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  1. Zips are 3.5 point dogs in this one with an O/U in the 142 range. I thought we'd see a wider gap than the 3.5, so let's hope the shooting shows up.
  2. The worst part about these early season losses to middling p5s isn't that we lost...that's acceptable for the most part. However, getting blown out will affect our seeding should we win the MAC tournament again. That's the toughest part to stomach. Beat Nevada.
  3. Very nice win. I got engrossed in work and completely forgot the game was happening until a friend reminded me. Very similar matchup to Miss St. at 1:30 tomorrow with an LSU team with a new coach (via Murray State) and almost entirely new roster. LSU was picked 8th in the SEC, 2 slots above Mississippi State. Let's hope the boys have found their range and can move on to the championship. I'll be following along via Gamecast 😐
  4. I love the option of playing in Akron...but if Akron can't safely get to Buffalo, then Buffalo can't safely get to Akron.
  5. Oh this is insufferable. Some people find this enjoyable? Mute it is.
  6. When I go to Barstool dot TV it gives me the option to cast...I hope that doesn't change this evening. Not interested in any new apps to delete in a few hours.
  7. Was just taking a gander at gozips dot come and noticed the newly updated site doesn't have any TV info. Anyone know if the opener vs SDSU will be televised?
  8. Seems a little odd for a guy to get 2nd team All-MAC when he's never played a conference game and had so-so results and injuries during his time elsewhere. I get he's a highly touted recruit, but I feel like there's got to be someone more deserving based on conference results.
  9. Sheesh. Not much you can do there. 98 yards for a dub. Let's go O.
  10. If anyone from UA reads this board:. Can we PLEASE stop with songs at 130db between every fricken play?
  11. Zips doing their best to make sure no one comes back. Some really, really awful decisions that I was hoping we'd seen the end of. And Earth, Wind & Fire in band format at halftime...just awful. At least they have the game feed on the scoreboard?
  12. Wow. More stupid mistakes. This should be blamed on coaching just like last year. That should've been a touchback. I could hear "LET IT GO! LET IT GO!" from the top of the bleachers.
  13. I'm feeling much better. A defensive stop before the half would make me... optimistic? 🤯
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