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  1. Akron and Central Michigan on Oct. 27, will kick off at Noon at InfoCision Stadium on ESPN3. The game is designated as the Hometown Heroes recognition game. Any military member or first responder, which includes police, firefighters, and paramedics, will get a FREE ticket with a work I.D. The Zips will also host Trunk-or-Treat in the tailgate lots prior to the game for young children.
  2. I wrote about that yesterday in the Buffalo thread.
  3. Kent is 115th in the nation in run defense allowing 205 yards a game. The Zips need to get their run game going. I want to see some run oriented personnel packages this week. POUND the ball, POUND Kent!
  4. Zips open up as a four point favorite.
  5. Game 6—@Buffalo Bulls

    I would ditch every play that involves a run pass option. Any play that involves one of these, mostly causes confusion, penalties, turnovers, or negative yards. I would love to see more trap blocking instead of RPOs. I can't remember the game last season where the Zips successfully run a bunch of these with Deltron, but it was fun to watch. Design an offensive plan that is more simplistic that does not include Kato running the ball at all. Stay in the pocket, and throw the ball, so he can progress as a passer. And please run more plays to Maverick. I watched a practice this offseason where the ball went to him every third play. I was convinced he was going to have a big year. Every time he touches the ball good things happen. He and MTB bring a physical play to the offense. I've seen Kato make good decisions running the four vertical concept, I would enjoy watching more of that as well. Get rid of instant replay. It's garbage, and doesn't work. I watch the replay on a 55 inch led tv with perfect light in my living room, while the ref watches a 7 inch monitor on the field in sunlight. That makes zero sense to me. I'm not sure I understand the Zips punting concept. If I play the Zips I rush the punter every time. We missed Brian Bell and Alvin Davis yesterday. Those two help create turnovers that seem imperative for this team to win. As far as positives I witnessed, it was the most effective I have seen Van run this year, and it was the best game Brady has played as a Zip. The Zips can kick a long field goal. We have to win next week, or the season's wheels are off. I think the Kent game comes at the perfect time this year.
  6. No winners. @ziptrumpet87 gets a mention for being close, but missed Tyree’s passing yards.
  7. I hope Deltron is able to get some carries this week. He was dressed last week, but I'm not sure he was available to play. Not that this is an accurate injury list, but he doesn't appear on it. I wish someone asked about him during the press conference this week.
  8. Game 5—Miami RedHawks

    Interesting point made by coach Bowden in his presser this week. He had some freshman on the Nebraska kickoff. They don't know for sure if that game is going to count against them or not. They don't have clarification yet. He said he needs to make a phone call this week.
  9. 2018-2019

    According to coach, it was not a good day of practice, a lack of focus and effort.
  10. Game 6—@Buffalo Bulls

    Maverick Wolfley had a 24 yard touchdown on a well designed play to help Akron upset Northwestern. I would like to see more of him.
  11. Game 6—@Buffalo Bulls

    CBS Sports Network will televise (Ben Holden and Ross Tucker are calling the game). Buffalo ranks No. 7 in turnovers gained, No. 9 in turnover margin, No. 13 in winning percentage, and No. 34 in red zone defense. Individually, senior DB Khalil Hodge is No. 3 in total tackles. Senior CB Cameron Lewis is No. 4 in interceptions per game and total interceptions. Junior WR K.J. Osborn is No. 10 in receiving touchdowns and No. 29 in receiving yards.
  12. Game 6—@Buffalo Bulls

    Bulls favored by eleven and a half. Opened at nine, with three quarters of the action being placed on the Bulls.
  13. No winners. @K92 comes close, but just like every voter, didn't see the Zips defense giving up four touchdowns. Better luck next week fans.