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  1. That's a rough road - a game against Pitt or C.State without two key players followed by a (likely) game at undefeated Kentucky. Let's go Zips!
  2. Our thread from last week looks so prophetic now! Thanks for the inside info, looking forward to what the future brings for Soccer (and mayyyyybe other sports in the future).
  3. I hesitated to put any mention of the other Big East sports (since it is a non-football conference), but we would match up well in T&F and Swimming with the other conference members, and not be at the bottom of the pack in Basketball. Winning the conference would never happen, but there's no reason we couldn't put up a good showing, if soccer is a 'foot in the door' for the other sports. I doubt the MAC would keep Akron as a football-only member, so it does leave the gridiron team swinging in the wind if we had the option to move that direction long term.
  4. Big East has nine D1 soccer teams in Top 100 RPI, and 11 current member schools. That would be quite the impressive conference, with Akron being a natural geographic fit in the west of the conference, alongside Xavier, Butler, DePaul, Marquette, and Creighton. I bet that the MVC or Horizon League would be happy to welcome NIU, Chicago St, WMU and BGSU. Western and Bowling Green both would likely win either one of those conferences. The only independents this year the MAC could pick up is UIW and Hartford, neither of which make much sense for the conference - this year more than most others is probably the right year to dissolve MAC Men's soccer.
  5. Is there any chance that the MAC drops sponsoring Men's soccer next year? Would love a chance to freely join a conference with a full roster of teams and a real tournament.
  6. For the soccer team, is the only way out of the MAC if the conference were to stop sponsoring the sport? We seem to be in one of the worst conferences available for our best sport. Is the soccer team allowed to play in the ACC, Big 10, Big East, or Sun Belt without any of our other sports signing on? Is there anyone in the MAC committed to increasing the training and oversight of the basketball referees? They are my biggest problem with Bball in the MAC.
  7. I know that hope is a dangerous thing with Akron football, but I have felt since the Liberty game that this was the game where the Zips would start winning a close game instead of losing a close one. Last week was as close a loss as you can get, and I really do believe in these coaches and players to start turning things around here. Saturday is my birthday and I'm looking forward to a big gift-wrapped W from the football team delivered in Kent.
  8. I got the feeling he wrote his interview questions expecting a win - then we would have skipped from losing big to winning small. Other than that, he at least had plenty prepared to discuss.
  9. I think we continue to lose small here - I believe the Zips cover the line and score a bit, going down 35-28. Based on game to game progress, I think our first MAC win comes against Can't. A couple lucky bounces and the score above changes - we have a decent football team now but as Moorhead says, they don't know how to win yet, and that has to be learned in time.
  10. TB's words come to mind - step 1 - lose big step 2 - lose small step 3 - win small step 4 - win big I think we're about to move on to step 2 for a while, and to step 3 (consistently) by the end of the season.
  11. Are there only 8 voters in that poll? The '1st vote' indicator is a rather low total.
  12. Found a new one while watching "Behind the Attraction" on Disney+. 29 minutes in to episode 9, they reveal that the first visitors to Walt Disney World on the monorail were from Akron Ohio, which the Disney company found perfect as they thought it to be right in the middle of things.
  13. Easy shot for a pro, but I hope this doesn't inspire a bunch of amateurs to start hitting golf balls across the highway - there's no way that ends well.
  14. So those of you who were consulted before the logo was chosen - how does this compare to the other options they were considering? I'll keep wearing my Roo logo items to soccer events here until the update gets more notice in the community. The new logo feels quite bland, and keeps reminding me of Army Black Knights more than Akron Zips.
  15. NHL Points system has come to NCAA soccer. It's not so bad over the course of a long season, but for these mini seasons that could really throw things off. No-draw soccer seems a little odd, I can't stand PKs because it turns a team game into an individual skills challenge.
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