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  1. I love Greg Tribble's effort and defense, but not enough to overlook the fact that he is a liability on offense. He can't shoot a jumper, he's average at the line and he is a turnover machine when he drives the lane. When he drives he forces too much rather than take what the defense gives. When he forces it into the paint he leaves his feet with no options, hence at TO. I'd start Johnson over him and bring him on for energy and D.
  2. Many of the comments regarding today's game are right on. Overall we got beat because another team was willing to come to our field and outwork us. They wanted the ball more, defended tighter, took away the passing lanes and stayed within their game plan. We stopped working to get/stay open and therefore we had no passing out of our defensive third. The lateral pass was the only thing WMU gave us. We either took it or went over the top. Neither is in our nature. Western punched us in the mouth and we folded. Our frustration led to two ejections. As pointed out before this game was huge. The team did not respond to the challenge. Congrats to WMU, they earned it.
  3. I still wish Aziz well. I asked this very question of Groce (why did Aziz leave). He said he wanted to keep Aziz and his leaving did surprise him. But Aziz knew his time was limited until he brought more to the game. That was probably good enough for Aziz to say he had to go somewhere else to get the minutes he wanted.
  4. I don't want this Greg. You are one of us and we have your back. Just play as hard as you can, trust your teammates and follow the coaches. The rest will take care of itself. We are Zips and we are family. I'm glad you are in the family. On to Miss State!
  5. Groce told me several weeks ago that he recruits players that will buy into our culture, not ones who we have to buy into what they are. He went to say " We don't change who we are, you change to be part of who we are." Last night showed that in spades.
  6. Guthrie has told Jared that he will not insist they stay in the MAC, unlike previous AD's. He realizes the MAC is s**t in soccer, changes year to year and has no solution for the future. To that end Akron has been voted in by the coaches in the Big East. The next step is to get the AD's to vote them in. If the AD's vote Akron in for soccer the presidents are likely to follow. The problem is that college athletics are changing so fast the AD's want to adopt a wait and see attitude as akron will only be coming in for soccer. The assistant commissioner of the Big East in charge of supervising soccer is all in favor of adding Akron. He has argued that Akron can be invited in on a yearly conditional basis for now. Akron would be OK to go that way also. The Big East could then ditch Akron if the shifting scene of college athletics dictated that they dissolve the relationship. If there are no changes that affect a Big East membership for Akron the Zips would then stay in the Big East for soccer only. Our addition helps the Big East in soccer. Possible win-win. Stay tuned. The ball's in the AD's court.
  7. Good choice. Unfortunately when the filming gets tough Bud will leave staying totally in character as Williams.
  8. Forget this question. I was looking at a clock that had no been turned back. Go Zips! Win the MAC and roll thru the tournament!
  9. Is the game against WMU being streamed? I clicked on the live video link via GoZips.com and all I get is that the game has not started.
  10. I've talked with Charles about this very issue and he is adamant that the MAC is the best place for Akron. I asked about AAC membership and he said the economics don't work for us. He feels we can achieve all we want in the MAC as college athletics stand today. I'm sure he would reevaluate if there is a seismic shift at the G5 level, but the P5 schools do not give a rat's ass about the G5 and most all changes in college athletics will be strictly to benefit the P5 schools, especially the BIG Ten and SEC. I think Guthrie wants to be a force to elevate the MAC, not leave it. My opinion of the MAC is probably closer to yours than you think. There are some schools who would response positively to an improvement process. Yet there are more that want to stay just as it is and be happy there. I hate that attitude. I believe most on the site feel the same way. We want to shoot higher. How we get there remains to be seen.
  11. Why mimic one of the most embarrassing videos ever posted by the crew at PCCC? This is absolutely stupid and an embarrassment to the football program. I agree what idiot Okeyed this post?
  12. I can't believe we lost on a fumble return for TD on a run that would have put us in make-able, even for our kickers, FG range. I knew we were on the way to winning that came. But in the end we lost because our OL is a sieve. Too many sacks and pressures. No holes for the running game. This year we are losing because of poor execution. Last three years we lost because of zero coaching. Execution can, and will be, fixed. Jo knows what he is doing. Trust the process.
  13. I am amazed at how adroitly Larry Williams has leveraged his credentials of Notre Dame, pro football and a law degree in order to get jobs in which he does absolutely nothing. At Akron he made the situation worse than what he inherited and then bailed before he was held accountable to fix it. Good luck USF. Your search committee did not do their job.
  14. You hire a coach for the long run. You want a guy who will build a legacy. Coach Jo will do just that. He gets it and he gets Akron. Just watch his presser and you realize he wants to deliver a win as bad as we want one. Our mistakes will be corrected and we will cease to beat ourselves. That will happen because we have good coaching and we are growing our talent base. Neither of those two happened under Arth or Bowden. The process may be painful at times, ala BUGS and Liberty, but the foundation is emerging. We haven't seen this engagement from the coaches or the team in a long time. From that base Jo will turn it around.
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