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  1. Consider the source. When you go back and do what you suggest, you will find it's a very very small amount of ZN, if any. Additionally, I don't read anyone predicting double doubles.
  2. Interesting offensive representative for the Zips 🤔 2017 MAC Football Media Day Head Coaches and Student Participants MAC East Division Akron Head Coach Terry Bowden; RB Warren Ball; S Zach Guiser Bowling Green Head Coach Mike Jinks; LB Nate Locke; RB Donovan Wilson Buffalo Head Coach Lance Leipold; QB Tyree Jackson; DE Demone Harris Kent State Head Coach Paul Haynes; RB Nick Holley; DB Demetrius Monday Miami Head Coach Chuck Martin; TBA; TBA Ohio Head Coach Frank Solich; LB Quentin Poling; RB A.J. Ouellette MAC West Division Ball State Head Coach Mike Neu; RB James Gilbert; OL Vinnie Palazeti Central Michigan Head Coach John Bonamego; TE Tyler Conklin; DL Joe Ostman Eastern Michigan Head Coach Chris Creighton; QB Brogan Robach; DB Jason Beck Northern Illinois Head Coach Rod Carey; DB Mycial Allen; OL Max Scharping Toledo Head Coach Jason Candle; QB Logan Woodside; TBA Western Michigan Head Coach Tim Lester; RB Jamauri Bogan; LB Asantay Brown
  3. I should have used a facetious emoji after "Linebacker U." PSU depth chart: WLB Bowen, Manny JR -- Cooper, Jake JR MLB Cabinda, Jason SR -- Smith, Brandon RS SR SLB Brown, Cameron SO -- Farmer, Koa RS JR
  4. I thought the Rose Bowl was the most entertaining bowl game that I watched last year. Most of the time I watched the game, I kept thinking, "I hope the Zips can limit PSU's possessions, because they have some serious talent on the offensive side of the ball at the skill positions" How can this possibly be at Linebacker U? I'm sure you are correct though. I listened to the Pitt PSU game before the Zips played the Badgers. Jack Ham (color commentator that knows a thing or two about the position) was extremely critical of the linebackers in this game. I can still remember him saying repeatedly "you just can't take that kind of angle on a run play and expect to get good results" Pitt racked up 341 rushing yards on 56 attempts in beating PSU. Seems like a good formula.
  5. I'm probably in the minority, because I'd rather be at a Zips football game than doing most things, it's not hard to get me to a home game. I don't need wifi, beer, scrolling tickers, flashing lights, dancing bears, etc. I'm most interested in the game. I'll take a good opponent and decent weather. Those two factors increase my entertainment value. There has only been one thing (a head coach) in the history of me watching Zips football that made me think of not coming to a home game, and that guy is long gone. I'm pumped for this season, I wish it were here this weekend. 😎
  6. I only root for one college team, so I don't care about scrolling the Minnesota vs Iowa game anywhere in the stadium, but I admit one reason I don't attend Sunday NFL games is because I miss too much watching just one game. I watch three tvs on Sundays. I do care about the Zips opponents, so I usually go back and watch a replay on ESPN3 so I know key players, offensive and defensive tendencies. Watch parties are popular, maybe having a Columbus watch party at the stadium could draw more area fans. 😒 I thought the staff did a decent job entertaining during time outs last season. It's also nice fans can go get a beer at the stadium during any downtime if they like.
  7. As mentioned before, the staff expects Woodson to start the season. He has 5,000+ yards and 39 TDs in his Akron career, I would not use the word "inexperienced" to describe Woody. One of his best skills, is his downfield playmaking accuracy, I wouldn't expect that to change this year, especially if they can make the running game a successful threat, and make defenders move closer to the line of scrimmage.
  8. As mentioned before, the staff has indicated that they want to run the ball more this year. As one offensive coach told me, we are more talented at the running back position than we are at the wide out position. Look for more running early in the season. If Ball is healthy, he will surpass the 1,000 mark. This was the reason I highlighted the writers comment, not to bring back old RB stats.
  9. Too bad Athlon (above zzx link) didn't give credit to the writer, pretty good overview for the amount of words. This is a good point: The Zips have not had a 1,000-yard rusher in Terry Bowden’s five seasons as head coach. Warren Ball, a graduate transfer from Ohio State who rushed for 181 yards on 25 carries in the first two games last year before suffering a season-ending injury, could become the first if he’s able to stay healthy.
  10. I couldn't really distinguish the crux of the the Bob Dyer article. Seems like another agenda piece, but I did find these two items interesting: Dru Joyce was among those who threw their hats into the ring, and his candidacy was backed by LeBron, who wrote a 335-word email to the UA president and the athletic director. More than 50 people applied or were recommended for the job, including assistant coaches at UCLA, Wisconsin and former Indiana head coaches Tom Crean and Mike Davis; Chris Jent, a former Cavs assistant now at Ohio State; and former Cav Jimmy Cleamons.