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  1. I like putting AKRON inside the 10 yard lines. I wouldn't change a thing. It shows JoMo's confidence that we will control the red zone. Brilliant idea.
  2. Just goes to show that Texas is not as smart as they think they are. Thank God he's gone, but damnit now that you have raised the ghost of Milwee past I'm going to have terror dreams tonight just thinking about the time he was here.
  3. This is a plus for us. I've talked to Noreen many times in her office. She is personable and easy to like. She just was in over her head in the MAC. She knew it and she knew she had no future here beyond her last contracted year. Leaving for IUP was a smart move. She has assured herself that she will have a job for another five years. We, on the other hand, can now focus on upgrading the program's leadership. The question is will good coaches be willing to leave their current program this late in the down period before the season starts. They will inherit a mess, but they will be able to build it their way with the blessing of Guthrie, who will make the hire. We all know the program should be exceptional.
  4. Solid hire. Guthrie got a coach with experience, post season appearances and titles. I like it. Guthrie is putting his stamp on the coaching staff. I bet he next moves quickly on womens soccer as soon as her contract is up.
  5. I'm sure Guthrie cares about the soccer program, but we will continue to slip as long as we are in the MAC. How much time will it take to restore the program once we exit the MAC? Who knows, but the conference hurts us. We have an elite coaching staff. When they want out of the MAC I trust they can see how it is holding the program back. The MAC may have Guthrie under pressure not to pull out, but he has got to do what is best for our only nationally elite program. Clearly the MAC has no solution. It has been coming up with stopgap solutions for years now. There is no alignment or shared values amongst the 5 existing members. It's time to leave.
  6. Coach Rem had this program on an upward trajectory that was pointing to a MAC championship. I really liked him and took an interest in baseball. Then the axe came. It was not deserved and strictly political. Incompetent people do stupid things. We have been suffering for it ever since. I hope Guthrie gets a better coach in, one who wants to leave a legacy of excellence.
  7. This points out how bad the MAC has become in soccer. Marshall, WVU and Kentucky all were part of the MAC in recent years. They left because only Akron wanted to invest in an elite conference. BG plays on a sh*t field 10 yards narrower than it should be, WMU and NIU do not want to upgrade their facility nor program. Add to that the recent addition of a terrible Chicago State program and Akron finds itself in a conference that will not prepare it for the NCAA tournament nor give it any strength of schedule points for conference games.
  8. Just finished watching this YouTube interview. Wow! Coach Joe has hired some fantastic staff. I defy anyone to watch this interview and not come away thinking our program is destined for excellence. I want to do everything I can to keep Joe and his staff here for as long as possible. I can't wait for the fall. we will not win 'em all, but this team will make us proud. In Joe We Trust!
  9. Not a surprise. Guthrie was not happy with his leadership nor how he ran the program. It had nothing to do with wins and losses.
  10. The MAC at one time was a very highly regarded soccer conference with numerous teams getting bids. That has gone away and now it is sh*t show with Akron and three other teams who do not want to grow their programs. Add to this mess Chicago State and Akron loses valuable strength of schedule points. Guthrie has got to get us out of the MAC. Jared would rather be an independent and build his own schedule than play in this MAC. Our program is at a critical crossroad. The school's decisions have got to reflect that we will keep soccer at the elite level no matter what.
  11. I share your desire to see JoMo stay for a long time and build a legacy of excellence, one that might be recalled as the golden years of UA football. But I am not expecting his stay to be for a long time. When the Pitt job opens up I expect him to be a top candidate. Both he and his wife are from Pittsburgh with family members still there. Pitt is a P5 school in a great conference, compared to the MAC, with a great recruiting base, powerful alumni base and able to pay big bucks. If offered that will be tough to turn down.
  12. No offense was taken as your post was not harsh. You corrected me and that's always good. You would think that next to the 205 i would be smart enough to understand LB is pounds not position, but i have never been mistaken for Einstein. Now Larry, Curly and Moe is another issue.
  13. I thought I saw on the back of his trading card that he was listed as LB. At 6'3" 205 he appeared to be small for a LB, but I thought what the hell, Joe knows what he is doing. Your insight Big Jim tells me once again I am wrong. We can use another WR so no harm.
  14. Our defense keeps getting better. We have a long way to go, but In Joe We Trust.
  15. According to my wife there is not enough space here to describe all that is wrong with me. Lucky for you. Pity my wife.
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