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  1. UA to Renovate the JAR

    I know Daktronics did the new one at Heinz Field this year. Same concept. I think they did the Browns and Indians too.
  2. Toledo's Logan Woodside has MAC's best returning QB -- by Elton Alexander "....few are predicting a Toledo repeat of Western Michigan's undefeated regular season run to a profitable New Year's Bowl game, it is not out of the question. The Rockets play at Nevada, host Tulsa, and play at Miami (Fla.) in games where victories could easily vault them into the national rankings. From there, it's all about navigating through the MAC schedule, including late-season, mid-week games at Ohio University and at Bowling Green, back-to-back."
  3. Eight in the Boxen

    Agreed, but in fairness, 7 views are probably me trying to get CK's article in a presentable file format here. The pdf translates to an image in some browsers (no extra click needed), but not others (click opens another window). At a later time (a few days from now), not to highjack this thread, I would like to hear some feedback on how you are viewing this article. The first link "should" be a clickable link that opens up in another window, an embedded pdf should be below that (same article). Boxen is one tough SOB. If anybody follows him on Instagram, you can view his scar right after the surgery. When I originally saw it, I thought his football career might have come to an end. I loved his comment about his dislike for State.
  4. His grandfather is former Steeler Ray Mansfield 😳
  5. 2017 Camp Thread

    AJ Coney is my guess. I think the depth chart will be out next week.
  6. Game 1—@Penn State Nittany Lions

    I keep thinking back to the game last year when James Conner (and crew) run all over PSU's front seven. Conner and Warren are similar size and weight. 🤷🏼‍♂️ PS I play Warren. I want to see him play. 💪🏽
  7. Game 1—@Penn State Nittany Lions

    Would you sit Ball against PSU, or limit his carries in any way because of the same reasoning?
  8. Weather forced the Zips to warmup inside before taking the field today. Coach Hickson keeps a watchful eye, as Deltron Sands gets some work in. Travonte Junius hits the sled. Alex and Tyler bring an attitude to practice. Coach Ekkens puts his offensive line through drills. Jovann Letuli practices a technique drill. Coach Milwee looks on as Kato throws an out pattern. Josh Ward practices his get off on the right side of the line. Manny Morgan pulls in a one hand grab. Warren ball focuses on ball security. Anthony Young brings in a Kato Nelson pass Alex Ramart warms up with Nick Johns.
  9. Zips Gear

    Promoted and sold by the University? Use of official marks. Just guessing. I would guess the U financially benefits. If I were in marketing team, I would get some gear to Bernie, LBJ, Jason, Jatavis, JoJo, Jerome etc... https://gvartwork.com/collections/akron-collection
  10. Zips Gear

  11. President Matthew Wilson

    UA Freshman Enrollment Up University of Akron President Matthew Wilson told trustees at Wednesday’s board meeting that preliminary numbers show new freshmen enrollment is up 10 percent over last year. The new freshman class is expected to total more than 3,700. Also at Wednesday’s board meeting, Nathan Mortimer, UA vice president and chief financial officer, told trustees that thanks to a yearlong effort to hold down expenditures and through other measures, the university ended fiscal year 2017 with a $12 million surplus that went into reserves.
  12. This should be a great way to watch college football this year when the Zips are not playing. Just in time for football season, ESPN updated its Apple TV app to include a handy new feature for sports fans. Thanks to tvOS MultiCast, you can now watch up to four live streams at once across all of the network's programming options. This means you can put shows and events from ESPN's broadcast channels beside the online-only streams at the same time. It sounds fairly straightforward, but it's sure to come in handy when you're trying to follow multiple things that overlap in your viewing schedule.
  13. Summer 2017 workouts

    From @coachsleeve "Extremely excited to announce this new journey we about to take! Tonight I will be releasing the first Episode of "The Curriculum". This will give you an inside look into all of our staff developments on sports science, strength and conditioning, leadership, finance, guest appearances and so much more! Unfortunately, a lot of young coaches can not afford to do a hands on internship for different reasons. This will give you an opportunity to see exactly how and what we teach here at all the University of Akron. Subscribe to the YouTube page, I'll be releasing episode 1 tonight at 6:00pm featuring @camjosse of Defrancos Gym." https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa-Vi4QjP7YdIpwR-ZARUMw
  14. 2017-2018