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  1. Here is to hoping maybe we don’t get a bye and face an “easier” opponent and can win the first game without Shook or Clapier
  2. I believe Toledos leading scorer in their first game was a transfer from Boise but we know they will implode come tournament time.
  3. So the rumors of no scarves are true by the sounds of it? Come on Charles!
  4. I missed one that I just saw in @Illini Zippost about Groce's first year. Eric Parrish went from Akron (2017-18) then to Bosssier Parish Community College (2018-2019) where he averaged 18 points, 9 boards and 6 assists and was the #4 Junior College prospect when he committed to Nevada for the the 2019-2020 season but was only there in the fall of 2019 before signing with to UTSA in December 2019 (played 2020-2021 season) before closing out his career at Grambling (2021-2022). So on 5 rosters in his college career! Eric Parrish finished (assuming) out his career at Grambling State this year starting in 9 of the 20 games he played in averaging about 5 points and 5 rebounds a game. I thought he was an All-MAC capable player 2 years down the road but injuries must have derailed his playing career.
  5. MAC Tournament closed to the public Thursday?
  6. Ali will be second team next year and first team his senior year so he isn't wrong 😁
  7. I still think we turn it around and win the tourney in Cleveland. As others have mentioned, we have been in these last 3 games and lost it in the end. I have faith that Groce and the players will be able to fix things when it is win or go home in March. He did that OU and I believe this team is capable of doing it this year.
  8. Unfortunately I can’t make it and have 8 general admission tickets if anyone wants them.
  9. An update with a little over a month left in the regular season TDM - at Florida Gulf Coast has started 22 games averaging 20 PPG on 40% shooting with almost 6 assists a game and they are 14-9 Camron Reece - at NAIA Talladega College Started 8 of 20 games, listed as a Junior, 6 ppg, 5.5 RB for a 20-3 team Tre Edwards is at UMBC but tore his Achilles and won't play this year Jermaine Marshall is at Samford averaging 12 points and 8 rebounds on 47% starting all but 1 game for the 14-8 team Taylor Currie is at D2 Harding College averaging 17 points and 8 boards on 55% shooting for a team that is 4-14 starting all but 1 game Jaden Sayles is at Stony Brook averaging 5 points and 3.5 boards shooting 53%, starting 9 games averaging 14 minutes per for a team with a 13-8 record Torey Patton who I missed in my original post is averaging 14 points on 45% shooting to go with 7 boards and 4 assists starting 19 games and leading the 15-5 Vikings in minutes Virshon Cotton another one I missed is at New Mexico State playing in 8 of 21 games averaging 4 points in 10 minutes a game for the 18-3 aggies
  10. With as few big DL we have had the past couple years maybe the 2-4-5 would work but hoping we can get in some DL who can play soon!
  11. My wife is so disappointed we missed it with family here all weekend.
  12. Mark is the boys coach of the Northwestern Huskies of the mighty WCAL in Wayne County!
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