mitchell just tested positive for COVID-19. I would be surprised if we have an NCAA tournament this year. 🤮
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