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  1. IMO it's important for any UDFA to flash at OTA's more than play in a manner that makes people think WTF.
  2. If they pint artificial trees maintenance costs should be low and the root system will definitely not be a problem.
  3. According to the new rule, there are a plethora of derogatory remark subjects that will NOT result in a technical foul against a player; limited only by the student-athlete's imagination. Just a couple of possibilities - comments concerning the size of an opponents member or the opponents criminal past (e.g., for an opponent convicted of theft: "Way to rebound convict. You jumped so high I thought there was a stolen credit card taped to the backboard.) The new rule does not appear to cover coaches, managers, trainers, etc. so they may have to pick up some of the derogatory remark load.
  4. My recollection is that when the Motor City Bowl was created it was to pit the MAC champion against a Big Ten team. Don't know if or when they gave up on that concept, but in the 16 Motor City/Little Caesars Pizza Bowl a team from the B1G participated three times, and I don' think they considered it much of an honor to participate.
  5. Two questions in 5 years! Your constant questioning is driving me crazy.
  6. The bad news for the CMUers - the Hurricanes beat them today by 5 field goals to oust them from the Tourney. The good news for the CMUers -only 1 of the 5 B1G teams in the contest lasted longer than the MAC power.
  7. The absurd reason given for eight winners was that the contest ran out of _____!
  8. Maybe if someone in Akron had deeper pockets he would consider them a friend. Years ago, I asked him what it would take for the Mountaineers to play at Akron. His reply as I recall was about $275K.
  9. I think a lot of the kids were holding up on committing until we locked up games with Saint Francis and Bryant. The floodgates should open now.
  10. I think I will postpone jumping on the CMU bandwagon. It's bad enough they are locked into a weak conference schedule, but they compound the problem by playing an incredibly weak nonconference schedule (OOC SOS = 296 out of 299). Man that's Weak.
  11. .245 it is; YEAH!!! I think my all red outfit today was what provided the needed incentive to get this gigantic win.
  12. Today is the last day of the regular season for the guins and the turnaround continues. It is likely, however, that they will need to win the HL tourney to get into the NCAA playoffs as their 6 league wins have them solidly in last place in the league standings and 14 games out of first. But, today's game is not meaningless. A loss to the Panthers will drop their overall win percentage to .226, but a win will boost it all the way up to .245!!! Go guins, keep the turnaround rolling.
  13. ZV, can you provide some details on how UA can "do things right" so that track and field can become "revenue neutral or revenue positive"? To partially assist you in your effort, I have listed below all D1 T&F programs that generate a profit.
  14. The mediocrity is a bit easier to understand after the draft. Oh well there are still plenty of free agent contracts to be signed.
  15. It's definitely not an NCAA fee. It also has nothing to do with decommitting.
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