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  1. Preston is a great story, no doubt about it, and I'm happy that the Kittens took down the Bulls. Hopefully the Canadians extend Whitesell's contract. He's no Nate Oats.
  2. Yeah, all of that is right on. I will say that what pleased me the most was that the back end of the bench developed dramatically in the last few games. We have a lot of guys that can really play the game and they really stepped up when needed the most. Looking forward to see these guys get after it next season.
  3. Correct. When inbounding from the baseline they have ran the very same play 2 or 3 times in the past few games and the last two resulted in hoops. A double screen with LCJ rolling to the corner unhindered. The ran it perfectly again tonight but the shot didn't drop. Just wasn't LCJ's night
  4. Zip 71, get me one of those posters
  5. Tribble has been outstanding all night long on both ends of the floor
  6. Now that is some big boy hoops right there
  7. Admit it. You have a life sized poster of him in your bedroom
  8. Pretty sweet goal to end it. Enjoy that sweet bus ride back to Hell.
  9. The refs are really letting them bang early on
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