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  1. I wish him well but good luck with that. https://www.beaconjournal.com/sports/20200325/former-st-v-m-star-jayvon-graves-enters-nba-draft-maintains-college-eligibility
  2. I hate all of this as much as anybody here but have come to the realization that some things are more important than basketball. Go Zips
  3. I thought there was even a larger injustice to a Toledo Rocket. Willie Jackson just honorable mention ??? He was Toledo's best all around player.
  4. Seeing that the good guys are -14' / 143 for those interested in such matters.
  5. This is the standard practice of the Ohio Valley Conference . Don't think the Horizon does this. I like the idea for a few reasons. Primarily that It gives the women's game a little more exposure to fans that otherwise may not have had any previous desire to attend one of their games. It does puts a few more butts in the seats and those girls work as hard as the guys . They deserve it. One of the drawbacks in the OVC is that the men's game almost always starts later than the listed tip time. Another negative for some is that the two games with the break in between can take up to 5 hours to complete.
  6. Nah, But I'd prefer her to this piece of work who was down stirring up crap at OU Monday
  7. Paranormal Mosaic . All the platform IPAs are decent but that is my favorite. The Haze Jude is a close 2nd . And you sir?
  8. After 6 Platform IPAs my predominant recollection is that the refs really sucked. Goodnight all
  9. I can't think of any other sports teams ( Browns excluded) that have reached the level of under achievement that the Rockets have maintained. They were nearly perfect against us so the ability is there. They are the very definition of an enigma.
  10. Nice job by the Zips tonight. In some ways I think it' was one of their very best all around performances of the season. Nothing spectacular but just a good old fashioned grind it out game on a foreign floor. They kept their heads about them when CMU put in their little runs and I thought the D was very, very good. Holding CMU to under 70 pts. in their gym is no easy task. Oh, and LCJ continues to amaze.
  11. I'm somewhat surprised to see us open up as a 7' point chalk in this match up. I expected 4-5 or so. As far as Frye is concerned. I'm not sure how his departure will play out. BG does possess decent depth so I believe that they can overcome this. Huger is a very competent coach so I suspect he can pull the right strings to make it all work out. They will probably be more athletic and this will open the door for the freshman Ziegler to jump into the fray and get more minutes. He impressed me while at Benedictine and I believe he will evolve into a solid MAC player.
  12. Pretty nice night off for the Zips as It's not too often when the West sweeps the East. However, when they do I prefer that we don't participate.
  13. I can't recall them. It was usually Mokie Cole playing, 3.2 % beer flowing and hot chicks everywhere .
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