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  1. mac run by a bunch of fearful libtwits....seriously...what are u missing? 0-12 getting your brains beat in every week? of course akron never had to worry abt SOCIAL DISTANCING at games anyway
  2. A 35-year-old Florida roofer struck by lightning in late May was listed as a Coronavirus fatality how many more? of course none of you lemmings would question what your tv says Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Tests Negative For Covid-19 Hours After Testing Positive For Covid-19 HOW MANY MORE? fools
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=yKM_4HEm5oY&feature=emb_logo this is the left...good luck nov 3rd...i see the communist party endorsed pedo dementia joe...of course
  4. you could think for yourself once sheep....soon fauchi will have you lemmings in hazmat suits....and you'll fully comply “You Don’t Have a Choice – Normalcy Only Returns When We Largely Vaccinate the Entire Population” – Creepy Bill Gates Gets Creepier dr gates....i'm sure you sheep will be first in line
  5. oh look, i found the zipsnation sheep & the mask patrol you libtwits are on f'd up species https://www.instagram.com/tv/CChEsPIHyY6/?utm_source=ig_embed
  6. sheep....when will u take off your masks?...you libtwits luv the W.H.O right? https://twitter.com/Rent_not_buy/status/1279196128731443201
  7. why bc my opinion is different than your spoon fed narrative..or maybe some of us would die & in all your PHONY LIBERAL TOLERANCE & INCLUSIVENESS you would take pleasure? keep barking lemming..fear is a helluva motivator...you're a disgusting sub human “It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.” -Thomas Sowell
  8. precisely what i expected from a compliant lemming....when will you take off your mask...when your TV says so?
  9. I'm old enough to remember when the surgeon gen & dr fraudi said masks don't work....and they don't...when will you take off your mask...when your TV says it's ok? sheep to be herded anywhere
  10. the disease of liberalism where fiction & lunacy collide...your side behaved like unhinged lunatics..of course that's expected
  11. delusional....this team got their brains beat in 11 of 12 games...
  12. you're "woefully ignorant" if you view the world thru the lens of skin color...and ALOT of comrades on the left do so...carry on
  13. can any of you leftists libsplain why you're so obsessed with skin color?
  14. indeed...games like that make me miss dambrot, 20+ win seasons & losing in the CIT to IUPUI
  15. typical akron...ok with losing but we lost to a team that's this and that..pathetic
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