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  1. Hey buddy- I thought Meyer should have succeeded Tresey and LO should have fired Tresey after the almost loss to that D 3 team who ran it up on us in the first quarter. do you remember that game ??
  2. Seems like 78 told me Uck left the coaching ranks and maybe was working in accounting (i think his undergraduate degree was in accouting) ! I would love to fire it up with DAZIPMAN
  3. I agree what a wonderfully written article. Very interesting also. I had forgotten that Butchie came from Beechcroft HS down here in Columbus. I wonder shere Butchie is today? I also wonder where some of the other former players are. Obviously i know where some of them are but....
  4. Captain, its been quite a while since i have posted something but i read each and every email alert i get. I found the article on LO very interesting and informative. Have you seen anything on the coaches up in Detroit or are they still there? Tresey however is a different matter. He was totally incompetent as a DC under LO as evidenced by the Zips inability from keeping anyone from scoring at will forcing the offense , although quite potent, to have to carry all the water. I was amazed that Kelly picked him up at Central and then it was normal for him to take him to UC with him. I happen to be a Brian Kelly fan and followed UC football the last two years. They had an amazing run to get to a BCS bowl. His firing, i think perhaps is the real deal. I remember him on the sidelines in his last season jumping up and down like a Mexican jumping bean screaming his fool head off. It was amazing that in ever TV game i watched UC olay last year, there was never one shot of Tresey. What goes around comes around, maybe he will land again at Georgia Southern.
  5. Padre, we were both at that game along with the good Captain. It was a really great game despite the out come. I remember the comments I got from guys in the bathroom after the game about what a good team Akron was. I wish I knew how to insert a picture file because I have a good one from that game of that Hendry kid and # 78 making a hole for him. If the Zips had not gotten a bad call they might have gone on to win that game.
  6. I was there and it was a sight that should be remembered for a long time. That kid had no reason to be back in that game and that head coach had no reason to put him back in there. I will always remember him hobbling around on one leg after throwing the ball. Of course the Zips got the bad rap for trying to hurt him which is BS.
  7. You are the man my good friend ! Thanks to everyone.
  8. Excellent post. Maybe (definitely) I am out of the loop, but when did Tim Crouch reenter the Charlie equation? He is the most worthless LT, ever in the history of the OL !
  9. ZipDude


    Padre, thank you for putting up this post and thanks to all who read and responded. I do not know if I have ever felt as helpless as I did when I spoke to her the night before the "Silver Bird" took her to Iraq. These kids (Generation Next) are so very different, its unbelievable! The thought of Katie (I call her #1) , a civilian, working for the NSA, over there, trained to use an M-16, but always wearing a Glock on her hip, scares me and I am fearless.Thanks for your prayers, thoughts and yes Padre, your Kharma. Go Zips ! Peace out !
  10. Nippert is where the Bengals used to play and is UC's home field. It is ancient (concrete seats if i remember). One other important planning point, unless the rules have changed, they sell beer in the stadium and you can drink it in your seat. Get read for a great band entrance as they come down the steps of the stadium to the field. Go Zips
  11. Wow, my old buddy "The Padre" weighs in and starts a great thread. Ill post just to bring it to the top of the pile. Padre, I love you Man. My info on the debacle comes from a former player. He said the Can't QB had a career day, and JD got outcoached. Additionally, Getsey does not have the mojo to make something happen like 5 could when it really needed to happen like on 3rd and long. I am still bitching about the OL. they suck and some or all of them should sit and let the young lions play who are hungry. If this staff ahd been in place at this point in their evolvement with the players in the 3rd 4th and 5th year of 5's carreer and those players and their talent back in the day, this program would be in a totally different place. Oh well, another old country heard from. Beware of the Bearcats.
  12. Do not forget another Zip tie- Luke fickell who coached here , went back to OSU and followed Dantonio to Bearcat land.
  13. Now listen my children and you shall hear:Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere, AKA Joe PaA hundrered yard dash to the toilet door; He missed by an inch and pissed on the floorJoe, have you ever thought about Attends ????
  14. ZipDude


    Being an O Line fan I am likewise concerned. I recorded the PSU game but it stopped for some weird reason after it was either 14 or 17 -0. Therefore i got to see oly a few miserable series. Tim Crouch sucks, he always has. He is also a whiner, he alwasy has been. Using gutter language he is a punk and a pussy. I dont see much in him for a 4 year starter. I posted this somewhere else but he never did an adequate job of protecting 5's back side and not too much better for Getsey. I was also not impreseed with Kimmie's (RT) play at PSU. In all the series i saw he got beat on most every play. i saw him standing there as the DE went aroudn him with his hands up in the air as to say..."Coach i cant block him" or "Oh F___ where did he go" !Crouch with penalties are a function of him getting beat and trying to cheat
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