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  1. Big Ten and SEC just cancelled its tournament. It’s not looking good for the MAC
  2. Why isn't Pohl starting/playing???
  3. +1 That is all I could think when reading the articles on each team!
  4. After calming down i realized how bad our loss to Hartwick was. Still think we should be higher, but maybe not seeded. Oh well this team is getting hot at the right time. I'm not afraid of anyone in the bracket. GO ZIPS
  5. what happened my espn3 feed crapped out i had like 25 seconds left they passed the ball and then akron was running on the field?
  6. 3 down 1:45 left and u throw the ball u could have taken the clock down to 1 min and you give them 45 seconds....are you kidding me
  7. I feel like that 2 pt stop means nothing if we don't score on this drive or run out the clock
  8. dude chill man! it's one event if you have a real opinion (which I assume you do since you posted more then anyone else on this forum) contact someone and give them your opinion. No need to bash any religion remember this is an open online forum that anyone can read and take offence to which Makes The University of Akron look bad.
  9. Great way for Zeke and these seniors to play against Ohio for the last time. In the end all that matters is Zeke has 2 rings and DJ has 2. Thank you to all the seniors it'll be fun to watch you in the dance! Bring home some wins!
  10. Here's a Little more from an ESPN Insider page:
  11. I'm gonna say it we miss Q we cannot seem to penetrate zones this we just pass around them then jack up a three no dribble penetration at all.
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