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  1. Grant Street Dorm demolished

    I do too. I'd like to see a former Zip ace rebuild our program.
  2. 9100 attendance

    LZ, I do go to the games. In fact it is harder for me than most Zip fans because I live in Columbus. I've also been to BG and Toledo for away games. Like all Zip fans on this board I want higher attendance and I do my part.
  3. 9100 attendance

    Better be ready to laugh a lot then. No way do we get 15K. At best 10K will show up. Attendance will be reported to be higher but actual fans in the stands will be below 10K.
  4. Critiquing Coach Bowden

    If I were king I would give him two more years. Those two coupled with the one he has left should reduce recruits concern over how long he will be here. I said reduce and not eliminate because we rewinding despite the coaching, not because of it. We win now because the staff has been getting better at recruiting and it is starting to show in both performance and depth. Still we have huge problems with special teams, our OL is poor, Milwee is questionable and discipline is an issue. All that being said, if Williams gives TB three additional years I won't lose sleep over it. One game doesn't make a season, but I've got to hand it to TB, he won a big one last night. Congratulations and destroy Kent.
  5. Kent Week

    Thank you. Spoken like a true Zip.
  6. Kent Week

    Now that Kent Week is officially here there is only one thing to say, It's 2:35 and ......................................
  7. Photography [Bobcats @ Zips]

    Thank you. incredible pics.
  8. Three For Thursday [Bobcats @Zips]

    Sometimes things do not make sense but your emotions don't care. I went to our game with Toledo and later watched OU vs Toledo. I could not believe how much better OU was than Toledo, who I was in awe of. But they were. If both teams tonight play up to their potential, we get beat. I think Ohio has more quality than this board gives them. But you never know until the game is played so use those emotions to bring us a W.
  9. Three For Thursday [Bobcats @Zips]

    Ohio is very strong this year and we aren't. I see little chance of us winning this game regardless of who our QB is. My whole feeling is that they are a better team. They have better talent and are better coached. i want us to win, but i don't see it happening. To me those of us who feel we are going to win are basing their prediction on emotion and not fact. Over time and over the course of a battle emotion rarely beats talent. Please prove me wrong Zips, altho I won't lose any sleep over this coaching staff being fired.
  10. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    Skip, I rarely disagree with you, but I do now. Ohio State lost two starting QB's while winning a national championship. That's the level of team play that we should aspire to.
  11. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    If our team can't find a way to win with the starting QB suspended then we don't have a team period. No one person makes a team a winner. There's no "moral police" here unless you feel the coaches are because they are the ones who suspended him. I said anyone who puts the team second doesn't deserve to be on the team. The coaches seem to agree. We are a losing program, see our past records. Saying we need one person to turn it around only points to a desperate situation and, yes, a bad culture. With a bad culture you will never play good football, which we haven't since last year's Marshall game.
  12. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    I have a contrary opinion. I agree that the coaches feel Woody is our best QB. But Woody did something, although unstated, that probably put the best interests of the team as an afterthought. If that is the decision of a senior 3 year starter then to me he is no longer our best QB and Kato should get the nod from here on out. For once forget about what we need this week or the last few games and start making decisions that will elevate our culture and the performance of Akron football for years to come. Stop acting like we are desperate for a savior at QB. Send the message no man is above the team. Do that and the team will find a way to win. Next man up. Our team needs discipline and unfortunately Bowden does not demand it. It's time that changes, even if he is on the way out. We deserve better.
  13. Game 10—Zips @ Red Hawks

    " Our best back went down they both are from the same town !! Sands and Kato in the backfield 🤷🏽‍♂️🔋 , our WR need to stop watching the show and get open it's that simple I'm not a daddy ball dude I speak the real I trained my son he's past first I made him that way his head stays up he reads the defense and takes what's given his mechanics are the best in #CFB hell even some #NFL QBs our OC needs to open his mind and playbook this kid can do #ANYTHING WITH THAT 🏈Defense or Offense he's a Winner #GodsGotHisFeet🔋 !!! We will soon see I'm sending #Help (.) he needs some WRs that wanna go to the next level 🤷🏽‍♂️ but as far as QB give him protection he'll pick the #1 NFL team apart the #MAC is super slow fresh off a knee surgery I say we win more than the #MAC next year we build A defense Get some more skills to compete we Got ourselves some #Ring this 💩 ain't new to my son it's called 🏈 it don't change we do .... and we did #Win if he starts next week and has all the time to get that #Chemistry so we can catch some damn balls 🤷🏽‍♂️ 2 drop TDs and a missed FG #Mistakes that can be fixed so to me we didn't get the #Victory but we definitely #Won because now the world knows who's on the #Bench 👀" This is God-awful diarrhea of a delusional dad. Keep him away from his son, our team and the lockerroom. Parents screw up their kids more than any coach ever does. I am not a Bowden fan, but I hope Terry keeps this guy away from the team. We've got enough problems w/o helicopter parents making it worse.
  14. 9100 attendance

    Mods, it's about time you filtered this crap out. This is a Zip sports forum. The other crap needs to be handled via PM's. Help us out here. Your opinion regarding Zip sports is welcome. Do the venting of other opinions away from this medium. Too many egos are on display lately.
  15. Rivalry Survey

    Took it too. It will be interesting to see the results. Thanks Zach.