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  1. Never liked the guy at PCCC or OU. Never respected his coaching or the way he treated players. He seemed to be all about himself. No tears here. Makes me like Groce more and more.
  2. I grant you that and stand corrected. I'm just glad we aren't losing players who we can build on for now. I also appreciate GP1's perspective. He is right in that Charlotte, an 8 year old program, is better than ours, at least for now and next year. But on the other hand I am heartened that we have better, cleaner bathrooms. That's one our athletic leadership can put in the win column.
  3. Cam Lyons appears to be the first Zip in the transfer portal who has gone to a similar or better program. I can live with that. Best of luck Cam. I hope you excel at Charlotte and have a great time. Thanks for what you did here.
  4. I hope he can be a shutdown corner. That would be a huge addition. God knows we need it.
  5. You, and us, should be pissed. The announcing was terrible. They ignored the game and multiple story lines that any professional team would have relished as fodder for enriching the broadcast. I like Dakich as a radio personality, but as an analyst he only cared about himself and his stories. He failed to make the game the story.
  6. I trust the staff to find the best person for the job too. Gibson is no answer unless he improves significantly. Kato will have to be the best version of himself to win the job. He will have to be committed to competition. That is something he has shown little appetite for in the past. Yet the talent we have coming in and Maroucek (sp?) may give us the upgrade we must have to even win three games. We will go no further than the QB position takes us. That is priority # 1.
  7. It looks to me that we lucked out in losing a guy who didn't have the temperament and probably the talent to be a Zip. I see this as positive. It frees up a scholly.
  8. What a game. So much to comment on. My new hero is Willie Coleman of our Alumni office for taking Dan Dakich to task for seemingly only talking about his time at BG while analyzing the Akron-Kent game. Well done Willie! I thought it was crude of Dakich to call out Pippen repeatedly for poor play. He made it personal and college kids don't deserve that. Be objective and let his play speak for itself. I did not join the chorus of concerns over LCJ's play against Toledo. Not because I didn't agree, but because there was too much angst. In the second half he reverted to his poor Toledo performance. He started looking only for himself and repeatedly drove the lane, with no openings, and turnovers resulted. When the team stops moving and looks to LCJ to do something we can be beat. When everyone is moving we are damn near unstoppable. Wynn has earned the right to start. Groce is a pleasure to watch. He is always prepared and rarely, if ever, outreached. If we have issues he will solve them.
  9. I think we are all with you in that a balance has to be struck. Right now we need talent that can improve the team and win a few. We are not getting that with incoming freshmen, but have a chance within the transfer portal. After experiencing a 0-12 season Jake's 2-10 season makes me jealous. Never thought I'd say that! Geesh!
  10. He looked like an intriguing project. Does anyone out there have a good handle on exactly how good this young man was? I hate to lose someone who was 2 time all-state and came from a high school that expected to dominate.
  11. There's not much to get excited about in our signings today. I hope and pray that the staff is saving some schoolies for the transfer portal and the grad transfers that are becoming more and more prominent. We flat out do not have the time to wait for 3 or 4 years for "Our Way" freshmen to fill out our roster with 85 scholies. The number of potential starters must be improved now. Even if we do that we will not win more than 3-4 games next season, but that is enough to give hope to the faithful. The lifeblood of every successful program is recruiting. This staff needs to show they can get talent.
  12. Hopefully he isn't an English teacher. That could explain a lot.
  13. Does this dad realize that at Akron the main language is English? It could be a problem when he visits his son and goes to order a beer. Zipmeister, you were in academia. Be an interpreter.
  14. Welcome Perry! Caleb and Tim Bezbechenko has assembled one of the deepest rosters in MLS. If I was Artur I would be worried about playing time. Perry will look great alongside Nagbe as a holding mid. He will be the strong, physical presence that will allow Darlington to push up when he wants to.
  15. I have a stack of "affaDavids" that state Groce was leading in the poll by a huge margin as we went to bed. I also have lined up a NY attorney, with dye streaming down his face, ready to attack anyone who disputes the lead. Only one slight problem, he farts a lot and charges $20,000/day. That should be no problem since Dr. Z and Cast Kangaroo can take it out of ZipsNation's petty cash. Stop the Steal!
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