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  1. No academic powerhouses so I guess we have a chance huh?
  2. 6 shutout innings yesterday
  3. Depends how the next 10 days go imo. That division is crazy
  4. Hopefully. He had 22 starts last year in Indy so about 2/3 a season in AAA. I think he'd have to have a good second half of July and August for a September call-up. He's had 2 rehab starts in A+ so far so I'd assume he'll be in Indy relatively soon
  5. Brubaker would have been in the rotation this year with all the injuries in Pittsburgh if he wasn't hurt himself. That was pretty bad luck
  6. Is your new stance that we can't recruit against schools that have a higher academic regard?
  7. I hate to break it to you but that's not that impressive of a list.
  8. Which of those programs are better than ours? Rhode Island maybe?
  9. Oh good lord I forgot we have a Tribble and a Trimble
  10. Groce doesn't want to play a game with a big man slowing things down. That's okay
  11. UCONN is moving all sports that the Big East sponsors to the Big East. How do we feel about bringing UMass back and UCONN for football?
  12. I kind of feel the same way about our OOC schedule this year.
  13. Also offered by Rutgers. Recruiting rankings aren't the end-all be-all but good to see we're getting kids other programs also wanted, at the least. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Charles-Rosser-129006/RecruitInterests/
  14. So awesome! Just a day after I was told no one would ever donate or support the program, good stuff. Go Zips!
  15. I call one post dumb and get FFS, asshole, delusional, clueless thrown at me. 20 something seems a little mature for you actually. Have a good one ✌️
  16. I already answered that. We need to win and get butts in seats and donations coming in because people are starting to care. If we're in the MAC, we're going to lose money. That's the reality. The moment our program starts becoming about saving money is the moment we should just get rid of football and move to FCS. When you start limiting who you play, recruiting only in state, cheap equipment decisions, etc.. fans and recruits will see right through it and we'll be getting whacked by 40+ with no one in the stands, and guess what, we'll still be losing money. So if there's a debate over moving down, then sure have at it.. I'd hate to see it, but that's probably more of a valid point than cutting costs and staying in the MAC.
  17. I've been on record in scheduling threads as saying buy games at lower P5 teams are the best games we can get. If we can get 2 of those every year I'd be all for it 👍
  18. Where did I ever even suggest that? You're putting words in my mouth. We need an FCS team for a win each year. Who it is makes no difference. Further, even suggesting paying a team to come to Akron is hypocritical to your argument. If it's all about dollars, why not just play 4 buy games and bring in $6 million? The answer is because you need to win,. The "reality. period." is that we're not dropping to FCS. So we have to make due with what we have at the MAC level. The other reality is, the football program is never going to make money. None of them do unless you're Bama, Texas or OSU. So the next best thing is to win and make it an enjoyable experience for the community to fill the stands and bring in donations as best as we can. How do we win? Hell if I know, I'm not getting millions to figure it out. NIU and UB have proven you can at this level. We're going to lose money, it is what it is. If we turn it around and have a successful program, we lose less, and it's a bearable cost for the University as marketing and student/community experience. You don't win by playing multiple buy games a year and sabotaging your season from the get go, nothing will kill enthusiasm faster than that. If it's all about money, just say we need to play 4 buy games or drop to FCS. I'd disagree, but at least it's defensible.
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