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  1. Random ramblings.... Big winner of the day appears to be C Mich who took down Ball St and got McKay back into the lineup. on the same day. Coupled with Toledo's loss they find themselves right in the thick of things in the west. Frye played out of his mind tonight for BG. Their stock has risen sharply since the return of Turner. It's no accident that they are right there with us at the top. With arguably the MACs best trio Toledo just doesn't seem to have enough around them. They seriously lack any quality depth at all. Not at all sold on Todd being any great shakes as a coach either. Buffalo's defense is horrible. I look for a BIG statement W on Tuesday. The Bulls are an average MAC squad. No better, no worse. Last but not least, we have the most exciting player in the league by far. Just love watching LCJ play.
  2. Great place to shoot though with the black background
  3. Fearless 2nd half prediction: All players on both teams foul out with several minutes remaining. The 3 overzealous officials decide the outcome with a game of 3 way scuttle. Love the defense so far but the whistles have taken over the game. No flow at all
  4. Keep eye out for Bam Bowman. Bam had some injury woes and came back in less than playing shape. His minutes have now been increasing and he's got some game. He'll go off soon one of these nights. Hopefully it's not Tuesday.
  5. I like Sayles and Deng a lot. Both guys hustle and play up to their abilities. They are certainly not the only bigs around with less than a stellar touch. Both are competent players and an asset to the Zips. Now this dude had some bad hands yet he adapted quite nicely.
  6. Toledo played great and we lost a basketball game. Get a grip, it's not the end of the world.
  7. Toledo lacks quality depth, just might wear them down
  8. Obviously the basket is bigger on that end of the floor
  9. Rockets getting their pace and anything they want on offense.
  10. Lazy close outs on Knapke. Can't have that.
  11. By far my favorite game at the Q and fondest memory of the UT basketball program. This game and the conviction of the Rocket's Sammy Villegas, among others, for shaving points back around 2005 are the first two things I think of when they come to town.
  12. For your amusement only, no wagering here. Akron -6 139 Put me down on the over for a popcorn and pepsi.
  13. Knapke's strengths: He's tall He has a nice stroke The end
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