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  1. any video feed? I don't have the right service to get the espn3 feed
  2. And then sends you to read about it on a bad sports blog. Just one giant world of bad.......
  3. Did Chisholm just do to his coach what I think he did to his coach?
  4. I still can't get over how much better the team is this year over last.
  5. Infocision also works with Verizon Wireless, Rogers (Canadian cellphone company), Time Warner, and other commercial business's. Don't get washed up in media hype, and actually take a look at ALL the facts.
  6. George, all I have to say to you is. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
  7. Anymore with situations like this the person is either going to do it, or they're not. If they put up something on twitter, then they're more than likely all talk. It is, however, something that should always be taken seriously. I'm just happy he was picked up before he had a chance to test my theory.
  8. I'm just waiting a few years for my Bears to be good again. They've seem to be goig through the patter where they have one good class then a slew of crappy ones.
  9. "The dadgum tuba? If the school winds up promoting its theater department's "dadgum penetrating post-modern production of Henrik Dadgum Ibsen's A Dadgum Doll's House," things will have officially gotten out of hand."
  10. I'd like to join everyone in wishing him the best!
  11. Maybe the band should do an RI tribute show. Play a song for each of his wins while marching with their music down their pants. Shortest halftime show EVER!
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