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  1. I would take the ball at Swingle every possession. He can't help jumping into the offensive player every time.
  2. Are these announcers watching this game? LCJ hits a three and he indicates BG hits another three. SMH
  3. Every shot he made has been a layup.
  4. Did I hear these announcers correctly? Rob Senderoff is an amazing coach? 🤔
  5. Might want to guard Metheny.
  6. You missed a crappy afternoon of basketball.
  7. I've seen too many MAC tournaments to know that the #1 seed is not a lock to win the tournament. Toledo could have a bad game and lose in any round (as could any team). However, besides Akron, I could see Kent or OU beating Toledo. If I recall, Kent has 2 two-point losses to Toledo. OU playing like this has a shot as well.
  8. I'm not sure what is worse, watching this mess or listening to these announcers.
  9. If they have any chance of getting back into this games, they need defensive stops (and getting the rebound).
  10. Not a good start to the second half. Bad offense and bad defense.
  11. Ohio is on fire from 3 and we are ice cold.
  12. No Jason Preston per the announcers.
  13. This has not been a great half for the Zips, but they are right there.
  14. We are struggling to put the ball in the basket.
  15. Kent, Toledo and BG all get the "W" this evening.
  16. At the half: Western up 40-36 over Kent Toledo up 46-37 over Miami Ball State up 35-34 over BG
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