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  1. Did the *NOT AFFILIATED WITH NFL* give it away?
  2. Zips signee Logan Bell threw a 6 inning shutout vs Team Mexico in round one of the Palomino World Series in Laredo TX today. Youngstown all-stars won 10-0 in 6 innings https://www.palominoworldseries.org/Default.aspx?tabid=1262728
  3. Still waiting. This is the most Akron thing ever
  4. Am I right in thinking Dr Z or CK goes to AZ around the holidays?
  5. I think if Tree didn't get himself into trouble he could have been the best Zip I've seen since getting to campus in 07
  6. No academic powerhouses so I guess we have a chance huh?
  7. 6 shutout innings yesterday
  8. Depends how the next 10 days go imo. That division is crazy
  9. Hopefully. He had 22 starts last year in Indy so about 2/3 a season in AAA. I think he'd have to have a good second half of July and August for a September call-up. He's had 2 rehab starts in A+ so far so I'd assume he'll be in Indy relatively soon
  10. Brubaker would have been in the rotation this year with all the injuries in Pittsburgh if he wasn't hurt himself. That was pretty bad luck
  11. Is your new stance that we can't recruit against schools that have a higher academic regard?
  12. I hate to break it to you but that's not that impressive of a list.
  13. Which of those programs are better than ours? Rhode Island maybe?
  14. Oh good lord I forgot we have a Tribble and a Trimble
  15. Groce doesn't want to play a game with a big man slowing things down. That's okay
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