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  1. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    My concern is that this team is fundamentally bad in many areas. They don't block out, they watch to see if the ball goes in or they fall back on D. After 15 minutes in the game they stop moving when on offense. They settle for the 3 too early in the shot clock and don't seem to want to work the ball for a better shot. They constantly shoot with no one under to rebound. Their decision making is poor. With all that being said I am wondering if Groce and staff are getting thru to them. I have always believed in the saying "You are either coaching it or allowing it" when it comes to flaws in your game. At some time the coaching staff needs to change the way this team plays. It's not too early to expect better play. The talent is there even if the centers are not.
  2. Columbus Crew SC

    The upswing is underway. The Crew will be one of the hottest tickets in central Ohio. I bought my season tickets today and I was surprised at how much of the stadium was sold out. Last season's attendance was a direct backlash against Precourt and MLS, which directed the relocation effort. No one wanted to give Precourt any more money. Plus the league only gave us two home games in July and August to try to fabricate the myth that Columbus isn't supported. That, like much of what Precourt and the league did, was a lie. Over 12,000 season ticket pledges were made if Precourt left and the team stayed. With the new owners, coach (Caleb), GM (Bez), downtown stadium and Mahfre repurposed into a soccer complex Columbus will be the envy of MLS.
  3. Kostelac Possibly Transferring

    Not obvious to me. Could it be two bangers were going at it and things escalated and one took it way too far?
  4. Kostelac Possibly Transferring

    These thoughts ought to be troubling for anyone who cares about our athletic programs and the athletes in them. If I was K-lac's dad I'd be demanding answers and/or an investigation. You can bet your sweet ass that if this happened to my kid a lawyer would be involved. How can a young man be beaten unconscious with all the coaches, GA's, trainers, managers, strength & conditioning coaches, and onlookers present? Why didn't his teammates intervene? Was it a mugging away from them? Perhaps, who knows. K-Lac's family deserves answers first and the public deserves them second. This is a huge black mark on U of A sports as it currently stands. Transparency is the best and only answer. Perhaps the incident was handled perfectly. If so reveal what was done and let the public judge for themselves. All reports can, and should, be made public. That will not jeopardize the pending court case.
  5. I don't get the History/Tradition ranking. KD built winning program that always competed for MAC championships. The expectations, based on our performance were high.
  6. There is a lot of truth in what you say. Danny's only hope is to get with a strong program and head coach who will mitigate Danny's father's disruptive influence. Unfortunately Danny has been allowed to develop an ego and that has not served him, nor the team he plays for, well. He has yet to learn that a strong dose of humility will actually make him a better QB and leader. One thing would be cool, though, is to watch the clown show of Danny's dad and Cato's dad going at it as they helicopter over their kids. That might be worth the price of admission alone. Of course it might wreck the program but they have never cared about anything other than themselves and enhancing their egos.
  7. Game 15. Central Michigan

    That comment is coming from the highest possible authority in your life Clark. All I can say is "Ouch!"
  8. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Sorry, I forgot. What was I thinking! I'll make it up to you next time you booger-eater. How's that for incivility?
  9. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Will respectfully disagree. I have been to too many Hoban games to see that he is anything but exceptional in his play calling. But I will admit that if you use Milwee as a baseline for performance Tyrell is way off the charts. Thank God there is a new play caller on the way whoever he is. Our suffering is about to end. Anything is better than what we have experienced.
  10. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Like others I'm curious to see what coach Arth does with his staff and recruiting. I was, and still am, hoping Arth will reach out to Tim Tyrell at Hoban to join his staff. Tyrell is a brilliant play caller. You can never predict what he will do. He has the ability to use what his talent will give him and not force on the players a system that they are incapable of executing. With four state championships Tyrell has great credibility. I also hope coach Arth keeps Nemec. His knowledge of the program and the area can help make the transition to a new staff smoother. All this being said I understand that coach Arth may want as many ties to Cleveland as he can get in his new staff so the recruiting is enhanced by coaches who intimately know the area.
  11. Future of The MAC

    Steve's suggestion would never work. It makes too much sense. But I applaud him for thinking creatively and coming up with a novel solution. Wish I was smart enough to think of it.
  12. Future of The MAC

    Buf, I agree with you wholeheartedly, but Williams may be under pressure from the MAC not to pull out. an exit from the MAC may negatively affect our other programs. But all things being equal I would love to see us in the Big 10.
  13. Danny Clark would be a cancer if added to the Zip football program. He is immature and gets bad guidance from his father. Although it would be fun to see who is the most obnoxious dad on the team, Clark's or Cato's . Danny is a hell of a football player, but he needs to go to someplace where he can learn humility and ego control. Art should not take that on in his first year as he seeks to set his own culture/values.
  14. Future of The MAC

    If the MAC was untenable for the Zips, which is a real possibility, I prefer the AAC. It is better than the MAC and it could open doors for the rest of our athletic programs. My second choice would be CUSA. It's not bad in soccer, especially with UK, and I think they would welcome us. To me, those are the only real options.
  15. Game 13- Carnegie Mellon Tartan

    I too appreciate you being on this board. Your posts are very insightful. FWIW, I liked your Illini avatar. I think it is classy and by no means disrespectful to the Zip faithful. A diversity of perspective is valuable and welcome. Happy New Year!