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  1. Has anybody ever fouled out of a game in the first half?
  2. The officials seem to think that they are the main attraction. No flow to this game at all.
  3. As I recall, it was maybe the return game from the, gone but not forgotten, bracket busters series.
  4. That sequence was worth the price of admission alone. There was nobody within 15 yards of him when he was rudely rejected and knocked on his butt by the rim. I was fearful that Spencer would call the rim for a flagrant 2 but alas he swallowed his whistle. I replayed it over and over and it got funnier each time. Granted, I am easily amused but that missed slam was of the epic variety.
  5. It's a beautiful thing when the shots start dropping. I'm of the opinion that we play better when the restraints are removed and the kids are allowed to be the athletes that they are. The guys want it, the fans enjoy it and WE seem to play pretty well when we run a little.
  6. That goal tending call by Frank Spencer, from mid court no less, may have been the worst whistle I have ever witnessed
  7. Funny, I have said the same thing to my wife. I'm expecting and will only accept an inspired effort tonight. I'm thinking that we win this one despite the Falcon's big 3 scorers . Defense rules.
  8. Two hours cut from all of our lives that none of us are getting back. I want a refund.
  9. Buffalo being made to work a full 40 to put away gritty Miami gives hope to all who make their way to the Q. Both games tonight were pretty darn entertaining. Love the direction this conference as a hole is heading. Miami may be a real handful next season.
  10. 3 Pros : Thought Deng and Poke were both very good. Good to see Deng finish a few tonight. Tyler Cheese.. Seems to get better almost every time out. Effort and energy. 3 Cons: We have to get something out of Ivey. He hustles his guts out but right now nothing is going right for him. I feel bad for the guy and we're going to need him in Cleveland. Oats made a defensive adjustment in the 2nd half and nothing came easy after that. Need to get that figured out in real time. Too many shot clock violations. PG has to be aware and call it out.
  11. If you had Ohio U +48 tonight you have a winner. I would suspect that Saul will be terminated at seasons end.
  12. I'm prepared to take the abuse for saying this but I think that Groce has done a tremendous job with this particular team. We don't have the offensive talent, we don't have depth and yet we are right there every night. It's unrealistic to expect a whole lot more with this bunch.
  13. I believe that was me. I said that it was within their grasp ,however I did say that it was still unlikely. I have not been correct about much though. I've had 4 different teams winning the west in the last couple of weeks. God only knows.
  14. I really want to say that the shooting is off right now and will come around but I can't. After witnessing a couple guys absolutely doggin' it getting back on D I turned the game off to watch BG/CMU. What I really saw in the Zips today is a team that seemed to be resigned to their fate and in a state of regression.
  15. In the ratings that I use , CMU ranks 320 in strength of schedule played thus far. Another more basic rating system has them at 352 which is next to last in the nation. They are the lowest in the MAC and by a large margin.
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