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  1. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    As I watched the game it seemed to me coach Groce needs to address two things: 1) better shot selection on our 3's and, 2) better play out of the center. If we want to shoot 3's I don't have a problem if we don't force it and we get a good look at the basket. I thought Riak was going to be the answer for us in the paint, but today raised more questions than it answered. He looked lost at both ends. Poke is limited and Klac is still a work in progress. I hope Sayles responds to whatever coach Groce wants. He's looking like the post player with the best potential. This team is going to be good yet this season. They just need time.
  2. NCAA Tournament

    What a nice bedtime thought. Unfortunately it will never happen. Maybe in my dreams tonight. That's the best we can do.
  3. Critiquing Coach Bowden

    Extremely shrewd observation on your part. How did you ever pick that up so quick?
  4. 20018-19 Women's Bball

    Z.I.P., I criticized Williams for this hire, but if she proves me wrong, which I hope she does, I will gladly acknowledge my mistake and give her all the credit for a fantastic rebuild. Best left her little and if she wins it's all on her. Mahalo.
  5. Game 11—Bowling Green Falcons

    B & G, yes he is serious and quit calling him Shirley (Thank you Leslie Nielson and the director/writers of one of the greatest movies ever made ... Airplane!)
  6. Game 11—Bowling Green Falcons

    This is no longer a Milwee issue. It is a Bowden issue. The talent level on this team is no longer an excuse. Injuries happen to every team. The coaching staff is incompetent on the offensive side and demotivated on the defensive side. There is obvious detachment from the coaches to the belief in TB's leadership. Time to clean house. I'd do it tomorrow and eat the last year(s) of TB's contract. Name an interim HC and put ourselves in the market for the best available coach we can get. Eating the contract is probably better financially than have 2-4,000 butts in the stands. Sad it has come to this.
  7. 2019 Commit: Ali Ali, 6-7 SF

    Glad to have him as a Zip. We can build on him being a freshman. I'm impressed with how articulate he is. I hope he excels in the years ahead. Congratulations to the coaching staff for bringing him in.
  8. Game 10—@Eastern Michigan Eagles

    Lee Adams said: Nobody is blaming'every single loss on coaching'. What objective fans are doing is looking at patterns over the past 7 seasons. Just because some think all fans are idiots doesn't mean its true. Some fans can actually watch ballgames and understand what is and is not happening. This is not personal for most folks. But after 7 seasons this program should not be losing its first two conference games. It should not be getting waxed by the NIU's MU's,UB's and EMU's. The offense should not be as pathetic as it has been. That is seen most markedly in the poor O-line play and lack of a running game. This is finally about being consistently competitive with the best programs in the MAC. Clearly this program is not. Kreed and Lee, will you two stop being so logical! Why don't we just lower our aspirations/expectations and then our FB coaches will look like geniuses. They then will meet the challenge of winning 4-5 games a year. Please don't mention the performance of PJ Fleck at WMU, Campbell and Crandle at Toledo, Dino Babers at BG, Lance Liepold at UB or any host of NIU coaches. That's discrimination to expect Akron with the best MAC facilities, a hotbed for recruiting and an upper level MAC football budget to produce teams like those coaches did. That's expecting too much. I say we give the staff cupcakes after every game and medals to take home. Meanwhile let's expect excellence out of MSoccer, M & W Track and Field, M BBall, W Swimming, W Tennis and Rifle. They want to compete w/o excuses.
  9. Three For Thursday [Zips @ Eagles]

    You are definitely a "glass half full" guy. I hope you are right. Go Zips!
  10. WMU - Saturday, Nov. 3rd

    You're damn right I do. When a coach goes 2-22 and you are sprouting that athletes are "flocking" to Akron I call bull---t. I can't respect anyone who can't admit the obvious, but turns around and asks alumni to give more and more money. Maybe athletes were "flocking" to Akron, and they were all bad athletes who no other DI program wanted. That is underlined by how bare TB found the cupboard.
  11. WMU - Saturday, Nov. 3rd

    I am not impressed with Williams, but feel I still need time to decide if he should go. I liked his hire of Groce, but contrast that with his hire of Jackson for WBB. I can't believe he didn't make a run at the Ashland WBB coach when Kest was tanking last season. His lack of publicly shaming Nebraska for not paying us is unbelievable. He should be fighting for us behind the scenes and also in the public. Play the David vs Goliath card because NU doesn't want to be seen on the national news as a cheap, abusive dept of athletics. Last night's issue with the lights and then Tuesday's lack of attention to our playoff bound MSoc is hard to fathom. A DII practice game (in essence) for MBB vs a step to a national championship for MSoc. How can you not focus on MSoc? I have my doubts too about George Van Horne and especially Anthony Henderson. He once tried to tell me Ianello was building a program recruits were flocking to. Go figure.
  12. WMU - Saturday, Nov. 3rd

    Akron has not had a good SID since Ken McDonald left decades ago. Our current SID is horrible.
  13. You were robbed! Oh, the inhumanity of it!
  14. Critiquing Coach Bowden

    Good Doctor, I agree with you on your point regarding KD. I shared the frustration you spoke of, but looked to KD to find solutions. I felt he was fully capable of doing so. The football situation is very different. You, TB and most postors agree the offense needs fixed. So who can do that? It's the coaching staff. The responsibility is squarely on their shoulders. No member of ZNO is being disloyal by asking them to fix what needs fixed. Personally, I want TB to stay. I like the guy a lot. But first, and most important, I also want him to show that he can fix things.
  15. Critiquing Coach Bowden

    Thank you for your fandom. Thank you for your support. I'll stick by calling Kato stupid because he forced the refs to call an unsportsmanlike penalty on him by going to the other teams bench, which is never, ever allowed. We were going to get a 15 yard penalty on their stupid LB who ran off with Kato's shoe. Be mature, let the refs handle it. They saw it. We get the 15 yards and a first down. Kato is supposed to manage the game, not emotionally let the game manage him. I expect us to play good football. If we do the W's will take care of themselves. When we don't I'll say so. To me it starts with the coaching staff. They are there to solve it especially when we are playing worse than when we started the season. I wish you well and hope your son stays healthy and achieves all his dreams at Akron. I also played for the Zips. Go Zips.