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  1. I've read on ZipsNation that the number of commits and especially stars don't matter and yet a recent peak at 247 Sports suggests to me that we have the 10th strongest 2020 recruiting class ahead of only Ohio and Buffalo. And plenty of room for improvement regarding the 2021 class. Please tell me stuff that will make me feel better about this situation. 2021. MAC Rank School commits 3 star 1 Mia 17 10 2 Tol 14 13 3 niu 13 7 4 wmu 10 5 5 cmu 13 7 6 Buf 5 5 7 bugs 6 5 8 TTech 7 3 9 pccc 9 3 10 OU 3 2 11 emu 1 1 12 Akr 4 0
  2. In a heart beat. A better contract would have paid him $24K per win. 12-0 gets him his $300K and would have dramatically reduced his salary for last season, but I don't want to see his family using food stamps so how about $100K base and $17K per win.
  3. I suggest that in addition to dressing each doll in an appropriate manner for a football game, each doll should also be wearing a COVID-19 mask. Otherwise TV viewers might wonder why so many of our fans appear to be perpetually surprised at something. 😚
  4. It's too late for you, but current students should be aware that one can miss some really interesting stuff by avoiding all the services and venues that you did. For example, I remember the day a heavy set young lady accidently launched herself down one of the bowling lanes in the student union basement. The force of her landing sprung one of the hardwood boards up just enough to spear her lower leg before returning to its rightful place among the other boards; pinning her to the ally. It took the firemen what to her must have seemed like a,really long time to cut her free (they cut the boards, not her leg). The pool hall, swimming pool, and rock climbing wall also offer the possibility of observing someone doing something really dumb.
  5. Are these both supposed to be bad things or does one offset the other?
  6. Interesting link (especially the last 9 lines): https://www.ncaa.com/history/swimming-men/d2
  7. Off the major topic being discussed here, but a pet peeve of mine......... This isn't the first time I've read that the NCAA started divisions in 1973. You might want it to be this way, but it isn't. A little research will show d1 men's soccer going back to 1959 and D2 men's swimming going back to 1964, just to provide a couple of examples. Maybe the NCAA revised or formalized divisions in 1973, but they sure didn't start them then.
  8. Minor correction: The schools you mention play non-scholarship FCS football which was invented as a result of the Dayton Rule. The primary benefit of non-scholarship FCS is that because it is "D1" it enables the school to play D1basketball, but effectively it is glorified D3. A couple/few teams make the FCA playoffs each season and in fairly short order get waxed by a regular FCS team. There are a lot fewer conveniently located non-scholarship FCS teams around. For example, the Pioneer League had to go to California and Florida to form the conference which includes, among others, nearby Dayton and Butler.
  9. You should write up a testament to the NCAA. How's the luckiest women in the world holding up?
  10. In 1974 men's soccer was in D1, all other sports were in D2.
  11. I thought he was the change the name of the University guy.
  12. “The Battle of Copenhagen” Ten thousand Swedes ran through the weeds, chased by one Norwegian. Ten thousand more ran to the shore in the battle of Copenhagen. Way, way back in history, back when the world was new, norwegian searched all over, to find some snoose to chew. They fished for Lutefisk and Torsk, it helped to make them strong, and you and me, we know a Norsk, cannot do nothing wrong. But swedes and danes were envious of Viking trips and raids. The Viking shields and helmet horns, made all those folks afraid. Throughout the world the Vikings sailed, to Ireland and to France. The even found America, one afternoon by chance. My grandpa says, and he should know, the swedes made up the minds. To beat the Norsky Vikings, and kick a few behinds. But history, so grandpa says, show that the Norskies won. They clobbered all the swedes and danes, and made it lots of fun. Ten thousand swedes ran through the weeds, chased by one norwegian. The dust from the weeds, made snoose for the swedes, and they called it Copenhagen, E. C. Stangland
  13. All the big schools have to do is cite COVID 19 as the reason for the cancellation and they are off scot-free, nada, zero payout. And they will be too busy funding an extra set of free weights for their weight room, another throwback uniform for their team, or air-conditioned tackling dummies to be sending money to some school to which they have no contractual obligation.
  14. If the big schools cut out what would normally be 'money' games for programs like Akron it will decrease the payouts to those smaller schools to zero.
  15. Latest rumor I heard is the BIG may drop all non-conference football games and play an abbreviated schedule in the spring. No clue if this is a possibility, but could be interesting if the other P5 schools follow suit.
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