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  1. I can’t remember an Egyptian in recent years playing for us.
  2. I hate the 9:00 start to this one. I will have to try to convince the Mrs. to let the kids stay up and make the drive to Akron.
  3. Cheese starting so I am guessing we see Dawson as the scoring off the bench today. Maybe get him 5-10 minutes today.
  4. Marshall just won at Duquesne by 22 to give the Dukes their second lost.
  5. Nope, GA, I would give them to you but I think I am going to exchange them for 4 extra tickets the following Sunday so my son can bring some friends.
  6. Great chance to get selected for the "Putt for $10,000! I thought the game was at 7 so we have a delayed Thanksgiving that afternoon so I am going to have to miss the game.
  7. Duffel bags are at the table to the left when you walk in for all season ticket holders. You just have to go give them your name. Agreed it wasn’t well publicized.
  8. And none of the band kids are 6’11”! We need at least 2 6’11” on the drum line to be competitive!
  9. I always thought Tribble was left handed based on the first 2 games as he dribbles more on it and would shoot layup/runners from 5-7 feet with his left hand. Just paid closer attention on his free throw shooting that he shoots right. Very ambidextrous.
  10. Yes, there were definitely 12 guys out there in orange when you factored in the guy in yellow!
  11. I also was impressed with Gray on the couple plays I focused on him.
  12. The Browns needed that on Sunday when they had a bunch of chances inside the 3 and couldn't punch it in. On other plays the Browns used 2 backs Hunt laid a couple of good blocks to spring Chubb.
  13. Most games are 2 hours and this one went at least 2 hours and 20 minutes.
  14. Old White haired ref is not on Zips side in second half. Thought the other two are giving us some calls that we didn't get in the first half.
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