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  1. Ya gotta be impressed with what coach Brian is doing with our ladies swimming and diving program. This signing is another step up the ladder of competitiveness, if that is a word. When it comes to olympic sports non Power 5 schools will be able to compete as long as the P5 schools don't see much prestige or revenue in these sports. The minute they find a way to make money they will create a spending war that we can't win. I hate P5 programs.
  2. I can't help myself in joining in on this discussion. I hope the Zips can win 4 games, but I feel to start the process in getting the fanbase back they must win 3. The bar has not been set too high IMHO.
  3. First I'm crying after the video. Now it's after your letter to coach Groce. I wish we could have a public celebration to let these guys know how much we love them. Until then keep those cards and letters coming. Nice job LetsGoZips94! 👍
  4. Zipmeister, you must live to think of ways you can attack the football program. Arth is our coach, get used to it. Direct all other communication to Larry Williams and leave us out of it. 😘
  5. Count me to bring the wings and Alaska Amber Ale if we ever decide whose home we are invading. Go Zips! Win it all in the most unusual tournament we will ever see (on TV).
  6. Can't make it to the game but got everything ready to watch it on the big screen. My wife just walked in and said we have her family visiting for the weekend and the game better not be on dominating the whole evening. If so she was leaving. I'm going to miss her. Go Zips! Destroy Kent!
  7. Game coming up fast. Haven't been this psyched for a game in ages. Do it tonight Zips. We are so proud of our team. On the other hand, it's 3:37 and ..................
  8. Lots to love about last night, but can anyone help me figure out why the students and community don't give greater support to this team? Attendance was announced at 3800+. It was nowhere close to that. More like 2600. The lower bowl was 60% filled and the upper levels were all under 50%. Why? Last night's game was one for the ages. The students just don't show and make the place a madhouse. I'd focus on them first. If they show the community will follow because each game will become an event. People will enjoy watching them and being there in person. Please comment. I need to understand why our gym is not packed. Let me close by saying Tribble's dunk was electric and the timing of it was superb ... when the game hung in the balance. If he can learn to shoot and hit his FT's, both terrible, he will be first team All-MAC.
  9. They design and wear nice dresses. Pinky looks great in a strapless gown.
  10. We didn't let him get away. He ran away. Did you forget we were 0-12? That explains everything. Why stay for a rebuilding program that will be thrilled to win 4-5 games when he can use his limited eligibility to play for a P5 program that is used to wining and putting 10's of thousands of butts in the stands. Seems simple to me. He might have loved the team but he also deserves to enjoy big time football if he can. Good luck Brandon.
  11. I want to see Jackie gets bigger games on a national platform. She is flat-out good. Reghi I can tolerate, but Jackie is the best.
  12. Careful, she'll shot you ass before you even get close.☚ī¸
  13. Amen again. I've been good since I only got coal for Christmas. I've learned my lesson. I eat my vegetables, say my prayers and still believe Kent ( aka PCCC) sucks. That's got to make the basketball gods happy. Sent us a good big. Please! 😇
  14. I'm really not that concerned about Council entering the transfer portal. Our OL was pathetic and new blood is badly needed. That position group needed a culture change and cleaning house may turn out to be a good thing in the long run. Council may have been our best, but if he doesn't want to be here he should go. It will still be a while before the program is rebuilt and wins big (I pray). Until then he only has a little time left and if he wants to experience a winning program he should go somewhere else.
  15. This young man seems like a great fit at UA. High character, high potential. Probably wants to prove himself and get on scholarship. We give him a good opportunity to do that. I'm cautious about he program, but I have to give coach Arth credit. he seems to have upgraded the talent in spite of a horrendous last season. That speaks well for the vision he has and the ability of the staff and him to sell it to recruits. I hope he is successful.
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