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  1. Other than claiming that a team can only use (and hence retire) 36 different jersey numbers instead of the correct number he was perfect.
  2. Ah, now I feel a lot better about Zips football.
  3. Even money Gates moves on to a bigger name program for next season. Offsetting CSUs last second two-point victory on Friday was an 85 - 49 drubbing on Saturday with Patton kicking in 12 rebounds and 2 points.
  4. I did not realize he was related to Milwee.
  5. Have they named a film room attendant yet?
  6. 1. I'm pretty sure the coach doesn't read Zipsnation. 2. How would you recommend the coach prevent Bubba from leaving (suggestion: tell him that here he is unique, but at ulm he won't be the only Bubba on the roster)? 3. What are you doing up so early?
  7. That would have been a more impressive prediction if you made it before the 7:00 start. This weekend CSU plays at Wright State with the game on ESPNU; what is the over/under on how many times the announcers mention he transferred from Akron?
  8. What has happened in Huskieville? They suck the big one this year in both football and basketball. One possibility; I heard a rumor they are now requiring that their recruits be able to both read and write.
  9. I checked the records at the Summit County Auditors office and he is not listed as the owner of any real property in Akron at the current time.
  10. They better be careful; they could be found guilty of Jinxing (like that poor guy in the Dr. Pepper commercial).
  11. My feeling is he would have won a lot more games if Milwee was @SOS.
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