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  1. NCAA Tournament Denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity outside the penalty area to an opponent whose overall movement is toward the offender's goal by an offense punishable by a free kick;
  2. NCAA Tournament

    Tough game for sure. Credit to Maryland for keeping us off our game the entire 90 minutes. We never got comfortable. Reminded me a lot of the Stanford game last year. Regarding the PK, the first one was unfortunately the right call. You don't have to make contact to the opposing player in order for a high kick to be called. Of course the Maryland player made sure it looked like he was kicked. Also, the red card was probably also the right call. Any time you are the last defender and you deny an obvious goal scoring opportunity that is cause for a direct red. Hats off to the boys for even being in this position. What a great end of the season run.
  3. NCAA Tourney Thread

    Thanks, I knew there was some reason I already knew what UMBC stood for and I was pretty certain it had something to do with UA basketball. Now I remember.
  4. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    The only thing I would question is going away from Utomi down the stretch. And playing Klac so late in the game when we needed points desperately. Overall very proud of this team. A couple different bounces and EMU could've been buried beyond reach.
  5. Game 20—@Ball State

    Yep, I was thinking about that shot also. Hate how terrible that quality is of the video. I am the original uploader
  6. Just voted. Can't ever doubt the passion of the Zips MSOC fans... De Vera has 88 out of 90 total votes so far.
  7. Calvin_OU.jpg

  8. Is this the last time we played Louisville?
  9. 2017-2018

    Just looking at the depth chart on verbal commits and wow, we are going to see pretty much a completely different team next year. And one that is super young. If I'm seeing things correctly, we are made up of mostly freshman and sophomores. It's going to be a long summer waiting for this team to take the court. I don't remember the last time I was this interested in Zips basketball this early before the next season.
  10. Search For The Next Head Coach

    And if what others have posted is true, add sh** talking opposing coaches to the list of reasons I'm not quite excited. If Groce was the second coming of John Wooden, I'd accept him as the head coach but that wouldn't mean I wasn't allowed to say he seems like an idiot on the sidelines.
  11. Search For The Next Head Coach

    I never said him having a poor demeanor made him less of a coach. I guess what I'm saying is all things considered I'm less excited about it than I should be based on my recollection of he used to behave. That said, if he's as great of a recruiter as everyone says he is, then I'm interested to see how this turns out. I think myself and lilroodude have the same outlook on him, essentially.
  12. Search For The Next Head Coach

    Exactly this. 100%. I think there's a fine line between fiery and belligerent and in my eyes Groce used to be on the wrong side of that line more often than not.
  13. Search For The Next Head Coach

    I'll just leave this here.
  14. 2017-2018

    I was going to say, 'wow, I don't remember posting that!' lol
  15. Search For The Next Head Coach

    All I really remember about Groce is that I used to think he was an idiot whenever we faced OU. Always red faced yelling at officials. Count me in on those who wouldn't be over the moon about him coming here. Same goes for Geno Ford although thankfully it doesn't seem like he's a possibility.