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  1. I submitted a bunch but I guess they didn’t want of bunch of my family and the Griswolds!
  2. I don’t necessarily want him to leave but also don’t want the U increasing his salary to get him to stay if he tries leveraging that.
  3. It was nice to see Currie celebrating from the bench even though he didn’t get in today. It looks like the PT he has gotten over the past few games has gotten him more involved on the sideline. Early in the year I recall him not cheering at all while on the bench.
  4. Boogie is definitely one of our few transfers that could play at a program better than Akron. Not sure how many of the others will get a chance.
  5. And now with Vernon out for the playoffs he would have been one step closer.
  6. I was wondering how we had a shot clock violation when we didn’t have the ball for that long after the Kent kid passed the ball out of bounds in the backcourt. I learned something new, shot clock is set to 20 seconds if you inbound on your side of half court.
  7. “Hottest young coaches in FBS . . .” Yes he was young, but not good and I don’t think anyone was knocking on our doors to hire him away.
  8. My guess is defense. I think you have to play defense to play for Groce and maybe he isn’t quick enough on the defensive end to earn time now. Big guys need to be able to cover their guys, help when guards drive in and switch onto a guard occasionally.
  9. Did anyone else get an email about submitting pictures for a Zips fan banner at the JAR? I don’t see anything up based on the ESPN+ camera angles. Maybe they didn’t get enough pictures?
  10. Leave me alone MDZip! I am an alum of the Smithville Smithies and now live in Doylestown and my kids are Chippewa Chipps. Who knows for how much longer with the Indians changing their name it is going to trickle down to college and high school . . .😂
  11. Definitely wasn't our best game. The score was closer than what it actually was. I thought LCJ even though he ended with 20+ points wasn't his best game and got exposed on the defensive end. I think it may be rough with the start of the MAC being against some contenders but think we will figure it out and make a run at the Rock in March. As others have said, impressed by Freeman. Also I thought Ali made a good sophomore jump. Like others I was expecting Currie to be a starter or at least get major minutes and average close to double figures. I hope he figures it out as it would be nice to have one more "big" when needed.
  12. 34 yards on first 2 carries and then we drop back for 3 straight passes. Then we get lucky with the fumble on the punt.
  13. Zips women play Wednesday at the Suckeyes. Too bad we couldn’t swing a double header.
  14. Ali did start a number of games last year. He didn’t play “starter minutes” but he started.
  15. I had that pop up on my phone as well! I had originally taken a half day vacation so I could go down and watch. Maybe next year . . .
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