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  1. November Numbness

    It can always be with the Barry Bonds asterisk!
  2. November Numbness

    Post dated proof.
  3. November Numbness

    Although I didn't submit here, I am doing a bracket with a guy from work and got 13 right. I missed victories for Colgate, San Francisco, and Albany. The Albany hurts as I had Maryland winning 3 games.
  4. 9100 attendance

    Akron's side of the Wagon Wheel Kent's side of the story These are "cute" but not sure if it's enough to drum up a lot of extra attendance. They were posted on the UA Facebook page
  5. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    I was 4 rows from one of the mics!
  6. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    I actually thought attendance was better than what I would have predicted for a Tuesday. My section seemed to have a good number of people (not like a Saturday) but good considering it weekday/school night.
  7. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    I was calling for us to do an onside kick one time. Then we actually kicked it to the goal line and the guy ended up fumbling it. Glad they didn't listen to me!
  8. 2017 College Cup

    On Facebook there was an event created that says Sunday's game will be played at 1. Not sure if that could still change but I would use that for planning purposes at the moment.
  9. MAC Tourney

    Horrible officiating leading to WMU's goal!
  10. Zips in the NFL

    Natson added to the active roster for Jets!
  11. Hoping Joao sticks around for another year! Originally recruited as a LB do you think Jared would consider moving him back there, try Hinds who was also a LB or try someone else(now on team or recruited)?
  12. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    Definitely not Toledo. You have to coach at rival BG instead
  13. Chris Jacquemain

    Chris's brother Matt passes away from OD Thoughts and prayers to the Jacquemain family as they have to deal with this again.
  14. Early signing

    Lepear leading team in scoring, He doesn't start but leading team in scoring, shooting a great percentage from the field but hasn't made a 3 thru 3 games. FT % looks like he would fit in with years past Hoping it goes up with a larger sample size.
  15. MAC Tourney

    I think most of the lack of crowds this year are what Zipsvoice pointed out in that we opened on the road early and lost a couple games. I think people now expect us to win and it may only be considered "sexy" to go to a game if we are #1 in the country. People are becoming immune to having "just a top 25" soccer program and only care if we are #1. I still go and enjoy my time but that is where I am thinking the attendance going down is from.