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  1. With as few big DL we have had the past couple years maybe the 2-4-5 would work but hoping we can get in some DL who can play soon!
  2. My wife is so disappointed we missed it with family here all weekend.
  3. Mark is the boys coach of the Northwestern Huskies of the mighty WCAL in Wayne County!
  4. I pegged yesterday’s attendance at 300-400 in the crowd. I keep thinking my chances of getting picked for the $10k putt would be better but it still hasn’t happened. 😂
  5. I had a blast at the Suckeyes basketball game this year when their band played Hang on Sloopy I was surprised no one was doing O H I O so I did Z I P S at the same time and it was great. I think the whole arena could hear me as it was so quiet and I got a number of looks from the Suckeye fans around me.
  6. As someone posted that Tavian Dunn Martin is out Florida Gulf Coast I wanted to do a quick check to see where former Zips scholarship players are at and how they are faring: TDM - at Florida Gulf Coast had 34 points in his first game followed by 9 vs USC Camron Reece - Originally announced as a transfer to Pacific but then ended up at NAIA Talladega College which doesn't have a good site for box scores or stats but they are 6-0 Tre Edwards is at UMBC and did not get into the first 2 games Jermaine Marshall is at Samford averaging 12 points and 7 rebounds on 50% shooting in 3 games Taylor Currie is at D2 Harding College averaging 20 points and 7.5 boards on 53% shooting through 2 games Jaden Sayles is at Stony Brook and they have only played 1 game where he played 10 minutes off the bench without scoring or a rebound
  7. Had a blast down at the game in the mini Zips section. Unfortunately theY let it slip away at the end.
  8. I didn't read all of the analysis but I do think with RPI and overall body of work gives the Zips a chance for an at large. I get we didn't play great the last couple of games and struggled on the road but it only takes an invite and then a few weeks to make it down to Cary!
  9. Is the season over? I think we were #20 in RPI before the game and will drop some but not sure how far. 48 teams get in right? I know it might be odd that you aren’t in the top 4 of the conference tournament but still get in to the NCAA but it could happen.
  10. I almost posted after the Georgia State game a critical post on Embick's lineup but deleted it before I posted it since he knows more than I do. The gist of it was we can't start Carlo, Strachan and Jonas with one of them as the holding midfielders as it was hurting us linking up from the back. My preference based on what I have seen this year was Carlo on the bench until he is fully healthy or even waiting to take over for Strachan after graduation next year. Today Carlo didn't start and came in with about 5 minutes left while we were protecting the lead.
  11. Agreed it was time to move on from Bowden and obviously Arth was not the right choice. I don’t think we can afford not to make a change now (buyout or not). We can’t dig this hole even further by giving it another year.
  12. Looks like Rowdies bailed after 2 losses or are watching the football game tonight
  13. So close from not hearing from zipsoutsider this week Their game against an FCS school was much closer than ours albeit against a little better school.
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