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  1. If Zipmeister does become commissioner He will undoubtedly do a better job than Steinbrecher and the idiots who pass as presidents. Why take two weeks to decide to resume play only to determine that play would begin five weeks later. Ryan Day at OSU said he only needed three weeks to prepare his team to play, but the MAC needs to give its members five weeks thus losing all the better weather weeks in a normal schedule. Doesn't anyone recall that this team has been practicing or training 12 hours a week, altho' w/o pads and hitting. The basic playbook is in. Lifting has been continuous, so has conditioning. Now we wait five weeks for a whole six games, with no makeup dates, in traditionally bad weather in the Midwest. If you really want to play for something give each team a final game like the Big Ten, such as 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, etc. If we are going after the coveted Tuesday and Wednesday night time slots in cold, wet weather, with no fans, we got what we wanted because no other self-respecting conference wanted them. Brilliant move. The MAC has self-certified it is masquerading as a legitimate conference only to confirm it is a joke. Sheeesh! Commissioner Meister ...... it has a good ring to it.
  2. ZM, what makes you think I don't have one or two of them already in the house. My wife and girls hate 'em, but as I said, I loved the bowl. 😁
  3. I know this is hard to comprehend, but I loved the Rubber Bowl. When it got new turf and a facelift plus new benches it was an impressive place. The Zips had enough good games there whereby you were always hoping they could do it again. My memories are also impacted because my dad and I would go to most of the games. He loved to see the Zips play and enjoyed every minute there. I miss him, the bowl and good Zip football.
  4. I am all in favor of any effort to be financially prudent while keeping athletics competitive. That being said, I've got to agree that the AD should have a staff of professionals whose job it is to do the work this committee is tackling. We all need outside consultants who may see things we can't, but this looks more like a political move that has a subtle goal of providing CYA to the administration. Oh well, maybe I'm too much of a cynic, but I see little out of UA these days that I would term "inspiring".
  5. Isn't that your normal look, excepting, of course, the beer would be full 😂.
  6. I wish him luck but this is no big loss for us and maybe a good move for him to get more playing time at a lower division program. I can't see any DI program giving him playing time or a scholarship. Now on to the tragic issue of Dr. Z causing ESPN+ to go bankrupt. Someone has a to step in. Zipmeister, put those advanced degrees to work and solve this dilemma.
  7. GP has hit on the single best way to improve football attendance in my opinion. That is to play good football. We haven't seen that is years here. Two years stick out to me in which you could say we got a glimpse of good football. Those were Bowden's first year, because he was such an improvement over iCoach and the year we went to the Idaho Potato Bowl. When it comes to football NE Ohio fans are fairly sophisticated. They know the game and know good from bad. We have not met their expectation to play a good game. Do that and we will see an influx of fans larger than any marketing campaign could produce.
  8. While Rick Minter was the head coach at UC I was covering Cincinnati for my company. Despite his pedigree as a former Notre Dame DC he proved to be a horrible coach. I went to many practices, scrimmages and games. I got to know some parents of the players and they were in despair over the future of the program. Attendance was poor and there was no positivity around the team. Finally the AD & president fired Minter and got a real coach in Mark Dantonio. Before the hiring of Dantonio an argument could be made that we were not far behind UC in quality and status. A lot has changed since. Since coaching is the biggest single factor in creating a successful program I can only hope that Arth is the guy to turn around our program.
  9. Sorry I was not clear. I'm referring to MIVID.
  10. Hey Mods! This guy clearly does not come on this site to talk Zip sports. Isn't it time you guys banned him? The social and political crap he spews will end up hurting us, not him, so pull the plug. Long overdue.
  11. This guy scares me. Surely he isn't here for an education. OK, I get it that most football players aren't here for an education, but most football players don't shop themselves around to 4 schools in three years either. I suspect we are a last ditch effort by him to resuscitate his playing career. I hope we haven't given him a scholarship until he earns it.
  12. I can't believe any AD or MAC administrator is seriously proposing this scenario. It is a lawsuit waiting to happen. In essence non state of Ohio members are treated differently that members from the state of Ohio. Yet all pay the same dues and fees and have signed the same contracts for membership. This is fun to talk about over a beer and that's as far as it goes. So who's buying the first round?🍺
  13. I believe there is a 30% chance only conference games will be played with no fans allowed. I believe there is zero chance there will be a season with fans, even tho' UA has been social distancing at football games for years.
  14. Don't laugh damn it! I would have made it! I've got a wicked flutter kick and a great makeup coach.
  15. Glad to help, especially to someone who has a grasp of our history and who has joined me in killing off a few brain cells with tasty beverages.
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