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  1. This isn't the guy I've been waiting to hear about.
  2. This change may not increase JoeMo's ability to reshape the team with scholarship players as much as you think. My understanding is that the 85 total scholarship limit will still be in place which which could mean that some existing scholarship players will have to get theirs yanked in order bring in other scholarship players.
  3. It appears the youngster has a lot of growing up to do.
  4. I like that on 247 he is "cool" on the only three schools listed; none of which has made him an offer!
  5. OK, I give up. You are correct Oakland has always sucked at baseball, and this year they appear to suck a little less because of their embarrassingly weak schedule which, as you mention, must certainly have been locked-in several years ago (after all, that's the way D1 football teams do it). However, I still think that if the Zips are looking to dump non-D1 teams from their schedule YSU and Purdue Fort Wayne would be better bus ride candidates than Oakland.
  6. Join the club. I keep checking this thread every day anticipating that one of you guys who keeps his finger of pulse of the transfer portal will be posting about the Zips new transfer QB. Nada. What is wrong with you guys?
  7. I'm thinking Draylen would be the committor and Tn. State would be the committee. I'm also thinking he will be a better fit there than he would have been here.
  8. It's always discouraging when one has to explain the obvious.
  9. The Bears cobbled together one of the weakest D1 schedules to carve out their barely above .500 record. Their current overall SOS is a dismal 285; by far the worst in the Horizon League, and their out of conference SOS is a bottom of the barrel scraping 294. The Zips should probably hire whoever does Oakland's scheduling to boost our W/L record.
  10. The NCAAs failure to regulate NIL is sad because the solution is obvious. Limit NIL to $100,000 per player per year (or pick a different number if you like). Then any additional payments to players would have to be made below the table, just like the good old (pre NIL) days. Such a change would be extremely welcome news to scores of unemployed former bag-men.
  11. Oakland's W/L record is even better since I mentioned them as a possible non-D1 opponent for Akron; 6-2. But W/Ls don't tell the whole story. Their current RPI is still unimpressive - 227. Normally 4 wins over Wright State would be considered quite a feat. Unfortunately for the Raiders, they are an incredibly average ball club this year.
  12. All hail the blue and gray.
  13. I looked. I especially like all 9 of the logos that incorporate the teams mascot better than our hidden-Z logo.
  14. If he elects to become a Zip, I hope he gets it together. If he becomes a Zip and does not nail down the starting job, my Magic 8 Ball says to expect trouble.
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