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  1. You know, this game really makes me feel bad that we didn't get a chance to play Nebraska.
  2. NW loses at home to Duke 21-7. Ouch.
  3. Football is finally back! Hopefully we can put this away early and keep the playcalling simple today.
  4. Think this could work? http://twitter.com/chadpekron/status/1036457498742583296
  5. Essentially, the Zips got paid $1 million to fly to Lincoln, Nebraska for a night and then go back home. And now we get to open against Morgan State.
  6. Would they even be able to take off in this weather?
  7. HustleBelt prediction - not good.
  8. It's gone. Nothing left but a pile of rubble.
  9. https://twitter.com/FabFour_1/status/986348875807182848
  10. The Supreme Court has ruled on it three times. In 1962, they ruled that prayer can not be initiated by a public school, as that would violate the Establishment Clause. In 1992, they expanded on that ruling to say that schools can not invite members of the clergy (even non-denominational ones like they have at The Chapel across the street from campus) to lead prayer on school grounds. Finally in 2000, they ruled that students can engage in prayer that is voluntary, led by the students and done without official permission from the school, which means that school officials/employees can not make an announcement or acknowledge that a time for prayer is about to begin. I don't have a problem with it, but when the Supreme Court rules three times on something, I figure that it's best to steer far, far away from that topic when you're a large and highly-visible government institution.
  11. It's legally fine as long as it's not compulsory. Having participation in a prayer be mandatory would create a massive headache for a government institution. But as far as even having a team prayer goes, I can see it potentially causing problems with team cohesiveness. It creates divisions between religious and non-religious teammates, to say nothing of teammates that may practice different religions or even different denominations of the same religion, depending on how the prayer is conducted. I don't see why you would want to introduce potential conflicts like that into the locker room.
  12. Weird that he can be out of D-I eligibility but can get another year playing at a lower division. Really doesn't help our OL situation at all. Best of luck to him where ever he goes.
  13. Nice to have both of the most recent MAC rejects on the schedule together. Get those two and Marshall and UCF on the schedule in the same season and that's actually a pretty nice OOC schedule filled entirely with former MAC teams.
  14. Are you suggesting we'll lose to Morgan State?
  15. It's not like getting tossed from games for being hotheaded is a new experience for Groce.
  16. "Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones" - traditional European proverb
  17. I like having the bye week inbetween the non-conference and MAC games, especially after what looks like a very difficult non-conference schedule. But why does Kent always get the Wagon Wheel games early in the year but when we host it it's always late November in the cold?
  18. I really like our 2019 schedule: 08/31 - at Illinois 09/07 - UAB 09/21 - Troy 09/28 - at UMass Also Kent, Buffalo, and Ohio all at home.
  19. UCF is one of the largest universities in the US and maybe the world. 3x the number of students as UA. They're a Space Grant university. Regardless of their athletic profile, UCF is a major step up from UA and as president, Matt Wilson could wield significant influence over higher education in the USA.
  20. Groce's biggest recruiting job in his short career at Akron was to prevent any more players from leaving once he was hired. He either wasn't able to or did not want to do that. It's a situation that's partially of his own making.
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