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  1. So those of you who were consulted before the logo was chosen - how does this compare to the other options they were considering? I'll keep wearing my Roo logo items to soccer events here until the update gets more notice in the community. The new logo feels quite bland, and keeps reminding me of Army Black Knights more than Akron Zips.
  2. NHL Points system has come to NCAA soccer. It's not so bad over the course of a long season, but for these mini seasons that could really throw things off. No-draw soccer seems a little odd, I can't stand PKs because it turns a team game into an individual skills challenge.
  3. That was a fantastic article - Joe seems to really get it - not just football, but the men playing it. The closing piece on accountability is something I can't recall any of our previous coaches dealing with in-depth, and especially not with the media. Genuine excitement and respect for his start here.
  4. Right now, I don't really believe they'd let a MAC school into the playoffs, no matter how good a team they were. Maybe once the playoff expands to eight... that would be the 'crown jewel' of possiblities
  5. The crown jewel would be a New Year's bowl invite for being the best G5 team. Last MAC team to get it was WMU in 2016.
  6. Someday, I'd like to know if Guthrie knew that Moorhead was interested before firing Arth. The press conference today was incredible, and I can't wait for the day when they'll allow ZipsNation to have a voice in the room asking questions as well.
  7. Tyrrell is a fantastic HS coach. As a Hoban alumni, I am very impressed with what he has been able to accomplish there. However, I don't agree with putting a HS coach directly into a Div 1 HC job. He would probably be a fantastic coordinator, an NCAA D2 coach, or an FCS coach for a couple of years. Once he shows what he can do at the collegiate level, be the first in line to hire him for the HC job.
  8. Do you think that Patterson's authoritarian style would work ok with players and administration at Akron? Would Guthrie cede him the control to do what it takes to succeed? If it could work, he seems to know football better than almost anyone.
  9. He's 64 - if we're hiring someone in their 60s, see the post on Bob Stoops (age 61) above. If he will come on with a short term contract, improve culture, and put a succession plan in place, I'm good with that.
  10. Stoops is one of my top choices on that list because of the attention of the name and his knowledge of how to build a winning culture. I would want him on a short-term contract, with the understanding of him establishing a football culture, bringing in his own staff (paid appropriately!), and promoting one of his guys to HC at the end of a 5 yr contract. He's not a long-term Akron coach, but I think he can be the right guy to turn around the culture, get short term attention, and set the program up for future success.
  11. Please no. Kehres or Tyrell sound too much like what Akron has done in the past. We need a change.
  12. I think the assumption in the other thread is that Cuse was letting him go this year.
  13. The list of names mentioned in the other coaching thread (apologies if I missed one or two) are : Matt Brock Doug Belk Todd Stroud Bob Stoops Levar Woods Dino Babers Joe Moorhead I know that there are good reasons one or more of them would not be a suitable head coach, but those seven names are probably a good place to start making calls.
  14. I'd like to watch this live - is it at 3PM EST or 3PM CST? Also, is there a link?
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