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  1. I like the photo, I question the resolution. 😜
  2. No member thought Teon would be held to under 50 yards rushing. Miami held him to 22 yards on 13 carries. Not many opportunities to take advantage of, as the Miami defensive line dominated yesterday.
  3. Fearless Forecast™ Zips score a special teams TD
  4. Discuss one or more of your answers below. If you like, make a Fearless Forecast™ (about this game) in this thread.
  5. I can’t believe those two are the best option ESPN has on a Tuesday night. He said so many ridiculous things, I had to mute. On top of that, half the time the down and distance on the screen had an advertisement in its place. ESPN dares you to enjoy a game. It’s like they are trying to make you turn the channel.
  6. I believe Kent could have told Akron they were running up the middle and gained 9 yards. Until this gets fixed, not much else matters. 😞 Dollard is fun to watch. 🤩
  7. No member correctly answered the three questions. Shout-out to @zipsfan33 for correctly selecting Dollard to rush for more than 150 yards.
  8. The line opened at 22½, it's at 24½ on some sites. Fearless Forecast™: Dollard breaks a late run for a TD, and the Zips cover.
  9. Discuss one or more of your answers below. If you like, make a Fearless Forecast™ (about this game) in this thread. Game is at 8 pm on ESPN
  10. I got this creepy image of iCoach sneaking in my head when I listen to Loeffler. 🤢
  11. Yeah, I would say it was a practiced play. The unnecessary fake spike gives that away. 😂
  12. The Zips kept my interest throughout the game last night. I almost turned it off after the 3rd and 13 sweep call down by 14. Wow. Dollard's success will start to give Gibson some looks downfield. Any opponent watching the OU tape is going to have to respect the Zips running game (Dollard). I like the way Dollard gets extra yards after contact. I can't remember the last Zips RB to do that consistently. If Gibson continues to progress, and cuts the silly mistakes, he could be a good one. I like his potential, and release. If I watched a game in person, I would focus on Adetutu, he interest me the most on defense right now. Hard to tell from TV coverage. CBS coverage of the Zips is better than ESPN. Top to bottom.
  13. No ZN member correctly answered all three questions. I don't think any member answered two questions correctly, I know I did not. I think the game stats were a surprise to all. Near the end of the game I was rooting for one long pass to Qualls or Grimes, so I could hit my Fearless Forecast™. So close, but yet so far. 😎
  14. Fearless Forecast™ the Zips have a 100 yard rusher, and a 100 yard receiver.
  15. I would love to give an educated answer, but the camera positioning was so poor, half the time I didn't even know who had the ball. Where was that camera mounted, on the roof? Looking forward to CBS on Tuesday, maybe I can come back to this thread. On top of the terrible camera work, I sure would have liked to see down and distance on the screen. The commentator had zero idea, he would comment short, when they got the first down, and first down when it was short. Useless. He was daring me to turn the sound off, so I did. Ponderous.
  16. Discuss one or more of your answers below. If you like, make a Fearless Forecast™ (about this game) in this thread. Game is Tuesday at 7 pm on CBSS ZipsNation interviewed Boogie back in April of 2019 about his transformation from RB to WR The article explains his decision. Reading the article now, you can understand as to why he is taking snaps at RB.
  17. I agree, I thought Boogie looked good at RB. I wouldn't have predicted that one. I'd like to hear how that went down. Two other bright spots, I thought Mathison exhibited some nice skills. The other would be Cory Smigel. He drilled both field goals. He's impressive for his size. I'll save my negative comments for later in the season if we don't progress. Come on Zips, put it together! I have never been passionate one way or the other about junior college, or upperclassmen transfers. You can be successful with or without, but this team looks like it could sure use more than a few.
  18. Only three members correctly selected the Zips rushing for 130 yards. Those three members did not predict the Broncos 45 point victory. No winners this week.
  19. 53 yards rushing on the opening drive 😳😳😳 THAT would have been a fearless forecast.
  20. I wouldn't jump to that conclusion just yet. If UG is injured again, he will end up on the IR. The Steelers traded for Avery Williamson, who is on the last year of a contract. More than likely, he won't be with the team next year. UG will still be under contract. There are many paths to being a contributor in the league, UG is off to a challenging start, but he has the positive attitude that might just give him the ability to overcome.
  21. From today’s press conference: Later, Tomlin was asked about the availability of inside linebacker Ulysees Gilbert, who was inactive for four of the first five games and then was unavailable for last Sunday's game in Baltimore with a back injury. An issue with his back also hampered Gilbert for a large portion of his rookie season of 2019. "We'll see," answered Tomlin. "It depends on how his back behaves."
  22. I’m rooting for a running back to gain 100+ yards in a game this year, and the offensive line to give the QB a chance to get to a second read a few times on a drive. Anything after that will be a bonus.
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