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  1. I suppose you could convince any number of people to sell you tickets to these games, but don't do it; it would be a waste of your money. These games have already been played.!.!.!.!.!.!
  2. One question Regarding the left-handed guy in the batting cage: Why is home plate backwards? Is this a take-off on the backwards rally caps I see frequently at the college world series?
  3. I appreciate all of the thoughtful post-game thoughts made so far, but one of the most important aspects of the game, a topic several ZipsNation members (you know who you are) could talk about all day long, has not been mentioned yet. In general, how were the Zips uniforms? What color were their jerseys? Were the jerseys the right shade of whatever color they were? What color combination of jersey and pants would have improved their overall look? Do you think the Zips helmets were the best color to go with the rest of the uniform? Do you think a different font for the players numbers would improve the look of the jerseys? What did you like most about their uniforms? What did you like least about their uniforms?
  4. That's one scary-looking person. Given that she spent three years at PCCC I cannot support a cheerleadership for her.
  5. Apparently whomever sets the point spreads doesn't pay much attention to these numbers.
  6. So according to you a Zips win is a four star lock. 👍
  7. My bad, I thought when you wrote "I don't know if the news got lost in the corn fields for them, but they lost the last 2 meetings" that that was the news to which you were referring. I'm guessing our coaching hire didn't make quite the splash that it did for Zip fans in many parts of the MAC.
  8. You know LeBron isn't the only celebrity from Akron. Maybe we could get Devo to try out for the soccer team or Ruby and the Romantics to try out for the swim and track teams, respectively (assuming any of them are still alive).
  9. I still disagree that a football carrier gets credit for a touchdown (or two point conversion) if he manages to touch a part of the football to a part of the goal line marker which is completely out of bounds. In basketball they don't score a shot as a goal if it grazes the outside of the rim.
  10. And don't forget, every president the university has had is a racist, so much so that no self-respecting black kid will attend there.
  11. Who was the Zip who dropped a wide-open pass in the endzone? If I were King, I would let this person watch the first half of the next game from the sideline in an effort to get his head straight. Nothing personal, it's just business.
  12. I believe you are correct that most of the apparent improvement in the OL over the last two weeks is a result of our opponents giving us a healthy dose of their pure vanilla defense.
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