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  1. Haters gonna hate. Your next positive post will be your first.
  2. Agreed. We have four more games of this sh$tshow and Arth is going to coach them. On the plus side, I like Arth as the person and he doesn't wear his laminated play call sheet inside his pants.
  3. Four games left, with three on weekdays. UGGGGHH...
  4. Truth. Listening to Frenchy in these blowouts is worth it though.
  5. Great win by the Zips. We are really gaining some nice momentum playing our brand of soccer and finally putting the ball in the back of the net.
  6. I was taking the same approach, but it is getting really tough to be optimistic looking forward. Hard to find any silver linings in this mess of a football team.
  7. The "crowd" in the background is nothing short of an embarassment. SMH.
  8. Labas has three offers according to this Tweet: UA, BG, and Toledo. Unfortunately, it looks like the big schools are circling. https://twitter.com/BillBankGreene/status/1182331663428268034?s=20
  9. The Egbo goal was unreal. He worked the defender and hit a laser beam top shelf.
  10. I'm no GT fan, but he nailed it with this column. It's too early to pass judgement on the current staff. The Ianello era zapped the good will and patience of most Zips fans, but Arth is a different guy. More telling: Does the team show any significant improvement at the END of the season?
  11. Question: Say we learn to defend a critical cornerkick overnight. Can we still host the MAC tourney if we run the league table?
  12. Not official, but hearing rumblings about 2021 Brecksville QB Joe Labas. I saw on his Twitter that he received a BG offer. Local coach I know shared that he is "the real deal."
  13. Cornell messes up a gift at the end of regulation. 2-2 overtime.
  14. Down 1-0 at half. Ivy league team looking like the better squad. Hard to watch right now.
  15. I may take you up on your advice; Always wanted to see Coliseum.
  16. Another positive: We have a "turnover pencil" that was featured on an ESPN highlight!
  17. I simply would like to attend a game before January 2020.
  18. Wow, just when you thought the home offerings couldn't get any worse. This makes my $60 investment look like a poor one.
  19. From what I saw at Duquesne this year, the answer is no. Williams = he will upgrade his situation to a big conference Wade = looked lost at the DI level Bizeau = physical presence of Olive Oil Swingle previously kicked the tires of UA, so maybe??
  20. I nominate Mr. Sayles for the transfer down route.
  21. I don't think you are giving Dyer his proper due, as he knows his target audience well: 80-year-old Firestone Park residents.
  22. Talk about disappointing. Home losses are starting to pile up and the stadium was empty. Zero home field advantage in the Rubber City.
  23. I like what I saw in the 1st half. Good ball control, excellent strike by Egbo, and defense looks much improved with Muhammad on the right side.
  24. My wife asked me last night if the in-stadium announcer gets paid. Her thoughts, "If so, he needs fired."
  25. They needed a game like that. Started slow, but then they started to look like a Zips squad. Another beautiful night, where the hell are the students??
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