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  1. I’ve decided to use a prepaid visa with just enough money on it to cover the first months subscription next time I subscribe to a site like this for that very reason.
  2. Bobcat fan here. Just wanted to say good luck out west. Bring that win share back to the MAC!
  3. Just popped over to say that was a fun game to watch. Exciting final 10 minutes. Definitely felt like a MAC tourney game. Freeman is an easy kid to root for as an opponent. Had some really very friendly Akron fans sitting around me and my wife. Should be a fun one in Athens. Hopefully with full rosters next time. Good luck and stay healthy!
  4. Ohio had one senior, and one incoming freshman. The senior (Dwight Wilson) is using the free COVID year and returning but his scholarship won’t count against the limit. The Bobcats have had 3 transfers out so far. Rifen Miguel Mason McMurray and Nolan Foster. All three played sparingly, but all were bigs. I’d imagine Boals will have a few incoming transfers (or late signing freshmen) to fill those three roster spots.
  5. The Bobcats play @ Kent and @ BG to end the season
  6. Ohio had its OOC game this weekend cancelled too. Might as well see about moving the Ohio @ Akron game up a few days if nothing else.
  7. Not sure if this has been posted anywhere, but Jeff Goodman just tweeted Akron is scheduled to be in the Gulf Coast Showcase next season.
  8. Using the dates from above, they appear to announce the POY award between the first round and the quarter finals. (2018 the QF were on 3/8 and 2017 they were on 3/9). If memory serves they announce a few each day, but I cant recall for sure.
  9. Saw this article on ESPN this morning. It mentions Akron as a possible "Giant Killer" come tourney time. Not a long article, but thought some here might find it interesting. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/28689515/giant-killers-liberty-akron-others-surprise-first-round
  10. Ohio took a football buy game against Purdue at a discount (something like 550k) a few years ago in exchange for a home and home in basketball the last 2 years.
  11. From an Ohio fan (who's married to a Zip) congrats. I think it is a good hire for the Zips.
  12. I remember that Marshall game in 2009. Hassan Whiteside almost had a points rebounds blocks triple double. The Temple game listed above was part of the scheduling agreement with them joining the MAC Football only. Some of the other Home games were part of preseason tournaments played in Athens (like TA&MCC, Valpo, NC A&T, and Lamar). It should be noted that some of those games were Bracket Buster return games. (Austin Peay, Wright State). Edit: I also remember hearing when he was hired at Ohio that he wouldn't schedule Ohio st. because he didnt want to coach against Matta. Might be the same with Holtman at Butler.
  13. LeVert didn't just commit, he had signed his LOI. Ohio released him from it when Groce left for Illinois. He also had Evan Bradds (2 time OVC POY at Belmont) committed for the following year. Groce recruited very well at this level.
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