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  1. No offense was taken as your post was not harsh. You corrected me and that's always good. You would think that next to the 205 i would be smart enough to understand LB is pounds not position, but i have never been mistaken for Einstein. Now Larry, Curly and Moe is another issue.
  2. I thought I saw on the back of his trading card that he was listed as LB. At 6'3" 205 he appeared to be small for a LB, but I thought what the hell, Joe knows what he is doing. Your insight Big Jim tells me once again I am wrong. We can use another WR so no harm.
  3. Our defense keeps getting better. We have a long way to go, but In Joe We Trust.
  4. According to my wife there is not enough space here to describe all that is wrong with me. Lucky for you. Pity my wife.
  5. I've heard we have a QB coming from an FCS school. He is good, but not head and shoulders better than Irons. I've been told he will be behind Irons because Irons has a far better grasp of the offense JoeMo wants to run. The opinion of my source is that this new QB is servicible, but we need Irons to be the man. Wish I had specifics.
  6. Mango, perhaps I should have said a decision has been made, but the paperwork has to be completed before it is announced. Yes, there is a leading design and you are correct in that they are in the final stage of signing off on it. A lot of parties have to sign off. I love the Z, but understand why they are not enthused about it. That doesn't mean I agree tho'. Thank you for your comment.
  7. Like others I've seen the proposed new logo. I can't say much about it because I gave my word that I would give feedback, but not disclose the design. I'll offer these comments though. First, the process is professional and in depth. This goes beyond sports and seeks to unify UA's branding across all media sources. We have too many logos and we need to standardize on one. Second, a decision will be made soon. We are talking days here, not weeks. Third, there are many different constituencies that have been consulted: faculty, alumni, community (fans), businesses, media consultants and board of trustees. All have opinions. None are overwhelmingly in favor of one particular design. In short, expect many people won't be happy. What emerges will be unique and have the potential to become iconic. Fourth, my favorite, the Z, does not say Akron and that is a concern. There is some history here that I can't go into, but the bottom line is that the word Akron or an A is the focus right now. Script Akron is recognized as needing work, but it is considered valuable and it will be on some uni's as a secondary logo. The same is true of the Z. It will not be primary, but in certain uni schemes it will appear. That being said the new logo will be primary for all uniforms. Finally, whatever is chosen it seems many on this board will not be happy, based on previous posts. The U can't let that paralyze them and be afraid to make a change. Months of research and consultation has gone into this decision. We need to solidify our branding. You might not get what you want but this too shall pass. If we keep winning and have an identity that means Akron, we will be OK.
  8. Couldn't agree more. Let's add T & F's coach Dennis Mitchell to that group. He has raised the program to the top 25 level in both men and women despite not having the middle distance runners men's cross country usually brings along with it. I normally would also add swim's coach Brian Peresie to the list, but he has been shopping his resume around. He wants to leave for bigger rather than build to bigger.
  9. Oh, on the contrary my friend. I have it from an unimpeachable source (a guy in a bar who has a cousin who drives Uber) that she is waiting by the phone for your call. So call her now! She wants to talk all things Zips and, of course, Joe Moorhead.
  10. ME_87, thank you for the posts on the spring league playoff games. Even though I live near the capital city I could not be there due to travel in Florida. I'm sure you represented well for all of us. The five goal explosion give hope that the Zips have sorted out their decision making and are ready to score on anyone who dares gives them space. The videos showed we can counter from anywhere on the field. Things are looking better. Can't wait for the fall.
  11. I'm trying to be a nicer, kinder 72. It's a constant battle. Being a smart ass is so much more fun.
  12. Thank God you clarified that B & G. Up until now I thought that UA was orchestrating the invasion of Ukraine.
  13. Yeah, I did say he would not find a better situation. I was wrong. Butler is better for him if he's willing to work. I think he left because he thought he could do better. He did.
  14. When Ali Ali entered the transfer portal I posted that I doubted he would find an overall better situation than UA offered. I decided to revisit my opinion by rating all the issues that I could imagine which go into a decision to enter the portal. For those of you who find my posts the highlight of your day (no one that I know of) I"ll cut to it. I believe Ali bettered his situation and I was wrong. Here's how I rated the issues to transfer. Conference/Competition - Better, he's in the Big East Facility - Better, Hinkle Fieldhouse, capacity 9,200, great history, avid fans Coaching - Equal to Worse, Groce sought Ali out, Matta is more focused on rebuilding and has no commitment to him. He's a "filler" for Matta Academics (as if Athletes care) - Better, Butler is a fine private school Proximity to Home - Better, Family can easily get to every home game Playing Time - Worse, Matta will not give him 31 minutes per game Team Chemistry - Same, Ali will enjoy wherever he is. He doesn't build chemistry , but he's not a cancer in the locker room either NCAA Playoffs - Worse, Butler is a dumpster fire and will take a while to rebuild NIL - Probably Better, Butler has the attention of the Indianapolis market. More opportunities will be there vs Akron Pressure to Perform - Greater at Butler. He will be expected to contribute now. There will be no excuse to evaporate like against UCLA Girlfriend - I have no idea if she is transferring to Butler. If so it's better for him Post Graduate Opportunities - Better, He is an Indiana guy playing at an Indiana school. The alumni/business network there will be better for him. That's how I see it. You may not agree. You may know better. But today was a slow day so this filled some time. Can't wait for football, soccer and basketball. Go Zips!
  15. Perhaps I'm cynical, but I don't expect much out of the holdovers on DLine from last year. Joe is going to expect a whole lot more than they are accustomed. I hope they make the transition. If not the portal can be their friend.
  16. I about crapped when i heard Joe say the DLine was actually getting after it. How long has it been that we had zero line pressure? I love that he is getting guys in that can create pressure and force the QB out of his comfort zone. The future looks bright. IJWT.
  17. If ever there was half-hearted praise this is it. The Zips can do better. When they do they will receive better praise that is not tongue in cheek. Earn it Zips! You can, and should, do better.
  18. He did play and did quite well until he came up against the famous kryptonite defense of coach Lex Luther. It was ugly. A little known fact is that on Luther's staff was a young rookie assistant called Satan. After learning all he could from Luther Satan changed his name to Sabin and the rest is history. If you want facts you will find them here at ZNO.
  19. Lots of folks disagreeing with me. That's OK, but I'm still not convinced that BVP is good for us. Groce does best when guys are in his system 2-3 years. I don't believe he helps us that much. In fact I don't think he is quick enough to play in Groce's trapping ZeeFence. Keep helping me understand the error of my ways. We all want the Zips to excel. On second thought, the hell with excel. Let's kick everyone's ass!
  20. I hope not. We can do better, especially considering he's a one and done.
  21. B & G, you are spot on. Ali is a good talent , no doubt. At Akron he was under the protective arm of Groce who knew his strengths and weaknesses. Groce was addressing his areas for improvement while giving him lots of PT. He's not going to get that somewhere else. Your post captured reality. BTW, he was not offered before entering the transfer portal. That tampering which can get you heavy sanctions by the NCAA. No coach is going to risk it.
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