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  1. Terry's next endeavor

    Milwee has got to have incriminating photos of someone at Alabama in order to get this job. If he could analyze the game so well why were our teams never prepared? SMH.
  2. 20018-19 Women's Bball

    I was right there with you in questioning the hiring of coach Jackson. It did not make sense on the surface. Obviously LW dug deeper and found someone who could reach the players, coach and instill discipline. I was wrong and I'm glad to admit it.
  3. Swimming and Diving

    ZZZ and ZV, thanks for attending so many meets. Our swim ladies deserve a great following and I am sure you give them that. I cannot answer the questions ZZZ raises because I have little data on our budget. I do know that the difference in revenue, primarily from TV, between P5 and G5 schools is obscene. For example, a member of the Big 10 got 38M as its share of the Big 10 network in 2017-18. Akron by comparison got 2M from the MAC for TV. That allows for a healthy budget for all minor sports and lots of money leftover for facility upgrades. We are winning big w/o the resources of many of our competitors. Credit goes to the coaches and athletes and fans who refuse to give up. You two are part of that. Thanks.
  4. Swimming and Diving

    I didn't finally notice. I've always supported them. But last year and this year were the first two years that they cracked into the top 30. This year they cracked into the top 25. I was trying to point out that w/o the budget of Power 5 schools they are achieving something no other G5 school has done and that is being in the top 25 with a number 23 rank. That is new and I stand by saluting their achievement. Sorry that it bothers you so much that a Zip fan posts on their accomplishments for our school. Have a beer on me and chill.
  5. Spring 2019

    Nice Spring schedule. Jared will many opportunities to judge his talent. That equals a faster start come August. We are ready to make a run at the championship in the Fall no doubt.
  6. Swimming and Diving

    I saw the ladies swimming and diving team is ranked 23rd in the country. That is an outstanding achievement to the coaches and athletes. What amazed me was when I scanned the list of the top 25 teams no one other than Akron was outside the P5 schools. For us to compete with those deep pocketed schools is quite a feather in the cap of our university and athletics dept. Well done everyone! Let's see the other sports joining the success of MSoc, M & W Track and now WSwim & Dive
  7. 20018-19 Women's Bball

    Coach Jackson is teaching this team how to win. They are a work in progress with a high ceiling. I was not in favor of her hiring but she is proving that I don't know what I'm talking about. Best of luck to the ladies. Keep bringing it in every game.
  8. 2019 Recruiting

    This commitment does seem to be a great get. My only concern was his 4.8 speed in the 40. We have had a history of backs who had no breakaway speed. I hope that's not the case here. I also echo the others posting who feel we will be better because of the OC change, the OL coach change and the new signings. Our running game looks like it is rising from the ashes.
  9. 2019 Recruiting

    He's got the size for sure. Does anyone know if he can move his feet? Our roster last year had a lot of slow, big guys.
  10. 2019 Preseason

    I have it on good authority that Mueller is set to interview Milwee. His impact went far beyond being an OC.
  11. Baseball's Coming Back

    You really are a glass half full kind of guy.
  12. MAC Basketball Attendance Article

    And don't ever run with scissors in your hand Clark! This message a courtesy of your loving mom.
  13. 2019 Indoor Track Begins With Bang

    I enjoyed watching the meet on ESPN3. The production was quite good all in all. Two areas for improvement arose though. The announcers, Dave Bacon and Jesse ?, continually gave the wrong names of the competitors or did not know their name. They needed a team spotter from Akron and Kent who would know all the names for the announcers benefit. Second, the director and the announcers were not always in sync. Many times the broadcast was something other than what the announcers were commenting on. I blame this on the director in the control trailer. Okey, that aside the meet was a classic Akron-Kent dual. It was priceless to see Ludwig malled on the PV cushion by his teammates when he set the national mark for this year. The women's 4 x 400 relay team blew away Kent at the end of the meet. Outstanding! Each event was exciting and hard to predict the outcome. The crowd showed well and the event was first class. Akron puts on a hell of an indoor meet and our athletes respond to it. I hope the next meet, the Akron Invitational, is also streamed on ESPN.
  14. MAC Basketball Attendance Article

    Clark, thank you for reminding me. I remember the first time I saw these events. I thought my life was complete and the Good Lord could take me. I hope heaven has Hippity Hop Balls or is it hell that has 'em?
  15. MAC Basketball Attendance Article

    Akron fails miserably in making its games, no matter what the sport, as events that must be attended. The last great marketing effort Akron made was when Red Cochrane created the Acme Zip game decades ago. It became something everyone in Akron had to attend. I realize things are different now and that type of event can't be duplicated, but the creativity that went into it can be applied to our sports program now. I go to games for the quality of play, but I also appreciate when there is entertainment, pacing, unique experiences, exciting atmosphere, etc. Akron just doesn't have it and seems incompetent in doing anything about it.