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  1. This was a joke based on the speculation for Arslanian and the previous transfer of Walther.😆
  2. Two, I think? And like @zippy5 said above...I believe YouTube TV offers a trial subscription too. 30 days free sounds familiar on that one...
  3. If you haven't yet (or even if you have), you can get a free 7 day trial of Fubo TV that includes CBS Sports. My wife (heheh) got a trial subscription to watch the Akron/Buffalo football game. Just don't forget to cancel (like I did), or you'll get hit with a $60 bill. At least I get to watch this game before my 1 month is up.
  4. Agree 100%. And when a player's career path goes Big 10->MAC->FCS, it's pretty slim odds that the problem is "coaching."
  5. I was able to watch part of the first half and most of the second half yesterday. I was afraid of our penchant of relying on long range shots and playing in a completely empty NBA arena. The glaring difference that I saw yesterday was that once the perimeter shots weren't falling, one team adjusted and did the majority of their scoring in the paint.
  6. Zips shot 19/26 (0.731) inside the arc and 16/40 (0.400) outside.
  7. I was ecstatic when UA hired Terry Bowden, but as evidenced by the product on the field: The game has evolved beyond the Bowden family. I just can't see him being successful again in D1, unless it's in the deep south as a figurehead. But even that...does the Bowden name mean much to kids just coming out of high school? Probably not.
  8. I know this is an odd year. I know we're way under on scholarship players. But this looks like Ianello ball.
  9. Not sure if it was posted, but gozips.com has removed all non conference games from the schedule, showing us opening vs Kent on 12/19.
  10. Saw him holding his knee after the punt return as Fox cut to commercial. They didn't even mention the return man leaving with an injury. Feel terrible for the kid, but at least the $1.5m was guaranteed.
  11. Way more optimistic than me. I understand it's important to have leverage with your employer, but I can't see this signaling anything other than terrible news coming down the line. It does affirm that there was no way the Groce would ever be in this for the long hall (I had a tiny hope after the flameout at Illinois).
  12. Sure...probably a worst case scenario. But what programs can you justify keeping when education budgets are getting slashed? Did any sport come anywhere close to being in the black? Ever?
  13. Over on the basketball board, there's rumors that Groce interviewed for the vacancy at ETSU. If that's the case, I fear there's a real possibility that UA is contemplating cutting all sports.
  14. If this is true, it tells me the university is considering cutting all sports.
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