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  1. I thought WKU and MTSU would be good adds from a viewers standpoint. MTSU has been down a bit lately but they've recently both been pretty competitive on a mid major level in hoops and WKU has had a good football team. More of the status quo, boring

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  2. I wouldn't have wanted Kehres two years ago for the same reason I wouldn't want Tyrell now. The jump to FBS from HS is too much I think. Kehres has been at a MAC program for two years now and has seemed to do fine, whether his performance merits a HC gig I'm not sure of, but he's recruited and coached at a good MAC school for two years now and knows what it takes. I wouldn't hate it. He clearly knows Xs and Os

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  3. That's a shame. They have heart, and aren't mailing anything in. Which only counts for so much.. but at this point you'd worry about the staff losing the locker room which doesn't seem to be the case with that effort. Just feel bad for the kids and especially Gibson, gave em hell

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  4. Yup I was pleasantly surprised to see Gibson listed as a FR. Third year freshmen are pretty rare but with some action in 2019 and the covid year, he's got a nice mix of experience and a lot of eligibility left. Let's hope for the best

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