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  1. Excited for where Zips football is now headed, but Terry could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman wearing white gloves...
  2. This team has many good pieces but is yet to develop any sort of identity. This season is going to be much more crescendo than fortissimo from the get go. We'll learn a lot more about our coaches this season, I think.
  3. Good response, as expected against an "inferior" opponent. Too sloppy for conference play, though, which, of course, is the reason for scheduling these "tune up" games. I'd really love to see the aggressive Bandaogo like we saw against WVU. No reason he shouldn't have numerous blocks against these guys.
  4. Tribble is so athletic and quick. If only he had any semblance of a stroke he'd be lethal. Can't anyone help him with shooting mechanics?
  5. Fair. When you're a road dog, you gotta do what you gotta do.
  6. Southern came to play. Need to match the intensity.
  7. Looks like I'll be buying football tickets for the first time in 4 years. I'm pumped. Welcome back coach Moorhead! Beat F'in Kent!
  8. Ya know. Well, you know i know you know we know we, ya know, competed out there. Hey, ya know if, ya know, you really, ya know, think about it, ya know we averaged, ya know, more than a point a uhhh... ya know, a minute. Ya know? Oops sorry, still shaking off the Arth postgames. Something about teamism perhaps? I find humor helpful during times like these. If I couldn't laugh I'd, well...ya know.
  9. Fordham is not good but we are just PUTRID. Why did I waste $30 on this? I feel like throwing my computer out the window right now. I think this season is going to be all about finding consistency.
  10. Now that Arth has been canned, and because rivalry games can be weird and Kent's defense can't stop the breeze from a dryer vent, maybe we have a snowball's chance. Kent's still playing for bowl eligibility. They don't need to be playing in any bowl games. Beat Kent!
  11. Nice!!! As a Rowdies alumnus, I approve. I always thought having the groups bifurcated at opposite ends was kind of awkward. Moving the Rowdies AND selling beer at the corner of Buchtel and Spicer? What's going on here with all of this sensible decision making?
  12. I hate to be Debbie Downer, but I think the Zips will resume their losing ways today. For whatever reason, we seem to be a matchup nightmare for BG. I guess I saw last week as more of a fluke than this team turning the corner. Regardless, reading optimistic posts about Zips football this week has been a pleasant change haha. Go Zips!
  13. Holy moly 😯 That should be the ballgame. Wow.
  14. Sadly, I'm not even disappointed. The game was actually a lot closer than I even expected it would be. I just don't really care about this anymore. It's just not worth it. Looking forward to basketball season.
  15. Z4P's Bryant+ Prediction: Bulldogs Take a Bite out of Buchtel Much to the shock and horror of Akron Zips fans everywhere across the globe, THE Bryant University Bulldogs rescue victory from the jaws of defeat with a 1 point victory off of a sausage calved true Freshman Andrew Daragjati 64 yard field goal. When asked post game about the decision to give Andrew the go ahead for the 64 yarder over the proven upper classmen kickers on the roster, Head Coach Chris Merrit explained he had no other choice, as the other kickers were nowhere to be found after a bus stop in Boardman off of Route 224 at Primanti Bros. Not to worry, the players' families notified the university that the men returned home, full to the point of nausea by french fry, but in extremely good spirits. Buckeyes Bite the Bullet: Upon arrival in Columbus, the massive nation of Akron Zips faithful had lost all faith in the genius of the "Master of Deception", Thomas Edward Arth, when Andrew Daragjati proved his super human status in Bryant's stunning defeat of the sad and hapless Akron Zips at Infocision Stadium. However, Big Time Thomas sure had other ideas for Ohio's favorite footballers in Akron's 3-2 upset of the one thing rurals and urbans can agree on in this insanely mind boggling, ridiculous, absurdly undervaccinated state. Whenever coach Ryan called for Ohio's most precious resource to dive, Thomas had the Zippers duck. It's almost as if Coach Thomas's every move was completely illogical to the point of insane, irrational, idiocy, but it certainly surprised our good ol' beloved Bucks. When asked postgame about the Akron surprise of the century, Coach Day responded that, the Akron play calling was so erratic and unpredictable, it seemed as if no one on their sideline had ever even held a football before, nor had any awareness of time, place, or reality. Talk about catching our beloved Buckeye boys by surprise! In his postgame presser, Cleveland-ish native Thomas Edward Arth responded that just like every other faithful, decent Clevelander, he was worse than heartbroken to see his favorite college team fall to Oregon two weeks before. He wasn't sure what day it was, but he pledged his faithful and undying love for "the shoe" and did have some passionate thoughts about Ohio University's 14-49 loss to Louisiana last Wednesday.
  16. 1. Lose, not "loose." 2. Since we can't win with experience, we should be playing "youngin's" with no experience, whom we cannot win with. Seems logical? 3. Arth seems to disfavor the most talented players he has "brought in" and is apparently playing neither "youngin's" or "experience." Interesting approach, however, it seems unlikely. 4. Doesn't, not "don't." 5. Tom Arth is incapable of successfully coaching division one college football. On this, I think we all agree. 6. We all make silly posts. Myself included.
  17. Just had a chance to watch the game. It is notable that Justin Lynch is the younger brother of former NIU QB and Heisman trophy finalist Jordan Lynch. I suppose it makes sense with Rod Carey being Temple's head coach. Not much more can be said that hasn't already been said about this one. It is now very clearly and pathetically embarrassing that Thomas Edward Arth is currently employed at The University of Akron. Although, he does technically still have 4 games left to match the 2-22 mark on the Rob Ianello "Fit for Football Fatality" scale.
  18. I agree with this. Hindsight being what it is, my thoughts when Bowden was canned were, okay, as long as you've got somebody in the chamber who you're sure is better than what we have, because we are awfully undesireable when it comes to football, then that's fine. But that NEVER happened. To be fair to Terry, he did create unprecedented success for our football program. I'll always remember that 2015 Bowl win.
  19. Big win!!! And a chance to make a big statement with #1 Indiana coming to First Energy on Friday! Go Zips!!!
  20. His post literally stated: "I'm expecting Arth to be a failure...". I'd say that would lead a reasonable person to believe that he is NOT expecting Arth to be Caleb Porter. πŸ˜‚
  21. He'll be the starter. He's a power 5 type of talent. He always was and still is. Bowden brought in jimmies and joes and had realistically competitive teams. In four seasons, Arth has won 9 games at UC Chattanooga and one game at Akron. Kato is a veritable treasure for this coaching staff.
  22. Great win for Ohio. I'm happy for them, they seem like a good group of guys. Preston and BVP are excellent. A Sweet 16 appearance isn't out of the question for them. Good luck against the Bluejays. Court Street is going crazy tonight and that is awesome, but I wish just for once, just once, it could be Main Street overflowing with Zips fans celebrating.
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