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  1. Welcome AkronAlumnus! Glad you are now on our board. I don't know who will be next season's starting five, but I do know Williams will be one of them. A member of the basketball staff told me in the spring that Williams was the best player on the team last season even though he could not play. he was described as head and shoulders better than anyone else. It's taking time, perhaps too much for some, but this team, and program, is coming together and will be better next season. Keep the posts coming.
  2. I noticed that RJ Kelly from Akron Hoban is no longer listed on the roster. Does anyone know why he left? This surprises me because I thought he was a great recruit who could be a four year contributor after red-shirting. As I recall he was a three star recruit and two time All-Ohio. I saw him play many times and was very impressed.
  3. I'm with Zips Voice on this one. This program can easily be expense neutral. With the rental we could get from the facility plus the revenue generated by attendance at key meets plus the positive impact T&F has on enrollment, this program is extremely valuable to U of A. I had lunch with a prominent head coach this winter. During the meal I commented that I couldn't figure out why we added W LAX when all programs were fighting for budget dollars. He said LAX would not hurt his or any other program. It would cover its cost by boosting enrollment thru getting athletes who wanted to play here, generate donations from supporters and enhance our reputation. Costs would not get out of control. T & F is similar in that many athletes come to Akron to be part of this program while getting little aid. Most get academic aid since the scholarship money is limited. The program helps enrollment thru the athletes it draws let alone the impact it has on our reputation. I was on campus two years ago for the spring football game, a night soccer game and the Akron Quad T & F meet, all on the same day. I enjoyed the quad most of all. It was well attended with hundreds of people in the stands. With a little bit of marketing and better fan amenities a few targeted meets could draw quite well. The Akron public appreciates good T & F. Mitchell is building something special here and all we need do is get out of his way and let him work miracles with the limited budget he has. Building and maintaining a superior T & F facility is well worth it and will not drain the athletic dept budget.
  4. I predict that his numbers at Walsh will be far, far better than his numbers at Malone. Just sayin'.
  5. This post is highly inflammatory. There is no way I would ever wear purple slippers. Gotta go, I need to yell at the neighbors kids to keep off my lawn.
  6. Thank you. Can you be available when I talk to players at practice? Or at least can you recommend a dictionary that converts athlete to English.
  7. What the hell did he just say? Do we have a board interpreter? If he is at UA I hope he pays attention to his English classes.
  8. This one has me scratching my head.Perhaps someone close to the program can get the truth on why he is leaving at a time when he could be a key player for four years. Doesn't make sense from the outside looking in.
  9. Wow! Did someone not get enough sleep last night? 71, you starting to appear very cranky. Have a Snickers! You are not yourself.
  10. Couldn't agree more with GJ. I left the Akron area in 1989 and love living in Columbus, but no one here has a clue about the Zips. They think we are lucky to be in the MAC and are like a YSU w/o the winning football tradition. They know nothing of Soccer, Basketball, W. Swimming or Track and Field. Most think we have a Cleveland State-type campus = no grass or trees. The news on Akron is mostly negative, that is, losing teams, financial crisis, rust belt economy, axed programs, poor leadership (Scarborough). We would do well to recruit this area. The population base will soon be the biggest in the state and the athletic programs are outstanding, like NE Ohio in the 70's and 80's. We will never, ever pass OSU, but we can build a better rep by getting athletes to go to Akron and have them play on winning teams like Will Trapp, Abdul Salaam, Christie Smith and many more, all from Columbus.
  11. Can someone help me? I don't know what I did but I am no longer receiving posts as they are made. This is as of Saturday night. How can I correct this?  

    1. Dr Z

      Dr Z

      Hello 72 Roo, 


      Happy to help. I'm not sure I understand "I am no longer receiving posts as they are made?" Can you explain in detail?


      Kind regards,

      Dr Z

    2. 72 Roo

      72 Roo

      Sure. The last post I have received was time stamped Saturday at 11:41 pm. Since then I have received no other posts. I'm sure there has been many posts since then but they do not show on my screen. And I blocking them or am I in the wrong area of the website? MY screen does look a little different. The tab for Activity is highlighted. Below that All Activity is emboldened. Below that "All Activity" has a green dot with a checkmark in it. Below that and to the right is a faint "This stream auto-updates". Should that be turned on somehow?


      I hope that makes sense and describes what I am seeing. 

    3. Dr Z

      Dr Z

      Are you still having issues? I'm thinking there just wasn't any new posts for a bit. Slow time between basketball and football season. 


  12. I heard that Utomi has had some interest, I don't know how strong, from Clemson and Nevada. We played both schools this year and they got a firsthand look at his abilities. Whether he is a good fit at either place is up to their coaches to decide.
  13. I can second every positive things said about Josh on this thread. I do one day visits in the College of Business Administration to discuss some cases studies I had published that deal with sales management. Josh was in my class in the fall semester and I bumped into him this week when I returned for this semester. What a great guy. He is the kind of person who makes your day better because you saw him. In the classroom he was very talented He was a leader and and an insightful student who was very involved in our discussions. His critical thinking was what you want in a successful sales representative. Akron has an outstanding sales program that at one time was ranked #3 in the country. It has slipped as other big money schools poured resources into their programs to catch up, but with men and women like Josh we have reason to be very proud of how they represent UA.
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