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  1. 37 players on their roster and only 1 from the U.S.! This looks like it could be a good match up.
  2. Did anyone else notice they are doing like football where you can exchange tickets for future games? Non-conference for non-conference and conference for conference. This will be good for us as we sometimes skip the weekday school night games and can now bring friends on the weekend.
  3. Definitely has the talent to play in college. The question is can he stay out of trouble?
  4. Letter of Intent "Insider tip: You can sign a National Letter Intent after the last signing period ends, but it is rare that there will be any roster spots left."
  5. At this point it would be best for Davis not to get drafted so he can pick the best team that gives him a chance to make the team.
  6. And 2 of them are 6’11. How are they going to compete with the runt 6’8 Michael Hughes at center!
  7. I don’t think Swingle will contribute much at the D-1 level.
  8. zippyfan34


    Anyone know if Jerseys are available for purchase? My son would love one. We just watched the final and he was going crazy even doing Zip go the Zippers cheer.
  9. Article a couple weeks old but has Gilbert to the Browns in round 7 I would love to have a Zip on the Browns!
  10. For what is worth Dambrot and his Dukes lost their first tourney game to 6-12 conference foe St. Joes.
  11. 25 wins against Our ladies of the Blind and Northwestern South Carolina Upstate?
  12. Just got out of a work meeting to check out box score: EMan and Utomi with 4 fouls. Deng with 3. Is this the refs or are we really aggressive? Would have been nice if Jaden was healthy so we could have used his 5 fouls.
  13. Did anyone attend the matches yesterday and care to share their observations?
  14. Calls not going our way. . .
  15. Are we really 13-5 when leading at the half? I would have guessed .500.
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