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  1. Wow...this guy should be suspended for a very long time for this one! You can tell he was ticked he didn't get a call, got straight up, and maliciously tackled Steve-O. From the video, it almost looks like Steve-Os foot is going to fall off his leg. I can't imagine that either player will be seeing the playing field for a very long time. Absolutely disgusting...
  2. Coming to theatres near you: Disney ROOligans (in 3-D). Starring the voices of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. Fun for the whole family! Movie Trailer: "Welcome to Lee Jackson Field, the home of the ROOligans, A place where there are no ROOles, An atmosphere filled with unROOly patrons, A stadium where opponent's seasons are ROOined." (Maybe Tim Allen can play the Firm's boss)
  3. I love the idea of a supporters group! Not really keen on the Rooligans though...sounds like a cheesy Disney take on British futbol fanaticism...
  4. Can anyone confirm the "real" attendance for the game...you know...the actual backsides in seats. I had four loge seats to the game and couldn't give them away.
  5. I think this is the biggest issue moving forward. I am shocked at the lack of a "buzz" (including marketing!) throughout the week for a game against a Big East team. This game would have EASILY been higher at the Rubber Bowl. The only conclusion that I can draw is the price of admission is too high for the product that is being placed on the field. I am not ready to jump off the Y Bridge after one game, but the lack of fans at the game is troublesome. I didn't renew after last season, and looking at the attendance numbers, I wasn't alone.
  6. Spot on...plus add Brenes to the bench mix...
  7. Hartwick...they are a bunch of fouling thugs who can't play at our skill level. I also take great pride in defeating Columbus State...
  8. Trapp (#4)...Gallego (#32)...Chiu (#97)...player rankings according to Top Drawer Soccer...
  9. Roogangs- I think your source was correct, until they decided to follow Giffard to VCU too...per VCU website... VCU MEN’S SOCCER ANNOUNCES 2010 RECRUITING CLASS RICHMOND, Va. – Virginia Commonwealth University Head Men’s Soccer Coach Dave Giffard has announced his first recruiting class since joining the Rams in January. Giffard and his staff will welcome 15 newcomers to the field for the 2010 season. The class is highlighted by a crop of talented international standouts including Romena Bowie (Saint Mary, Jamaica), Jose Carlos Castillo (Guatemala City, Guatemala) and Jason Johnson (Saint Anne, Jamaica). Hailing from Manchester High School in Jamaica, Bowie and Johnson were each selected to the Jamaican Senior National Team Camp, after leading their squad to a runner-up finish in 2010 DaCosta Cup competition. Meanwhile, Castillo, who spent two months in the Guatemala Senior National Team Camp in 2009, boasts 45 caps for the Guatemala Youth National Teams.
  10. Former Zip assistant Dave Giffard took a couple Zips with him to VCU...Yoram Mwila and Josh Pantazelos. Not a huge loss; goalie was never going to see the field and Mwila didn't impress. We will get to see both at Lee Jackson, as VCU is the preseason opposition this season. Already counting down the days until our pursuit of the college crown...
  11. Thanks for the head's up!!! Ordered my season tickets today and can't wait for the scarfs to arrive!!!Go Zips!!! This is going to be a really exciting year as UA should be fighting for a National Championship!!!(Wow, sorry for all of the exclamation marks, but I am pumped!!!)
  12. Wow, maybe GoZips can tell us a story about how he had a Dortmunder with Gandhi to help me forget the bitterness on this thread
  13. Misplayed all along the sideline was a killer
  14. I can just picture the next message from the NCAA:"Due to rain in the Greater Akron area, the broadcast has been moved to other locations."
  15. Thanks for the info...To find the link for the game, just click on the men's soccer schedule and then "watch" inside the UA/NU box...I was kicking around the idea of attending, but this appears to be a better option than over twelve hours on a bus...GO ZIPS!!!!
  16. Amen brother, you hit the nail right on the head!
  17. I just gave the NCAA my 2 cents...I just did the same - for whatever good it'll do, we at least need to let them know our anger over stealing a hard earned right away from the team. I was not profane not accusatory, but I think all Zips fans are owed an explanation. This is what I said.How is it even remotely fair to have a team get a high NCAA seed in soccer only to have their game moved to an opponents field (not even a neutral field)? I am talking about an apparent decision to move the Akron-Northwestern playoff game to Chicago! I am bringing my family to Ohio over Thanksgiving to support a Zips team that absolutely earned the right to play at home. I understand that if a playing field is unplayable a new venue can be selected. There is no alternative field anywhere other than the opponents home field? Could someone please explain this to the legion of loyal Zips fans as to how this is even remotely a fair situation? What happens if the Zips advance yet again in spite of this extreme disadvantge? Will they yet again go on the road despite being a #5 seed? Explanation, please?Good point, are we comletely losing home field for the remainder of the tournament????I can hear opposing coaches now on recruiting visits, "Why play for Akron? They can't even enjoy home field in the tournament."This is a travesty to the supporters of this team. I thought today's crowd was VERY respectable given the circumstances.
  18. Exactly what did the OSU coach say or do. I wasn't at the match but I would really like to know. I would also like to know why the next match is being moved out of Akron. If this is for sure I will definitely be bombarding the NCAA with a few of my thoughts .... just like I did in 2006 when the Zips basketball team was given the green weenie.After the goal was scored, this jerk of coach comes running onto the field like his scarlet and grey jacket was in flames. I couldn't hear the exchange, but he was in the face of the ref and yelling his head off. This little bit of "sportsmanship" resembled Bob Knight in his prime. A real class act from Columbus.
  19. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLA great win by a determined bunch of players!!!!!OS-Who deserved to lose the game in this dramatic manner. In the second half they flopped around like fish out of water and it serves them right to lose on a free kick.The Columbus State coach should be ashamed of how he behaved after the game. Buh-Bye crybabies!Bring on Round Three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. The weather sucks man, what do you want them to do? You should have seen the field at the NIU game.I think it plays to our strengths more to hold the game on field turf at a facility closer than the Rubber Bowl is to campus than it would to play the game on our true home field that is waterlogged and torn up.I completely agree. This team will play much better on the turf at St. V's. I'm have faith that the Rowdies will figure out how to get down the street from campus and into the goalies head!
  21. I don't think that we can ignore the rebounding deficiency. We have been out-rebounded by a wide margin against a 6 win team (Canisius) and a sub-D1 team (Walsh). This team will certainly shoot better over the course of the long season, but the rebounding issue will kill this team versus quality competition. I'm certainly not giving up on the season after one game, but this is a HUGE issue that I'm not exactly sure how to address with this current roster.
  22. GoZips88-I understand your point about lack of scoring; I know I was hoping for 4-5 goals yesterday that never came.HOWEVER, "American" sports were forever ruined for me when TV started calling the shots. I can't stand sitting through the endless media/television/radio/marketing/internet/pitching change/officials/coaches/30-second/full/need-to-take-a-moment-and-then-walk-the-dog timeouts. I feel like I paid my admission to become a studio audience member, held captive while they blabber about how to save three bucks if I bundle my telecommunications services. I sometimes wish that I can take my DVR with me to some games and fast forward through the painful breaks. Just my opinion...
  23. w00t...I completely agree with your frustrations.Stony Brook's Game Plan tonight: Play everyone back (One shot??!), foul hard and play a scoreless tie.It was still fun to watch...and nice to celebrate another home win in grand fashion...I'm definately hooked...
  24. I don't live in Akron anymore but when I go back, I frequently go to 69 Taps. They have . . . imaginatively . . . 69 taps. It might be kind of a dive, but it has such a great beer selection it's worth it. I'd highly recommend anything made by the Great Lakes Brewery (located in Cleveland). If nothing else, be sure to pick up a 6-pack or a 4-pack of Great Lakes before you go back home. 69 TapsI completely agree! There is no better place to enjoy a $2.00 Great Lakes (preferably a Burning River Pale Ale) than 69 Taps. I also recommend a "stuffed" sandwich at Pints....
  25. I agree. I say we don't worry about the "impression" this makes about our program. I like the earlier start time and I will be enjoying my tailgate at the crack of dawn! Cheers...
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