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  1. Home & Home scheduling contract with UMass

    Win them all and go to a BCS bowl. 😁
  2. Game 26- @ PCCC

    Sorrry Skip but I am keeping my season tickets next year.
  3. Game 25—Ball State

    Another reason I have liked the move to start Smith most games. We are so shorthanded, that with Smith there are sometimes we can make it to the under 16 timeout without any foul calls which sets the team up better long term for the game. With Mark in, he just likes to bang and get under people's skin with extra pushing that the refs see it and call it and then that translates into more fouls being called against us. Some of Mark's calls were weak, but then again I think some of them are brought against himself when he does things he doesn't have to do.
  4. Game 25—Ball State

    Groce needs to get a T. Stick up for his players
  5. Game 25—Ball State

    Virshon blindly threw the ball in as fast as he could without looking.
  6. Game 25—Ball State

    African American zebra foul count is I think 7 on us, one on them.
  7. Game 25—Ball State

    Groce said on the post game that it was just a one game thing.
  8. Zips in the Pros

    Deji looked to have joined the Spanish team Casvi He has started the past 2 games and has played well looking at the box scores.
  9. Game 22—Toledo

    Lucky to be down 9 at this point. For as much as I complained about the lack of dambrot plays under the basket. I hate our inbounds defense that allows easy basket after easy basket
  10. Rec Center Smith

    GT article on Smith Nice article GT! 2 Points I learned 1. Smith was actually on campus last year. I am assuming he enrolled Spring 2017? 2. The baton the team is passing when subbing is in memory of Eman.
  11. St. V. coach resigns to join UA Hopefully that means we start a better St. V pipeline that is similar to East where we get most of the D1 talent.
  12. Game 22—Toledo

    They are passing out 2500 shirts that I assume are white so hopefully over.
  13. Game 21—@Miami

    Refs heard me and are evening it up
  14. Game 21—@Miami

    Guess what, we are going to crush the opposition in fouls again!
  15. Sinisa Ubiparipovic retiring

    Sinisa an assistant at Cleveland State