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  1. The Browns needed that on Sunday when they had a bunch of chances inside the 3 and couldn't punch it in. On other plays the Browns used 2 backs Hunt laid a couple of good blocks to spring Chubb.
  2. Most games are 2 hours and this one went at least 2 hours and 20 minutes.
  3. Old White haired ref is not on Zips side in second half. Thought the other two are giving us some calls that we didn't get in the first half.
  4. Groce mentioned him at the media day finding him at a campus trout so yes he is a walk-in. He is academically a sophomore so maybe that is why he is a redshirt?
  5. New Walk on that we added via tryout Enrique Freeman Summer League highlights
  6. I am assuming with Akron and other schools that it is more than just football skills to get an offer. If there are off the field issues some schools may not want to mess with that. I think there is no doubt he is a very talented football player.
  7. I took my son and I will echo Clark in that it was a nice event. He loved the ice cream with sprinkles. He is pretty shy but ended up getting all the autographs of the players that weren't in class. I also asked Jayden if his wrist was fully recovered and he said emphatically that he is 100%! Also spoke briefly with Cheese. Sounded like he took 3 classes this summer and is getting close to graduating. He wants to be an A.D. after school/basketball. He also mentioned how he feels the team has continued to get closer off the court.
  8. I was just going by the words "Free" they had for the Akron game but maybe it is just click bait where they try to upcharge you.
  9. What are your thoughts on Strachan starting the past 2 exhibition games over Carlo? Was Carlo hurt? He still came on as a sub in both.
  10. 37 players on their roster and only 1 from the U.S.! This looks like it could be a good match up.
  11. Did anyone else notice they are doing like football where you can exchange tickets for future games? Non-conference for non-conference and conference for conference. This will be good for us as we sometimes skip the weekday school night games and can now bring friends on the weekend.
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