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  1. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    The Zips staying an hour and half away, and having to drive back and forth was probably a bigger factor. Just working out all the logistics of an extended night would have been an easy excuse for lackadaisical play. Good for them for overcoming. I thought it was a funny comment that coach Bowden made in his show, "just getting chicken for 100 guys was hard enough."
  2. Kobie Booker should have been on this list. He impressed me last week. Not just his TD, he is moving very good in the running game too. photo by: Jeff Harwell
  3. 2017 Race To Detroit

    Got ya. Disregard my comments then. I'll evaluate the OU game in a month, that one is a long ways away. Too much can happen between now and then. Hopefully the Zips have seven wins, and that game won't be a "have to win" game.
  4. Toledo is 83rd in the nation against the run, giving up 175 yards per game. Akron will need to run the ball effectively, like they did against BG to limit Toledo's offensive possessions. I wonder if Kato will be able to provide a series or two this week, or is he still banged up? Will Deltron get a few carries this week? Will we see more 12, and 22 personnel? Odd, Toledo only has 6 sacks this year. Lowest in the conference.
  5. 2017 Race To Detroit

    I'll guess it will be the state of the progrum, not one game, either way. I think the players will have more to do with the outcome of the Toledo game. If the Zips make it to Detroit for only the second time in school history, I wouldn't put too much money on anybody getting "fired." Even if we get beat being a 16 point underdog Saturday.
  6. Logan Woodside is rated 15th in the nation, and averages 287 passing per game thus far. He's only thrown one pick, averaging 31 attempts per game. Akron defense gives up an average of 240 yards per game, and has 9 interceptions this year (12th in the nation). IMO, this will be your 🔑 matchup of the week.
  7. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    Iv'e watched enough football in my life to know that no matter how awesome a team's offense looks, there is always a defense to make them look pedestrian. Let's hope that's what happens to Toledo's offense Saturday. No backup, I want to beat Woodside. I want to see him go against our secondary. Talent vs talent. I'm sure the Zips secondary is pumped to face him.
  8. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    I forgot how awesome that site is. Thanks.
  9. Discuss answers below. **** Poll opens at 1 am Thursday, and locks Saturday at 11 am ****
  10. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    MAC Weekly Media Teleconference Audio (Bowden) • In the first seven games, Akron has scored on its opening drive five times. Conversely, Akron's defense has kept its opponents from scoring at all, forcing four turnovers. • Day behind in preperation for Toledo because of getting home late. • Coach Bowden has more wins on Sunday than Hue Jackson this year.
  11. UA to Renovate the JAR

    I'm not surprised. Back when I used to listen to FM radio, DJ's always said, "turn it up...and rip off the knob!"