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  1. Z.I.P., hmm...sounds like you could sponsor next year's tournament at a sweet outdoor public park court next to the ocean along with $59 guarantees to the teams. You just need an exotic-sounding tournament name to lure unsuspecting....er, I mean women's hoop teams out there. How bout' The Susan B. Anthony Memorial Basketball Tournament - (guarantees paid in obsolete susan b anthony $1 coins)....or "The Title IX Rumble in the Surf" - (all 12 people in attendance receive a gently used copy of the historic title IX legislation - forward by 112 Men's wrestling teams axed to pay for title IX)...or the more bluntly entitled "The Scamin' Hawaiian Hoop Dreams Classic" - it's actually a Motel 6 parking lot with a rusty hoop attached to a "vacancy" sign.
  2. Stark State and Can't State-Stark do share some facilities, but Can't State-Stark is most definitely affiliated with the Can't campus, while Stark State is not. Akron should concentrate on Medina County and not worry about demographically challenged Stark County.
  3. I dunno, I kinda think the new name of State Universities of Cleveland and Akron (SUCA) is pure marketing genius. What does one get when crossing a Zip and a Viking... the SUCA Zikings? sounds like a throat lozenge
  4. I don't know what happened to timmyboy, but he always seemed to be posting on any number of subjects
  5. Zips avenge last year's drubbing with 23-17 win.
  6. Isn't IU bragging about its football prowess something like UNLV bragging about its academics? Oh well, chalk one up for hubris and the power of overconfidence; Zips go to Bloomington and beat the Loosiers 24-19.
  7. IU's speed on offense too much for Zips who haven't shown a great deal of "O". IU wears down stout defense late and wins 30-13
  8. great idea! Georgia Tech has a statue of Heisman next to Grant Field; definitely adds to the tradition. If not Heisman, how about a Lee Owens statue that shows him sending in the punt team?
  9. Wow, that article is so bad that I can't even accuse it of specious reasoning. Perhaps the ABJ should devote time to the millions of charitable dollars donated by Akron-area citizens that flow through local agencies such as the United Way, Haven of Rest, Red Cross, etc. Don't chastise the community for your poor perception and inability to critically analyze charitable efforts in the area. Looking forward to UA vs. Kentucky fall 2009!
  10. close game, zips prevail on gulp...game winning 22 yard FG that hits the crossbar and tumbles over 24-23
  11. Zen, calling Strickland and Fingerhut "communists" with all its nefarious implications qualifies in my opinion as name calling. I never said I personally was attacked. It was, and remains a response to an insidiousness in our society to label, dismiss, and ultimately villify an individual. It's pure McCarthyism and is prevalent on both sides of the political spectrum. Self righteousness is characterized by a callous overconfidence in one's ability to discern what is best for you. My response was harsh, but sometimes light is best shed through satire, however rough it must be. There wasn't an iota of self righteousness in my response for I hold no tenents above reasonable and civil debate. The hurtful, anti-intellectual stuff propagated by gozips serves only to further erode discourse and in my opinion was not worthy of a discussion involving the communistic traits and total control scheme proferred.
  12. Assuming we can get 2-3 non-MAC home games per year, and trying to be realistic about teams that might travel here; I'd like to see the Zips schedule a team 1) they should definitely beat, 2) a team that poses a challenge but Zips should beat, and 3) a team that would be pretty tough to beat (but anything's possible). Using this formula, some opponents might be:1) Middle Tennessee, New Mexico State, UNLV, and a good D-1aa program2) Army, Rice, Indiana, Kansas, Cincinnati, South Florida, Vanderbilt3) Michigan State, Minnesota, Boston College, Syracuse, WV, Louisville, VT, Georgia Tech, and Kansas State
  13. A non-personal way? Really? Please point out where he was non-personal with respect to Strickland and Fingerhut both of whom to my knowledge are not communists and surely are not conspiring to exert uber control over our state and institutions. Ohio's sad rankings in supporting student tuition and by extension our public institutions are a direct result of 16 years of executive and legislative reprioritization (some would say neglect). Strickland has worked diligently with the Regents and university presidents to enact a 2 year tuition freeze in Ohio, if that's uber control then find a better dictionary. I'm sorry, perhaps my response was rough, but meeting such an inflammatory batch of rhetoric so devoid of thought is tossing cold water on a fire. If you choose to characterize his words as generalizations, I would ask you to consider the effect of labeling honest citizens whose politics don't mesh with GoZips as communists (whose policies are as we know more than about economic methodologies). That's truly unfair, and is a slippery slope to other prejudices based on generalizations.
  14. Wow, where to begin? You lambast Bow Down for denigrating Dr Proeza, with a severe reprimand about having no respect for anyone other than their own kind... while your entire post is a sadly derivative screed about liberals; whom I guess are not "your own kind". Your self righteousness is hysterical, your "research" culled no doubt from hours listening to right wing talk/scream hosts. I can almost see you sitting there, your butt bristling with pride, dissenting opinions whisked away with a mean and flipant ad hominem argument, so deeply assured that you are a true American.What do you even mean by "uppity"? Seems like a word you're a little too familiar with. If Clarence Thomas announced tomorrow that he's tired of being Scalia's caddy and has just plunked down cash for an ACLU membership would you still embrace the man? It's a better discussion board if you can separate a man and his beliefs. So, if you're going to debate a point, try at least to be reasonable and posit opinions that are more than just a sickly grab bag of invective.
  15. Hard to give 7 to Army even though they're terrible. Whatever intangibles they possess always seem to emerge when we play them. However, even though Pitt is giving up 22 against EMU...seems kind of sweet...maybe empty my wife's 401k...
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