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  1. I think it was a very draconian for the NCAA to allow defenders to carry baseball bats this year, but I'm glad to see we are teaching the fellows how to cope with the new situation.
  2. That's hard to believe given the participation of thousands of Akron fans right here at Zipsnation!
  3. I've heard rumors that you may be in line for fantasy BBall manager of the year. I'm rooting for you.
  4. And also an OC who knows his ass from a hole in the ground.
  5. Is Brock Boxen back as a 3rd yr. Sr.?
  6. Hey, let's leave Michael Jackson out of this.
  7. I had forgotten he was an expert pocket pool player.
  8. It is not at all clear to me what you think is clearly not just a MAC or G5 issue.
  9. I watched most of the 2nd game on ESPN today. Unity could have easily won. Cooper sucked the big one and both teams were awful in the whatever they call the last part of the game.
  10. Not any P5 offers which many of you are impressed by, but we did beat out Ashland, Ohio Dominican, Sacred Heart and Valparaiso.
  11. They must already be in a world of hurt because students made up a small fraction of bb game attendees back in the 70's and the old geezers from that era are pushing up daisies at this point.
  12. It's not their fault. I've said for a long time, the farther south I go, the smarter I get.
  13. Not sure what you meant by you know why? He was redshirted at Wayne State, 3.6gpa, and will start this year. Respect your opinion, just vague. My family still loves  Akron.

    1. Zipmeister


      I can't seem to locate the part of my comment where it says I "know why."

    2. Candace Mclaughlin

      Candace Mclaughlin

      No worries...but I think 


      “If he's the same guy who was on the Wayne State roster in 2017 “I have an idea why he has been unable “to link up with the Akron football staff.”

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