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  1. Saw this article on ESPN this morning. It mentions Akron as a possible "Giant Killer" come tourney time. Not a long article, but thought some here might find it interesting. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/28689515/giant-killers-liberty-akron-others-surprise-first-round
  2. Ohio took a football buy game against Purdue at a discount (something like 550k) a few years ago in exchange for a home and home in basketball the last 2 years.
  3. From an Ohio fan (who's married to a Zip) congrats. I think it is a good hire for the Zips.
  4. I remember that Marshall game in 2009. Hassan Whiteside almost had a points rebounds blocks triple double. The Temple game listed above was part of the scheduling agreement with them joining the MAC Football only. Some of the other Home games were part of preseason tournaments played in Athens (like TA&MCC, Valpo, NC A&T, and Lamar). It should be noted that some of those games were Bracket Buster return games. (Austin Peay, Wright State). Edit: I also remember hearing when he was hired at Ohio that he wouldn't schedule Ohio st. because he didnt want to coach against Matta. Might be the same with Holtman at Butler.
  5. LeVert didn't just commit, he had signed his LOI. Ohio released him from it when Groce left for Illinois. He also had Evan Bradds (2 time OVC POY at Belmont) committed for the following year. Groce recruited very well at this level.
  6. If you go with this option, you get a parking pass in the Q garage for each session as well. Or at least I have the past few years.
  7. Interesting to see they curtained off the upper deck...
  8. I'm a fan of an opposing team, (my wife's a Zip though) but I'd probably give it to Dambrot this year. He won the league by two games, and while the expectations were high, he's the one who put the pieces in place for that. I'm guessing with the second place finish Phillips is the other one in the top 2. I'd be surprised if the #6 seed's coach got COY. I'd have voted Dambrot, Phillips, Oats in that order. Edit: The women's awards were announced today. Central Michigan's Sue Guevara won COY, despite Boldon at Ohio going 16-2 and winning the league by 2 games.
  9. It will be interesting to see who is First team All-MAC. You could make a case for Johnson, Campbell, Boothe, Hall and Thompson just at the forward spots. I'd imagine 4 (or 3 if they go with a traditional 3F/2G lineup) of them make first team with the last spot (or 2) going to Wilder, Fowler or Simmons.
  10. Good win today Zips. Good luck tomorrow against the Hurricanes.
  11. Happy to see Kretzer get some recognition. Congrats Jake.
  12. I just looked on Ticketmaster and I'm surprised there are still upper reserved seats left (GA seems to show pretty good availability too). For the game against Ohio those were sold out a few days in advance.
  13. Same for CMU without Fowler.
  14. @DiG I agree about the wording. I also find it interesting Ohio would win a two way to breaker against Akron, but finish second in a 3 way tie breaker to Akron (with EMU). Gotta love the unbalanced schedules.
  15. FYI... After I posted this morning, I tweeted Jeremy Guy for clarification. He responded a little bit ago and confirmed division record is skipped if not determining a division champ.
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