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  1. Amen again. I've been good since I only got coal for Christmas. I've learned my lesson. I eat my vegetables, say my prayers and still believe Kent ( aka PCCC) sucks. That's got to make the basketball gods happy. Sent us a good big. Please! πŸ˜‡
  2. I'm really not that concerned about Council entering the transfer portal. Our OL was pathetic and new blood is badly needed. That position group needed a culture change and cleaning house may turn out to be a good thing in the long run. Council may have been our best, but if he doesn't want to be here he should go. It will still be a while before the program is rebuilt and wins big (I pray). Until then he only has a little time left and if he wants to experience a winning program he should go somewhere else.
  3. This young man seems like a great fit at UA. High character, high potential. Probably wants to prove himself and get on scholarship. We give him a good opportunity to do that. I'm cautious about he program, but I have to give coach Arth credit. he seems to have upgraded the talent in spite of a horrendous last season. That speaks well for the vision he has and the ability of the staff and him to sell it to recruits. I hope he is successful.
  4. I admire you for sticking up for your dad. You should. He gave a hell of a lot to us and I am very grateful for that. The internet is full of cowards and our site is no different. Nonetheless this is a great site. There are many readers and posters who respect all KD did for us. It was his decision to move on and that has to be respected too. Perhaps it was best for all parties. For you and your dad this much is true, once a Zip, always a Zip. All the best!
  5. Clark, you are a glass half full kinda guy. I love it.πŸ‘
  6. I was also pulling for Kehres to get serious consideration for our opening. Perhaps he will get it in the next round, whenever that will be. Hopefully Arth turns it around and stays a long time with many successful seasons. But I feel he has to show me first. Nonetheless while he is our coach I wish him uber success.
  7. Your opinions are well stated but stop being personal in your criticism. Show some class and let your knowledge speak for itself. This isn't a political site where it's expected that you attack someone's character. Just educate and correct. It may make you feel better or superior when you call someone on this site names, but leave it at home. Let the reader be the judge.
  8. Have you gone off your meds again? Just a little sensitive aren't we? Chill and be grateful the Captain helped to start this site. You can disagree all you want, just do it with class, if you have any.
  9. This guy is too funny. If he comes to the game tonight I'm buying him a beer.
  10. No that can't be either. He must be confused with soccer attendance. ⚽
  11. Hats off to coach Arth for keeping practice for this prestigious bowl secret. I think this explains why we had such an improved recruiting class. They are obviously impressed with our perfect record. The only one in FBS. Some may have wanted a perfect record with only wins, but hey, I'll take what I can get. πŸ˜‰ I'm tired of crying over football. Looking ahead to better times and celebrating basketball.
  12. I respect coach Groce for sticking to his vision for the team and making it happen over three seasons. The players have all bought in and they trust the coach. Groce seems to be genuinely happy he is at Akron and he has said in a presser that he was attracted to UA because of the success KD had here. That's a classy way to credit KD and still believe the ceiling is higher than KD experienced. This team deserves our support and they can put the excitement back in Zip's sports culture. The Groce haters are silent now. I welcome them back into the fold. If they don't come too bad. They are missing a hell of a ride.
  13. This is evolving as a team we will love to see play. Only the center spot is weak. Love our depth. Banks deserved the T and I hope he learns from it. He got the big basket, no need to jaw at his opponent. Show some class, if you have it. LCJ was a star, but he has got to stop driving the lane when it is packed, jumping up in the air and then trying to decide what to do. That has to stop, it's a turnover in the making. I like Rehgi. He is an Akron Homer, but he has no business interviewing ref Phil Bova during the game. The game comes first, interviews fill in for dead air. That interview really pissed me off. On the other hand I love the commentary of Jackie Windon. She is first class and better than the games she gets. I hope she gets noticed by a network.
  14. Count me in and I'll add another $5 to cover inflation. This is practically a done deal.πŸ‘
  15. Merry Christmas Zips Nation! Years ago there were lots of Christmas greetings posted, but this year has been tough, especially with soccer and football being down. The greetings are few which reflects how beat up we have become. Yet take heart. We will get thru this and emerge the better for it. This is still one of the best college sports websites in the country and I enjoy the effort you make to keep us up to speed on all things Zip. I wish you and your families a blessed, safe, and joyful Christmas.
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