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  1. Heroes a plenty in this one, many stepped up. This was a terrific victory against a very good Toledo team, a win a team can build on for sure. More Garvin Clarke please.
  2. Seeing the Rockets as a 4.5 pt road favorite. C'mon Zips, time to stand up and send them packing.
  3. CSU stamps themselves as legitimate Horizon contenders with their nice road win in Dayton. Patton had 17 pts. with 8 boards and 3 steals.
  4. May not be such a bad thing. A malcontent such as Carry can easily destroy a team's chemistry . What has Duquesne achieved with this guy running the point?
  5. Keep an eye on their freshman guard Ryan Rollins. He has the look of a guy that may become the MAC's next great player.
  6. So Groce seems to think that the team that came into this game with only a win vs. Chicago St (0-9) gets all the credit. Proposing a new mascot:
  7. It wasn't a prediction, just an observation as I was watching the game. Regardless, he came up mighty big for the Vikes. The guy has a certain toughness to him that seems to be lacking in our Zips
  8. Torrey is doing a lot of good things for much improved Cleveland State this season. probably going to have a double-double tonight
  9. We didn't take care of the ball. We didn't defend well and we were soft as hell out there, no fight, no toughness. Other than that it was a great effort.
  10. What a fantastic day and night of sports. Take a back seat Buckeyes. Asking for a friend....... Is it too early to start consuming the adult beverages now ?
  11. One of the most completely solid 40 minutes I've seen the Zips play in quite awhile. Great win !!
  12. Kittens open up at - 1' at my shop
  13. Buffalo looked great vs. 'Cuse for about 30 minutes. Unfortunately they had to go 45 minutes though. Mballa has been a beast on the block since returning from injury. Don't see how anybody in the MAC slows him down. Maybe go right at him to try to get him in foul trouble and get Brock (The Statue) Bertram on the floor.
  14. Not to be confrontational but yes they are. St Bonny can play
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