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  1. That's the actual roster, not recruiting makeup
  2. There is upside with 21 unfilled spots
  3. Sweich was a pretty decent get for us when he committed IIRC
  4. We're bad. But we also play a lot of bad teams.
  5. I wanted to post this here being the likely most active topic
  6. Do you think we could have gotten Arth to come for less money?
  7. No one's forcing anyone to pay anyone that much money. That's what they determined they needed to pay to obtain that person's services. We can lower our salary and hire a D3 position coach but it might be ugly. Yeah, it's been ugly anyway 😂
  8. If college coaches were getting paid based on profits they bring in, most of them would be volunteers
  9. Define over-inflated? They're paid according to what the market has dictated - perhaps the fees were needed to afford the coaches and not vice versa. I'd possibly argue that a D-1 job as a volleyball, track, wrestling, softball or similar sport is the pinnacle of their career path, there's no legitimate pro position. 200K for one of the top 100 jobs in the country in a field might not seem so outlandish when you look through that lens. In any case I'd argue something is worth whatever someone pays for it, to be concise.
  10. The prices now reflect market value. Your proposed salary is snatched out of thin air with no basis of reality behind them. Who would coach a MAC school for that much? 1-AA coaches make more. Just cut football at that point if we're going to nickel and dime that much.
  11. *Looks up recruiting rankings and results* Yeah this checks out
  12. So if the total active roster is 55, then they'll have 67 this year and 69 next year. Nice. I would still say 85 could be reduced a little, say to 80, but I'd probably be against going lower than that. 85 is 16-18 more than an NFL roster before redshirts, ineligibility issues, kids that get upset and transfer, etc. Plus these kids aren't getting paid to put their bodies on the line.
  13. Well they have 65 including practice squad, they don't have redshirts for freshmen that aren't physically ready, and they can sign free agents to replace injured players.
  14. They already denied the G5 petition to lower the number so I doubt a waiver would happen. Curious to see what they have to say. Cross Country was cut to a non scholarship sport so maybe they could get creative there somehow
  15. I've seen a couple of the graphics guys I follow on twitter say they're moving onto other things. The guys that make the templates recruits tweet out on committing or visits and obviously more than that but.. I'm assuming support positions like that and who knows what else are casualties of this.
  16. Yeah, just fyi so it's here https://gozips.com/news/2020/5/14/general-campus-message-from-ad-larry-williams.aspx
  17. I don't think anyone ever claimed those three added up to all of the 4.4 mil. The release also said there were coaching pay cuts as well as scholarship reductions and other expense reductions
  18. They were trending towards being a decent MAC team at that point. Rembielak was finally getting some traction with decent recruits in the area. I didn't say they were historically good, but competitive in the conference at 13-15
  19. The moment we voluntarily put ourselves at even more of a disadvantage by cutting scholarships is the moment we should just drop football. If we're gonna do it, do it as well and as competitive as we can. The debate over why we should have a sport is interesting. Is the reason to have a sport so we can make a profit? I don't think. But we should also be responsible. Baseball may not be growing but it's a popular sport in our area and before we cut it we proved that we could be competitive within our conference.
  20. On behalf of the posters here, thank you
  21. Don't your insider friends share that with you?
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