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  1. News5—Joe Moorhead aims to create winning culture in Akron By: Camryn Justice I think it's going to take more than winning to fill 30k at Akron. From the little I know about Guthrie, I would guess he has a multi-phased plan. I think it will take success at each phase to fill the Info. Looking forward to seeing the plan unfold.
  2. I wouldn’t think any transfer from Pittsburgh would be off the table with coach Moorhead.
  3. "In one regard there are reasons to be optimistic. Trimble will be available against the Cardinals Tuesday night." Source: George M. Thomas Akron Beacon Journal
  4. How coach Bowden talked all the south Florida kids to come to Akron, I'll never get. He's explained it to me, and I still don't know how he did it. Simply amazing.
  5. I'm all for getting more talent into the MAC, and it seems like Charlie is a nice guy, but should he be trusted with financials?
  6. Looks like Go Zips Dot Com updated their information.
  7. Dijon Jennings lists a 3.6 GPA on his Twitter account. I like that. http://www.hudl.com/v/2GNkVR
  8. Aaron Rodgers mentions Luke Getsy during MNF.
  9. I wouldn't categorize myself as a "stars don't matter" fan, more like "as an Akron fan, I don't care about stars." I remember attending a Lee Owens presser, where he was telling us how highly rated Thomas Plummer was. I can't remember how many stars he had, more than Chase Blackburn that same year. After this happened over, and over, and over again in Akron classes, I stopped paying attention to stars. I'll trust that coach Moorhead knows the best type of player that can win at Akron, regardless of stars.
  10. Where is that old poll about how many NCAA tournament games KD would win after he left Akron? Where are they now? Jawanza continued to ascend after that senior season.
  11. Arth held a clipboard for Manning. Pretty sure Arth and McDaniels played at John Carroll.
  12. I added your info to the first post in the thread.
  13. Oregon head coach Bryan McClendon and Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops preview Alamo Bowl Oregon will rock a new color combination for the first time this season in the Alamo Bowl
  14. 2022 Oregon assistant head coach now available for the game
  15. Nick Toth is a Cleveland native, and played at OU.
  16. Yep, almost had one hundred yards…for the year.
  17. I heard him say the that too, and wondered....anything? 🧐
  18. My intent to add to an old JT thread, and observe that Jason Taylor Coaching at St. Thomas Aquinas has taken an odd turn for a nice guy with a new staff at Akron. My apologies to most ZN members. 🙁
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