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  1. The OSU game was the only one I've been able to watch so far until last night. I was really encouraged by his showing there and am bummed he's gone. Maybe he had a bad stretch in FL. But that OSU game on night one with this group seemed to be a really exciting showing. Alas, it was a mirage.

  2. 1 hour ago, clarkwgriswold said:

    I would suspect that as a long time college coach Moorhead has made many connections through the coaching community and will use those connections to build his staff.  I also suspect we won't see any big names due to the budget, a budget in which his salary will be the primary expense.   That may well limit his ability to bring in a Frye or Getsy who are likely already making good money.

    Not so fast my friend. I think if they're gonna splurge they're not going to hamstring him by nickel and diming the staff

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  3. 47 minutes ago, Let'sGoZips94 said:


    He went from Mississippi State to Fordham, his Alma Mater. I don't think money tops the priority list for Joe Moorhead. He got a raw deal at Mississippi State, too. I could see wanting to accomplish something at the DI level as a HC being a top priority for him. Akron is the perfect place to do it, I'd say. 😉

    He went to Fordham, then PSU, then MSU

  4. 4 hours ago, GP1 said:

    The game is at noon. I love it. Toledo is going to put on a football game in a clean stadium, good food, good tailgating and they field a good team. They don't give a flying poop that the OSU vs Michigan game is going on less than an hour away at the same time. Hats off to them for believing in their product. 

    Gametimes don't really get decided by the school

  5. 21 minutes ago, clarkwgriswold said:

    Student section almost entirely full at 6:30!  WOW. 

    I've always had a hunch there were a lot of students at each game but just scattered about the JAR. If they make them sit in one section it will be full every game imo

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