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  1. Hey youngster, let me join in on your guessing game. I'm guessing you were either a hall monitor, crossing guard, or both in school and may have watched a football game.
  2. Kumbaya my friend, Kumbaya. Please forgive us child for mentioning his story.
  3. Welcome Traveling Man. Hope you last longer here than you have anywhere else.
  4. Getting bad vibes. I checked out his "complete list of teams" on the 247 link you provided (which I think, but cannot prove, are supplied by the athlete). He has an impressive list of teams that he has no interest in, but his lack of interest may have been influenced by the fact that none of them offered him a scholarship (perhaps because they had never heard of him). .
  5. 2019 Season (Redshirt Freshman) A member of the practice squad in 2019. Prior to Louisiana Committed and played at Maryland for one season before spending last year at Northwest Mississippi Community College. High School Went to Myers Park High School in Charlotte, N.C…Consensus 2 Star By 247 Sports as a senior… Played in the Blue Gray All-American Game… Led Myers Park to a 12-2 record which is the most wins in school history…Broke the single season passing record 3317 yards and single game passing Record 498 yards… Led team to a state championship as a junior finishing with a 13-1 record…All-State and All-Region Selection.
  6. Even stranger, Turner Gill and Kelvin Edwards are returning to Liberty in administrative positions. Seems like Treon is joining 68 black players on the Flames 2020 football roster who apparently have yet to recognize the oppressive attitude that hangs over the Liberty campus like smog over L.A.
  7. Point of order; I was not waiting for this bad news. The good news is the reduction in revenue that will result from limiting Zip football attendance to zero will be minimal.
  8. My favorite opting-out student-athlete demand: half of all sports revenue should be given to the student-athletes. That's a really good idea if your goal is to kill off more football teams than the big boys going to a conference-only schedule.
  9. I hope the future DL has enough depth and talent to be competitive in the MAC.
  10. Both semi-interesting posts, but the question remains - what is the point?
  11. Now that we have that settled, what is the point of having a women's studies program?
  12. I heard the three Michigan schools will play each other three times plus an intrasquad game = 10 games ending whenever they feel like it.
  13. With a 25 player travel limit.
  14. Stetson!!!!!! Really???? Really??????? That''s disappointing. DeLand is a wonderful place to work on your sun tan and you get to play for the 288th rated (KenPom) 295th rated (Sagarin) bball team.
  15. How do you think the baseball team will do this year?
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