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  1. More than likely, you are criticizing, and praising the same person/team.
  2. I'll guess at one time a good edit had the A and Z separated more like this logo separates the b and m. The brewers logo was probably an inspiration of that edit. Edit 4103
  3. You can design the coolest logo on planet earth, it does not mean the client will select it. More than likely, they will not.
  4. Overall I don't like the the mark being focused on the "A". I get it, just don't agree with it. I do like the Z being in the A though.
  5. A security update was run today. If there are any issues, report them here.
  6. March maintenance release was run today. Any issues, please report here.
  7. Between the Bills and the Bulls this year, I would say Buffalo is probably worse off. If I were a Buffalo fan, I'm not sure I would ever get over that Bills loss.
  8. Had em right where they wanted them the entire game. 🙂
  9. Good luck to Matt's drivers in today's Daytona 500.
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