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  1. Both spending a lot of time after school in detention for behavior issues.
  2. I loved the video too! I had many a great day or night at the bowl. BTW I still love the stylized "Zips" at center field. It was a classic to me. No one else had that.
  3. Zipmeister may be under your skin only because he employs very cerebral humor to get his point across. He is no fool. Compared to Arth he loves this staff. He probably did watch Leave it to Beaver and by no means is he a youngin. Now if you are the Ward from Ward and June Cleaver fame you may find you have a lot in common with the Meister.
  4. You gotta be kidding me! There are better high school gyms.
  5. I guess I looked at his transfer thru my Joe colored glasses. CK and Zippy made some good points. I still hate losing a good one that we had first crack at. Good luck Michael.
  6. I can't help but think there is a back story to this. Michael is not going to a significantly better program. A case can be made that UA has a higher ceiling under JoMo than WKU does. He seems to have made his decision well after the JoMo hiring and presumably the chance to talk to Joe and his position coach. So why leave? Under Joe he may get the ball more. There has to be more to this.
  7. Any time we lose to Kent it's a bitter pill to swallow. Unfortunately, this time we got out hustled, out-coached and out-played. The hustle is on the players and sometimes you just don't play as well as you can, but JG can do something about the coaching. The team has no confidence in the offense. Ali forces too much, Tribble has no outside shot or free throw, Trimble is a streak shooter and Clarke doesn't shoot while being prone to turnovers. Yet I agree with another poster that this team has some semblance of balance. Still JG has not installed an offense that the team can go to for points. How many times did our guards come down the floor and waste 10 seconds standing at the top of the key dribbling and watching with no movement to be found? JG is too good of a coach to let that continue. The makeup of this team is compatible with moving the ball around until someone gets free. Let that player shoot. Simple. We are too good to be playing like this. The coaches must solve it. I believe Groce will. This is a wakeup call.
  8. To Capt'n and all the others who have commented on our new AD his most impressive action may not be in coaches or game experience, but in the administrative staff he has recruited. He got rid of all of Williams staff, except for one who was reassigned, and brought in athletic administrators who were not afraid to challenge the status quo. They seek any change that is for the better. Leadership is the most important factor in any organization and ours has taken a mega-leap forward.
  9. MD, no confusion here. If there are no smart-assery comments then it clearly is not from my friend Zipmeister. He is incapable of not tweaking the reader's nose. We played on the same Zip team years ago and I have been tweaked many times. It's his way of showing love.
  10. Please get out of your mom's basement and learn to talk Zip sports. That's what we are all here to do. You have become so boring. 😴
  11. EW, thank you so much ! That was such a joy to watch that again. You made my day. I appreciate you sharing it. Go Zippy! Go Zips!
  12. It is just incredible to me how Joe is methodically filling our talent gap. He's just begun and there is joy returning to the faithful. I can't wait to see what the talent looks like when they report August 1. Joe's competence and professionalism serves to remind me that we should never accept crap when our eyes tell us otherwise. The debacle of the Arth years lasted one year too long in my mind. I hold no malice toward him and his staff. I wish them well, but they were not good for us in any way, shape or form. Williams deserves all the criticism for the hire and his cowardly exit before the season.
  13. Man, you are really full of yourself today. Stick to sports, they're more fun. How about saving the world on another website. Now go have a beer, eat pizza and cheer on the Zips. In Joe we trust!
  14. Thanks for keeping your focus on Zip sports. I hope you feel better after your educational thesis. I bet the Pangolins have a hell of a team this season.
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