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  1. Let's hope this former Duquesne Duke (Norman Jr) does not destroy us like previous game 🤕
  2. A free game that was highly entertaining. We should have Duquesne on our non conference schedule every year. An easy drive to attend. Competitive game. Or give us Clarion, directional Alabama, or one of the Carolina A & Ts 🙄
  3. Excellent post. I am very excited by the Moorhead hiring, but the college football revolving door is exhausting. I find it uninteresting to: A) follow player comings and goings, B) follow young adults social media accounts to gauge their interest in our team, and C) support "student-athletes" that have zero allegiance to a school. The entire system has the stench of professional sports free agency. Zips will be the farm system for bigger programs to pick a (hopefully) bountiful crop of productive players. Reminds me of the Seinfeld philosophy of "you are just cheering for the laundry."
  4. Bingo. I didn't want to read that thread for that very reason.
  5. No doubt Walton has been a dud thus far. We need his scoring!
  6. I completely agree! Wheeling does little to prepare for these games.
  7. Apathy has definitely set in with this program. I was offered two free loge tickets w/food and beverage. My yard won out. I work with dozens of Portage County grads that enjoy talking sports smack. One text rubbing in the result. Crossing my fingers that a new coach/culture can fix this dumpster fire, but why would anyone take this on?
  8. Soccer is a cruel game. A team can dominate but fail to capitalize. One bad touch can be the difference between winning and losing. This team simply did NOT have it this year. Time to regroup and squeeze every last dime out of that recruiting budget.
  9. BTW, I do NOT count S. Carry as a player worth squat and moving to greener pastures. I respect his game, but his head doesn't seem to be there most times.
  10. Their team has been decimated by player movement. They have ONE player remaining on their roster from two years ago. I also follow Duquesne and there seems to be very little hope for KD in the Burgh. Any player worth squat will move to greener pastures after a season or two. The new transfer rules are only going to create a larger gap between the have and have-nots in D1. They have a nicely rebuilt arena, but good luck getting recruits to a school with little success since the 1950s (NIT when it was important) and zero profile with young people.
  11. If it comes down to UA vs. GA State, the selection committee has to go GA State: - Better overall record - Better MAC record - Won head to head 3-1 ON ROAD - Tournament finalist; Lost in OT They should make it. That home result hurt big time.
  12. I appreciate all of the hard work and research that went into this thread. However, this team doesn't have it this year. Their 1-4-1 road record speaks volumes about their tournament chances if they make it. Plus, the NCAA does Akron ZERO favors.
  13. Wow, this does NOT bode well for our beloved Zips 😳
  14. Win, lose, or draw... I will believe it when I see it.
  15. Gossip on the street has this as Arth's final game. This came from a fairly credible source, but take it with a grain of salt. I will believe it once I see the official announcement. Juicy gossip nonetheless 😂
  16. IMO, recruiting, recruiting, and recruiting. I respect the coaches and believe they find "system" players over ranking. However, I have been underwhelmed with our recent classes and somewhat disappointed with the career production of some of our higher ranked guys. It seems as though our MLS pipeline has been tapped dry. Not down on Embick and staff, just giving an honest assessment.
  17. Absolute spot on. Those four teams are irrelevant to me.
  18. Zips outshot and corners were disproportionately favored BG, but Jason Shokalook with the hat trick!!!
  19. Thanks for the inane commentary 🙄
  20. You must have a small circle of friends and associates. I worked with someone ON HIS OLD STAFF and they shared that players overwhelmingly were tuning Bowden out at the end. Good man, appreciate his time with the Zips, but let it go.
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