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  1. Game 10- Marshall Thundering Herd

    I like the 2pm games with kids. Although when my son starts playing youth basketball the times may start to conflict.
  2. 2019 Fall Season

    Egbo was asked tonight by a fan at the soccer celebration if he would be back next year and with a big smile on his face he said yes.
  3. 2019 Fall Season

    I expect as usual we will have some reserves transfer out to get some playing time with other programs. I think the GA official announcement came out January 5th this year so I expect we should hear rumors soon if Egbo or Carlo are targeted for that.
  4. eSports

    Thanks. We turned the penn state match on when we were up 2 matches to none and we ended up winning 4-2. He loved it cheering loud “zip go the zippers, da, da, da, zip go the zippers”! I had to record him as it was hilarious how into it he was.
  5. eSports

    Did they win their first match and will there be another soon? Was going to let my son watch as he loves gaming and the Zips!
  6. Game 10- Marshall Thundering Herd

    I have been checking box scores and I always thought Hughes would be a decent MAC big man (maybe 10 pts 6 boards by his junior/senior year) but he is having a good year for them as a Sophomore.
  7. NCAA Tournament

    Nice Marla article on Ezana and how he came to the US and more
  8. 2017 Commit: SF Eric Parrish

    Parrish Player of the Month in Louisiana
  9. Game 9- Purdue Fort Wayne Mastodons

    Looks like on their site here.
  10. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    I didn't have any streaming issues/freezing on my laptop or Iphone.
  11. Game 11—Bowling Green Falcons

    I saw him at the university chipotle yesterday and didn’t notice a limp.
  12. Josh Williams transferring

    Yeah, after I watched the highlights and saw a D3 team and him still being in the game and shooting one at the buzzer changed my original take on the situation.
  13. NCAA Tournament

    Game is at 2 in Sunday and there appears to be an ESPN3 link on The Syracuse schedule for this not making the trip to NY.
  14. Josh Williams transferring

    Wow, I checked their box scores before last nights game and it looked like he had about 20 in game 1 and was scoreless in his next. 49 points will make up for the 0!