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  1. Hoping that we don’t do conference only games and that we reschedule the Suckeyes game to fit it in when allowable before conference play starts.
  2. Almost 11 years between posts 😁 Fear the Chipps!
  3. Rough match for Joao so far tonight. Hoping Orlando can pull out another goal and tie it back up and get Joao off the hook a bit.
  4. So was Jojo Natson and he is playing on Sundays:)
  5. I turned the Orlando game on in the 89 minute and within 30 seconds saw Joao score the tieing 1-1 goal on a header off of a corner! On to PK's.
  6. Mid American Unity plays at 10pm on Saturday on ESPN. Some changes to the roster with no Harney or Tree but they added Josh Williams and X! Now up to an 8 man roster with a few point guards. They also added Knapke from Toledo.
  7. Looks like Romeo, Harney and Treadwell are on Mid American Unity seeded 20th. Looks like they have a decent front line at the power forward position but not any centers although I don't think you need one. I am more concerned this team needs another/better point guard or shooting guard. https://thetournament.com/teams/mid-american-unity
  8. So if he picks us he would sit out 2020-21 and join Tribble as a Junior in 2021-22 as PG with Clarke as a Sophomore. I am fine with that but still need a big eligible to play this year.
  9. Looks like we win with the rest of the spring sports cancelled!
  10. Dre, joined the “dark side”? Glad you finally saw the light!
  11. They definitely will be good with 4 of the starters freshmen and sophomores. I am wondering if any of the sophomores leave for bigger opportunities since they weren’t recruited by Boals? If they stay watch out. I think Preston will be a professional and could get an NBA look when the time comes.
  12. I think Tyler made a mistake and this isn’t reflective of his true character. I got to talk to him at the ice cream social before the season and came away very impressed with how articulate he was and seemed very genuine in his conversations.
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