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  1. What's everyone's plans for pregaming in Detroit? We went to Hockeytown last time but their website says they don't open until 11. That may be pushing it for a noon kickoff. The Elwood says they open at 11 but open earlier for special events. I may call them later to see if they're opening earlier Saturday. Punch Bowl Social opens at 9am and is about a half mile walk in Dan Gilbert's Z Building. I believe their parking is only $10 on Saturdays too. I'm still considering tailgating too but temps in the upper 30s may push my group inside. What's everyone else's plans?
  2. If you like pizza, you need to check out Luigi's, and if you want a quick burger, try Swensons. It's a drive in, and it's superb. If you go to Luigi's, bring cash, they don't take cards.
  3. So I don't frequent opposing team's message boards often. As a matter of fact, I can't even remember the last time I posted anything on this forum, but I popped onto Can't's message board to check out some of the excitement for their football team and came across a thread titled, "Role Call for Detroit." You can't make this stuff up!
  4. Whiskey and Craft Beer makes it sounds like it's going to be more like Lizardville in Rocky River (which is a good thing)
  5. Mlb.tv usually has a free game of the day every day and I don't think you have to sign up either.
  6. According the MAC Tourney ticket order form from UA, the pregame festivities are at The Clevelander. Who's planning on going? I know RowdyZip and I'll be there around 5:30.
  7. BLASPHEMY!! Bert (Be Home) Blyleven is an absolute work of art!
  8. If you want a cheaper option and don't mind sitting upper-deck, Deal Chicken has 2 tickets and 2 CSU shirts for $15. You also get 2 tickets to a Womens game in January.... http://www.dealchicken.com/cleveland-oh Gotta buy it today though.
  9. Ch. 3 said 'internet rumors.' Cited Repository as him not coming.
  10. http://espn.go.com/boston/nfl/story/_/id/7...htclub-incidentLet's be honest...if it was a Halloween party, she was probably dressed like a skank and asking for it....
  11. Lot 34 around 9ish. Pulled Pork is on the menu.
  12. "F.lash" is short for "F.lasher," which is a creepy dude in a trench coat, usually with a windowless van, at the local mall.
  13. Pinnacle has the Zips as a 3.5 point favorite
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