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  1. Western Michigan WR Corey Davis visited the Ravens, Titans, Eagles, Browns, and Cardinals. It is usually foolish to put much stock into where a prospect visits, but Davis' list could be important considering he was not able to work out at the Combine or his Pro Day because of ankle surgery. Davis did post a video showing him running routes, and he expects to be at full health in a few weeks. Of the visits, Davis noted the "feel" with the Ravens was "a lot different" than the others. Owners of the No. 16 pick, Baltimore could certainly use a receiver with Davis' skill set. Source: Rotoworld.
  2. "Like, look at their schedule in the last decade, do you really want to play teams like Coppin State and Adrian? Right?"
  3. I saw Stewart the week before, he looks the part, and caught everything thrown his way. He stood out. The receivers will benefit when Woodson starts playing again. Playing against the Zips secondary in practice is going to make the receiving corp better too, they won't play against too many better groups this year.
  4. I follow the Steelers pretty close. Somebody like Jerome should be on this list if he had a good chance of being drafted by the Steelers. I agree, that he needs to get drafted by a team that has some established coaching and experienced veterans to have an increased chance of performing well.
  5. Being out of town, I was not able to attend, but I did listen to the broadcast. Steve and Brad really didn't do a typical game day broadcast. They had a lot of interviews from the sideline from Joe. All the interviews were pretty entertaining. Apparently a lot of ex Zips played a flag football game Friday night, sounds like all the participants had a lot of fun. I thought the most interesting interview Joe did was with Woodson. He described his injury as, an injury that started to heal on top of the injury. This is why it was hard to know if he was ready to play each week. Apparently they had to remove what was healing on his labrum and then fix. He said he felt good. Coach Bowden watched from the box. He mentioned that MTB got dinged, but no other injuries. I heard from a reliable source that he will be just fine. Speaking of MTB, I see he won Spring Offensive MVP. Spring Football Awards Offense MVP– Senior TE Mykel Traylor-Bennett / Most Improved– Sophomore OL Trevor Brown & sophomore TE Brandon Junk / Unsung Hero– Sophomore RB Chuck Turfe Defense MVP– Junior CB Darian Dailey & senior LB Andrew Hauser / Most Improved– Junior DL Brennan Williams / Unsung Hero– Sophomore CB Denzel Butler & redshirt freshman Andrew Siegman Weight Room Awards Offensive MVP– Senior WR A.J. Coney / Defensive MVP– Senior S Zach Guiser / Most Improved– Sophomore OL Trevor Brown, junior CB Jordan George, senior LB Andrew Hauser
  6. This may be one of the reasons Jerome decided to enter the draft this year: "It's the worst wide receiver class I've seen in a long time," said one NFC executive. source
  7. I have, not a huge fan. One and done. For reference, I like the Summer Shandy a lot better.
  8. A couple more... Left tackle Trevor Brown, and others provide Kato with protection from a blitzing Shawn Featherstone. The defense gets set as Kato gets to the line. The team run many first and goal at the ten situations.
  9. Mikel Traylor-Bennett pulls down a sideline route. Safety Vince Lockett nearly gets to a ball intended for Kwadarrius Smith. Sophomore Denzel Butler returns and interception. After knocking a ball to the ground, Darian Dailey reminds the sideline not to come his way. Manny Morgan works hard to gain extra yardage. Nate Stewart pulls down a long go route. Nate Stewart pulls down a Clayton Uecker td pass. AJ Coney hauls in a long pass from Nick Johns. Undrea Bullard and the rest of the offensive line give Nick Johns time to deliver. Tra'von Chapman scores on a quick slant from the slot. The offensive line gathers for some instruction. Brock Boxen looks to put last year's injury behind him. Nate Stewart works for some yards after the catch. Mikel Traylor-Bennett scores from his familiar wildcat position. Mikel Traylor-Bennett celebrates his goal line prowess. Mikel Traylor-Bennett goes low to get into the end zone. Nick Johns scores on a quick slant. Kato Nelson scores on a fade pass.
  10. Good Luck Mike.
  11. “A lot of the guys turn 22 or 23 and their love of the game changes,” UA coach Terry Bowden said of Tuley-Tillman’s departure. “He saw the future of his life out there and football was not where he wanted to go. It happens sometimes. When a player decides they’ve had enough of football, they’ve had enough.” That means sophomore Trevor Brown and junior Undrea Bullard will battle to assume that role for the offense once the regular season rolls around. Good for Logan, hope he is successful in his future. Justin Gilbert should have did the same.
  12. (Referring to the Video above) Denzel Butler and Jordan George making some nice plays on the ball. Who made the tackle to chop down Chapman on the sweep? That was nice. I'm optimistic about our secondary helping our line make some plays this year.
  13. 7 million dollars, but you have to move to Pittsburgh. 😝
  14. If drafted by the proper team with a consistent staff and solid veterans to show him how to become an NFL receiver, he will do just fine. Hopefully he can get drafted at the bottom of a round, and not the top. Just like Hixon. PFF's evaluation is accurate, as always.
  15. I'm starting to think the cookie needs its own thread. AND Keener needs to change his icon.