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  1. Don't bet the ranch that Noreen will have a job at the end of this season. She haas been a classic underperformed in the face of the best facilities in the conference, a fertile recruiting base in NE Ohio and good support from the AD. She has had 6-7 years of mediocrity or worse. She will be gone.
  2. Join the club. Watching Zip football the last several years, including Bowden's, it's easy to lose your sanity along with credibility. But I must say Clark would probably have a better record than our current coach.
  3. Today we were the better team and still found a way to lose. The future of football is in Guthrie's hands and I believe he has made his decision. Arth will be gone before the end of the season so a search can be commenced at the earliest opportunity. The guarantee for the Tennessee game allows Guthrie the freedom to act and he knows he has a coach and staff that is prepared only to lose and cannot grow into competence. We will lose a year of recruiting, but that is a given whenever you change HC's. On the other hand a new coach will be smart enough to mine the transfer portal for talent. Guthrie and Miller know they can not wait another year for 1-11 to repeat itself. Arth may be a good man and I wish him well wherever he goes, but he must not remain our HC.
  4. Insert "stop" between Please and complaining. Thank you.
  5. Please complaining about a non-issue. My GA ticket gets me a seat on the 50, as B & G, has sid. The U has no money for ushers and even when they did have some you could roam to any seat you wanted. Akron is glad you can do this and they do not want to disrupt your game experience. They also are not going to put in writing that you are free to roam. So go, have a beer and a dog and cheer UA to a win. It may be our last chance of the year.
  6. This game should pee off you and all other Zip fans. I was at the game and we got screwed royally by the officials. They wasted nearly 25 seconds spotting the ball when Akron was ready to snap it. That cost us possibly two plays. Michigan was on their heals and had no answer. They did not stop us, we ran out of time. Even Michigan fans told me as we left the stadium that we were hosed by the officials.
  7. The university can only improve when it understands the truth of where it stands. Since when is that a negative? Do we really want a situation analogous to the emperors new cloths where the public believes one thing but leadership is totally out of touch? I have never been a fan of Kent, but I do recognize when they have done something better than us. As for this tragedy I am horrified. I pray for the young lady's soul and I pray for the Lord to comfort, somehow, her family and friends. I hope the shooter is brought to justice.
  8. The problem may be societal, but it is also one of perception. In that area UA suffers greatly. Kent has a far better reputation in the eyes of Joe and Mary Ohio. It has had better leadership in touting its strengths, keeping financially viable and having a positive image in both sports and campus life. I have talked with several guidance counselors in greater Columbus and all have a higher opinion of Kent than UA. We have much to rebuild.
  9. Criticizing the fans for the players lack of motivation is one of the most absurd posts I've seen on here in years. Our fans have been conditioned to expect the worst and the football program has delivered. 1-19 does that. There is nothing wrong with our fans. Just go a few 100 years over to First Energy Field or the JAR and you will find places that the opposition absolutely hates to visit. Anyone who has ever played sports at a high level knows motivation comes from within. The fans can add to it a little, but they can not create it. When our players get a competent leader and staff we will see their belief and motivation grow exponentially. As LoyalZip has said look to Kent to see the truth in this. They were worse than us for years. Now we envy their program and coach.
  10. Go ahead, rain on my parade.😥 My depression gets worse by the day, if not by the game.
  11. An opportunity was missed by our AD by not being at this game. I can assure you OSU took it seriously and so did their administration. Christine Johnson, the president of OSU, was in attendance. There was a lot on the line. Guthrie needs to seize every chance he gets to network with big, influential athletic depts if we want to grow. Kudos to Jared for calling our poor play exactly that. We were sh*tty. Contrast that to Arth's presser in which he sugar coats incompetence and wastes time on OU-Duquesne. What about addressing our issues starting with QB and DL? I think he doesn't talk about those issues, and others, because he doesn't have an answer.
  12. I wonder if he would take a pay cut to be head coach at his alma mater? I've lost confidence in this staff, from the top on down, they are incompetent and do not appear to be able to grow into the job, which was my hope. Guthrie needs to go to Miller and find a way to make a change.
  13. This game pointed out to me that we should not get too low over football. There's not much we can do for now. I had hopes for Arth even though I did not support his hiring. He seems like a nice guy to talk to. He also seems out of his depth in running a D1 program. We are not in the position to buy out his contract so we are stuck for 2 more years. I had hoped for progress, not expecting perfection. I got neither. Arth has a poor staff and it shows on game day. The team is not prepared. I believe someone checked out the D1 coaching experience on his staff and it amounted to nine years over 10 guys. That is pathetic. The team is not improving because the staff does not know how to improve them in the face of adversity, which they should have learned before coming to Akron. Arth's press conference was so sad. He railed against loss of confidence, but offered no specifics on how to build it. Well coach, confidence is built in practice. It is achieved thru following your leadership with total commitment and knowing their tutelage will get your thru any unexpected turns in the game. These players are not as talented as an average MAC team, but they can overachieve if they believe, work hard and are willing to follow a vision for a better program. That vision and leadership are lacking at Akron. Many of us fell for the trap that if you start young (Fr) players they will get better, like the OL. Not necessarily true if the players on that line don't have the ability to get better or be coached up. Our OL's have always been young and always supposedly ready to turn into a great unit. For now we can only hope Guthrie has a plan for football. This scares me considering Guthrie has never run or been part of a school with D1 football. My suggestion is to follow soccer and wait for basketball. We had hoped football would get better, but as a corporate strategist once told me hope is not a strategic plan, you have to go out and make change (improvement) happen.
  14. I watched the presser and I came away with no excitement for this team. I don't need promises, but jeez give me something to believe in, not 13 minutes of coach-speak. My biggest disappointment is that I am not seeing any drive to win from the head coach. I believe that until we fill the cupboard with talent we need to see passion for building a winning program. I have met Arth. He is one helluva guy. But I'm still looking for proof he can deliver a winning program.
  15. The Zips are on their way to the top. MSU was no slouch and we beat them at their place. Jared has done a remarkable job in cleaning house of his cancers and bringing in new talent that embraces the Akron soccer culture. Jared is also not given the credit for the exceptional job he does as a field coach. He and Mitchell and Groce and Perisse and Engle only serve to prove my point, which is the right head coach is the prime factor in winning. Go soccer Zips!
  16. Unfortunately our upward trend is winning one more game than the previous season. At this rate we will be an unstoppable machine in only 10 short years. I hope it happens.
  17. No wonder our athletic dept/marketing is keeping quiet about this team. They must feel the potential embarrassment is too great to bear for their delicate little egos. So far there has been more news about womens soccer than the sport that eats up the largest portion of the budget and could potentially return some money to the coffers if they start winning. You can't make this s**t up. Sheesh! Go Zips against Wright State tomorrow!
  18. Based on the pre-season hype that we are developing an offensive juggernaut I am predicting we score 3 points.
  19. Is this addition by subtraction? If Mitchell waited this long to make his decision he apparently was not that committed to Akron. Good luck in finding greener pastures.
  20. I think you have captured how i feel. I want Arth to succeed. That is good for him, the program, the university and me. I have had little evidence that he or his assistants can coach. Maybe they can, but we are not seeing it. Being critical yet supportive is a reasonable description of my feelings.
  21. The excitement (for the season) is close to orgasmic. I think we can beat Bryant and maybe one other team. That alone will give us a 100% improvement over last season. Let's see anyone else in the MAC match those gaudy numbers! The excitement our athletic dept is building for this season is off the charts.
  22. Big Jim, I was one of those who wanted us to go with Irons or our second teamer M?????? (however it is spelled) than Gibson or Kato. I still feel that way. But I am not at practice every day and I do not know who is producing. I will have to rely on the staff to make the best call for the program. My problem is that I have seen little that allows me to have confidence in the staff. I hope they prove me wrong this season. I want them to succeed.
  23. Yeah, there are 11. Lucky we got them on the schedule. I have it on good authority that we tried to get Hiram, but had to settle for Point Park.
  24. I disagree wholeheartedly. The support football has had from the athletics administration is appalling. There has been none. COVID has nothing to do with putting out more information in the spring on women's lacrosse than spring football and recruiting. The AD's office and sports information has deliberately decided to do and say nothing to get us excited about football. That is shameful for them and they need to be called out for it. All other MAC schools are doing more for their team than Akron. Their job performance in supporting football has been disgraceful. They re doing this for a reason and it is maddening to see the logic to it. We should not, and can not, tolerate this.
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