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  1. That last field goal attempt would have been good if the posts were 100 feet apart. Go Zips
  2. At least we have a great low benchmark in place. Can Arth top the 2 wins icoach achieved in his decade here. Oh wait it was only 2 years; just seemed like a decade.
  3. NDSU would also be a good addition. Suppose we can get them to relocate to Illinois?
  4. That is the nicest way I have ever heard someone say X thought Grant was a flaming ahole.
  5. Several, including 1. Don't bogart that joint.
  6. 7 Kent starters do not play due to violation of team rules. Golden Flashes wear pink uniforms. Zips reduce halftime deficit of 21 but not by enough to win game.
  7. This is the first I have heard that we have a shot at the Elite 8. I would have expected something more like 5th in our conference. What your source?
  8. I'm thinking this season will be his redshirt year and he doesn't need to find a new team to redshirt this year, right?
  9. Ohh, Ohh..I know (part of the answer);to be nice let's just say they weren't saving Hoyer for a future year.
  10. I'll guess March 1. Shouldn't be any problem lining up non-conference games; a lot of teams will look at the new kids on the block as a likely easy win.
  11. I think that's where you and Terry differ. He must have known that keeping an inept OC on staff would eventually get him canned.
  12. Currently we are 12 point dogs. Unfortunately, I will be giving the points. So far it looks like there are only two conditions under which the Zips can't perform: pressure and lack of pressure. If I could get a guarantee that the Zips would predominantly use a 6 man rush I would be willing to give up to 24 points. Go Zips
  13. Were you or your relative/friend recently terminated from the athletic department?
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