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  1. 2018-2019

    Huh? Kest resigned. Williams is free to start the hiring process. The board has absolutely nothing to do with this transition except for directing we get a better coach and stop the bleeding. The women's program is a dumpster fire.
  2. 2018-2019

    I find your point hard to argue against. Realistically we have an underperforming women's program. Despite outstanding Swimming & Diving and Track & Field. Cross Country and Tennis could be considered average this year, but have had some very good years so they are not lost causes. This situation points to the need to have fired Jones at the end of the season. She must have time left on her contract. I still believe we should be a better program than most MAC schools. I concede to your point that we have not been so. Damn! I still expect more out to Williams. Find a way to get us to the top of the MAC and it all starts with coaching.
  3. 2018-2019

    OK, I'll bite. Since I started this discussion I'll offer why I feel the Akron job in women's basketball is better than the BGSU job. First let me acknowledge that from 2001-2012 Curt Miller had BG at a level above the rest of the MAC. He left for IU and fizzled out after 3 years. But the BG program was bad under Jennifer Roos. To be honest ours was worse under Jodi. So why do I say the Akron job is better than the BG job? Many points could be argued but the biggest is that BG does not want to play at a higher level. They built the Stroth Center to accommodate a grand total of 5,000 fans. That is the damning statement that their athletic dept is making about where they want to be. Our gym, while a piece of crap, seats 5500. We know it is crap and we want better. That is what makes our program an upgrade over BG. They have low aspirations, we don't. We aren't there, but we want to be. They are content to be happy with a low expectations. Their athletic infrastructure speaks volumes. Even hockey, their primier program, is no longer relevant at the top level. So yeah, I think we offer more and that is potential. We ain't here yet but an aspiring coach could take us there better at Akron than at BG. Yet let's remember why I started this discussion. It was not about who has the better program. It was about why did Larry Williams let it get to this point? He had a bad coach, who lost 19 MAC games and needed to be removed. Yet he delayed making the proper move. Why? Jodi was not going to survive this season, so as AD prepare for it. A damn good coach, Robyn Fralick, of Ashland and Ohio Coach of The Year, was plucked away by BG. OK that happens, but when it does you have a plan B and you move on. We have done nothing to date. As I have said before, I like Larry and I support him. But when he falls short of the job I'm going to say so. Go Zips!
  4. 2018-2019

    It's not difficult at all if you look at her record over the last three years. She is in a profession that always asks "What have you done for us lately." She neither recruited well, nor coached 'em up, nor laid the foundation for a turnaround. We should, and must, expect more.
  5. 2018-2019

    I like Larry Williams and hope he proves to be an outstanding AD. But when it comes to our current situation in hiring a women's basketball head coach I hold him responsible for not being ahead of the situation. As last season unfolded everyone in the world knew Jodi had to be replaced. She was neither coaching nor recruiting on a high level. The pipeline of talent to turn the situation around was non existent. It was Larry's job to go to her, review her performance and discuss changes. If he waited for her to "think it over" shame on him. That's bad management and leadership. We lost the best coach in Ohio when BG hired the Ashland women's coach. Larry should have already had back channel contact with her letting her know a change was coming. I've got to believe our resources, vision and future are far better than BG can offer. If she would not come to UA then other candidates should have been identified. Succession planning is one of the most important aspects of any large organization leader. The wait we are experiencing now should have been avoided. I hope he still finds a good one.
  6. 2018 Spring Football

    I saw Brett Ekkins our OL coach a day after the spring game. We had a great conversation. We started talking about the spring game but progressed into the future of Zip football. I'm really impressed with him. His enthusiasm is infectious. He seems to be a guy who is in love with his job and more importantly loves being at Akron. I like having that attitude on our coaching staff. I told him i wasn't impressed with the run blocking in the game. he offered that they did not want to show anything but he felt good about our run game. He said he loved the bigger backs we have coming in like White and Alce (sp ?). Our line is evolving to more athletic guys which will allow us to run wider, something we haven't done much in the past. Coach E said the quality of our recruiting has improved so much because 1) players love our facilities, 2) they see the coaching staff as men who enjoy Bowden, each other, and are here for the long run, and 3) recruits feel Akron will win soon. I asked coach about RJ Kelly from Hoban. Specifically wondering how we beat out Minnesota and other power 5 schools for him. Coach said Kelly really appreciated what Akron could do for him in academics i.e. business school and the future opportunity to play for conference championships. Most of all he liked the culture that is building in Akron football. Finally coach said he has been assigned Columbus for recruiting. The feeling is that too many good players are coming out of there and we need to get our share. I also thought back to ex Pres Wilson when he remarked that we should cut scholarship/recruiting expenses by focusing on more Ohio recruits. Perhaps this is an outgrowth of that. I say fine as long as we are getting the quality we need to excel. I'm tired of losing. No breaking news here, but I thought some of you might enjoy hearing more about football.
  7. The match saw the intensity ramp up after the opening 15 minutes. Both teams came to play and win. It got chippy at times. I thought Maryland had more opportunities to score but the Zips were not impressed. I spoke with Jared at the half and he said the team is starting to come together. They are understanding each other better and he will have depth once again. The new guys coming in will supplant many of today's starters. Bottom line is we played Maryland even with players that may not start in the fall. We will probably have a rocky fall start, but Jared will get them to gel. My biggest concern is who will be our distributing midfielder next fall? get that solved and we are ready to go deep in the playoffs.
  8. President Matthew Wilson

    I think we all have opinions as to why this presidential turmoil is hitting us now. For what it's worth here is what I have heard from an administrator at UA regarding the recent turn of events on Wilson. The executive committee of the board of trustees felt they needed stability so they went to him and said the following (paraphrased) " Matt we realize the UCF position was a once in a lifetime opportunity i.e. huge enrollment, past experience there, more prestige, more money, bigger stage, attractive area, etc., but we need stability and to quiet down the turmoil. We want a commitment from you that you will give us 5 years. Can you give us that?" Matt responded "I like it here, but if I hear of an interesting situation I will listen." The board said that's not good enough and we won't accept it. Matt and the board agreed he should resign. I have never felt we have had a good, much less visionary, board of trustees. But in this case I firmly feel they finally did their job. So I support this action while I regret losing Matt's talent. Yet with no commitment we can't have him continue. Now I hope we see the board actually lead and not be content with being political appointees who only seek to pad their resume for future opportunities. Not sure that will happen, but I can dream can't I?
  9. 2018-2019

    S**t, she would have been a perfect fit for us. That lady knew how to build a program, win and coach. Unfortunately our change was necessary. I look to see the same change in softball. Our program is at an all-time low.
  10. The Zips Defensive Coordinator Thread

    I appreciate all you do to keep us informed as to TB's coaching decisions. He's got my support but I just can't get my head around his choices for Offense and Special Team coordinators. We have performed so badly over the last several years in both areas that a change is warranted. I realize this is a pet peeve of mine and maybe not shared by others, but a change can be positive for this team. Coaching does matter as we have the talent to put a better product on the field. None of that affects the respect I have for your informative posts. They are too notch. Thanks.
  11. April 7th Scrimmage Notes

    Cap'n and CDMac, Thanks for the info. It is much appreciated. I believe this team will be much better than last year, but I am nervous as to how many games we will win.
  12. The Zips Defensive Coordinator Thread

    Damn Z, I was hoping for a reorganization that brought us new faces as OC and Special Teams Coordinator. My hopes are crushed.
  13. 2018-2019

    Count me squarely in the camp that believes we will be deeper and better next year. I see us challenging for a MAC title. That being said I send out much love and respect to Torrey and Sina. I think both made the right call. The fit was not there at UA and wasn't going to be for the next two seasons. Who knows beyond that. Groce will improve the team with the scholly's he now has and I don't see any reason to doubt that he will find the talent we need. The approaching signing date means squat to me. Grace will do it in his time. I felt he did a great job last year with little time and he is now positioned to do even better since he has had more time. The team will have it's problems next season, but it will be much improved over this season. Let the guy do his job. The world is not collapsing.
  14. You may be a winner

    Be nice now.
  15. You may be a winner

    Zipmeister, I got one too. I have no lingering aftereffects from my sporting career at UA. It's hard to get hurt on the bench. But in reality I did not deserve to play more. i just wasn't good enough to deserve more time. Regardless I am always proud to have played enuf to letter and to be a member of the Varsity A. I hope the settlement helps others who have the affects of CTE.