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  1. With the development of Viagra Frank presents a risk no P5 school appears willing to assume.
  2. I think your concern would be better justified by focusing on just about any other position. Akron has a tradition of ignoring the tight end as a passing option. With the Zips offensive scheme, just about any interior lineman could fill the position of tight end. I have previously suggested that we rename the position "Decoy" to no avail.
  3. Rumor has it that the football stadium is going to be renamed Ept Stadium. That way the location of all home games on future schedules will be shown as Inept.
  4. AHA! I think i have spotted the problem. The two benchmarks with the largest bonus included in Arth's contract are limiting blocked punts and yards allowed on kick-off returns. The guy is a coaching genius.
  5. Really?? I think the loopy pills kicked in towards the end of that post.
  6. Not so fast Kemosabe!!! To learn more about scholarship math click......................................... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oversigning
  7. Are you hinting that Akron may be starting an intercollegiate card team: because that worked out very profitably for the kids at MIT?
  8. Upstate is VERY experienced-challenged. Their team consists of 6 fr., 6 so., 2 jr and 0 sr.! How in the heck did they beat THEE Truett McConnell University?
  9. They beat THEE Truett McConnell University??? Oh Oh
  10. Very discouraging. We made an absolutely awful basketball team look marginally acceptable.
  11. UMBC was definitely the exception to the rule. They were probably good enough to go several rounds in the D2 tourney. There were no .500 P5 teams in the tournament you reference. The closest were Alabama at 19-15 and Oklahoma at 18-13. Here's some guys opinion of 9 teams that may have done better in the Big Dance than the Retrievers. https://www.sbnation.com/college-basketball/2018/3/11/17105174/bracketology-2018-college-basketball-ncaa-tournament-snubs-baylor-notre-dame-st-mary-s-usc
  12. At the risk of dating myself, your definition of a "combo guard" used to be the definition of a "guard".
  13. The best chance the Zips football team has of spolilng anything this year is to have them break into the stadium concession stands prior to their games and unplug the food refrigeration units.
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