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  1. It's been quite a while since I was in Akron, and I was thinking that by now they would have cleared out all of the Japanese machine gun nest that invested the area during my youth.
  2. Hope his school attendance record has improved since this article was written.
  3. One possible explanation; African birth records are kind of fuzzy sometimes.
  4. ZipsNation didn't respond favorably when the previous staff recruited D3 talent.
  5. Based on the article you posted, Morris may not be a strait shooter.
  6. The DB room is currently comprised of 2 sr, 6 jr, 8 so and 4 fr. Slightly unbalanced, but not terrible. Any portal additions will help balance the room, maybe even more than anticipated to the extent that it drives some of the underclassmen, rather than upperclassmen out. So it is important that the additions be better than anyone who is currently in the room; let's improve the room, not just balance it out.
  7. AHA, I missed the invisible "first year" in your post. How about the roster quality question?
  8. If YSU had done that several years ago that would be an impressive win. This year, not so much. Green Bay has racked up a total of 2 wins so far this year.
  9. There were only 2 people acting as head coach over the last 36 games before Morehead took over, not 3. You really think the roster for any of those three years was equal to or better than the roster Morehead had in his first year?
  10. I see what you did there; subtle switch from football to basketball. I can play along. Don't be disparaging Miami of Ohio; they put up a valiant effort in their loss to that basketball powerhouse NIU.
  11. The reason most Zip fans predict more wins than the Zips will achieve is because fans focus on the improvement made by the Zips and ignore the possibility (likelihood) that other teams have also improved.
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