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  1. Exactly. We're a 2-10 team and Buffalo is a 6-6 team. After watching today's game, I didn't see that much difference between the two. With another recruiting/transfer class and if we clean up some of the mistakes (penalties, turnovers, et.c), I don't see why couldn't reach 6-6 next season.
  2. Buffalo with the kick-off out of bounds.
  3. This clock can't move fast enough.
  4. Hey... a penalty went our way!
  5. Come on Zips, let's get some points and put this one away.
  6. Buffalo gets three penalties on that drive and come away with nothing.
  7. 2 PI calls and now an unsportsmanlike flag on this drive....UGH.
  8. Buffalo's best offensive play is the PI call.
  9. I like the timeout to make sure we get the play we want.
  10. Price with the rushing TD.
  11. Banks with a nice catch for a 1st down.
  12. Undercuffler back on the field.
  13. The Zips defense holds and forces a Buffalo punt.
  14. Buffalo TD gives them a 17-16 lead.
  15. Instead we go 3 and out...
  16. TD for buffalo on a nice catch. Defensive backs, turn around and look for the ball. That could have been knocked down or intercepted.
  17. Looked like a face mask on the punt return.
  18. Alex Adams with the TD catch.
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