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  1. No ZN member answered all thee questions correctly.
  2. His situation reminds me of Minkah Fitzpatrick when in Miami, having to play all over the field in multiple positions.
  3. I’m not sure of gap responsibility in our defense. I know certain NFL linebacker gap assignments for some NFL teams. The answer is probably a linebacker responsibility in your description. If you are able to post a certain play, I may be able to guess, but keep in mind the Zips play a multiple defense, so responsibility could switch from play to play. I was trying to pay attention to DL rotation last week, but even that was hard to follow. I was confused as to when Jest was on and off the field. He played most of 3-4, and come off after UB crossed midfield when UA switched to 4-3. But this didn’t happen the second half. He played in the 4-3 as well. Might be easier for me on the stream this week.
  4. Discuss one or more of your answers below. If you like, make a Fearless Forecast™ (about this game) in this thread.
  5. 2002 victory over ranked Marshall. Leftwich being carried down the Rubber Bowl field. Still shown as classic college football game to this day. Owens best win for me.
  6. Not sure what makes the "best" coach in Akron. I don't think I possess enough knowledge to vote "best." I wasn't even alive for some. I could tell you who I liked in no particular order. Bowden, Owens, Brookhart and Faust. Didn't know Larsen or Dennison. I'll leave the vote to those who know everything about all those listed.
  7. Offense: I would rather see more 12 personnel (thinking protection) than 22, not sure we have the roster right now to run 22, plus I don't want to see it (boring). I thought Decavilon Reese has looked good in his ten carries averaging 4.3 yards a carry. I would like to see more of him. Not a big fan of all the motion, and trying to disguise our personnel pre-snap. Lineup, and let the QB read the defense. Simplify. In my limited viewing of Gibson, it seems like he knows where his options to throw are, and makes the most of it. Get him some time to do so. Defense: What a shame for our defense to receive little encouragement from ZN members after holding a team to 7 points while spending the majority of the game on the field. Yes, they need to get more pressure on the QB, but did they need to pressure Vantrease? The defense limited him to 65 yards passing the entire game. Six...five, when was the last time that happened??? They were actually very effective switching between the 3-4, and 4-3. Lost in a poor performance by the offense, was an effective defense. I could point out some minor things, but this group was by far the best of the team last week. Special Teams: Get better at making field goals, and getting positive yards on punt returns. Momentum and field position are dependent upon this group. Go Zips!
  8. 21 point difference, 193 yards passing for the Zips, and one takeaway pencil. Congratulations go to @kreed5120 @Zippyroo @Sergeant Zip and @ZippyRulz...did I miss anyone?
  9. My quick thoughts from yesterday: • The Zips defense held UB to 7 points and 254 yards of offense. That should equal a victory. • AJ Watts (freshman from Georgia) had a great game yesterday. He has my attention. • The offense has to score touchdowns to keep my interest. I don't mind rebuilding, but somehow, someway you need to score TDs to keep me involved in the process. • Gibson was the best QB on the field yesterday. Gibson was under constant pressure and outperformed UB's QB who had a clean pocket most of the day. • I'm not giving up on Kato, he was still involved in warming up Gibson, tapped him on his head when he went out, was in the QB huddles after series. • In limited carries (8) Decavilon Reese looked like he can help the offense move the ball on the ground. Hopefully his injury was a stinger, and is all right. • I've watched football for decades, and I have little, to no idea what pass interference is anymore.
  10. Discuss one or more of your answers below. If you like, make a Fearless Forecast™ (about this game) in this thread.
  11. From the above Instagram post from Dustin “I’m so thankful for the game of football. The places it has taken me, the experiences I have been fortunate enough to be apart of and the people I have been able to meet. It has meant the most to me since I was eight years old. Unfortunately, I have been fighting an uphill battle with ocular migraine through trauma in the past few years of playing the game. It has reached the point where I will be medically disqualified from continuing my football career. The support I have received throughout my life has been truly amazing. I am so thankful for all of it. I will be transitioning into the next stage of my life with all of the tools and knowledge football has equipped me with. To all of my teammates and coaches from the past and the present, THANK YOU. It’s been one hell of a ride.“
  12. No member was able to correctly predict all three answers this week.
  13. That is fearless! Not so much the first part, but the second. 🤯
  14. Here's your chance to talk to the staff with all your questions and concerns. Don't miss out.
  15. While there are no official injury reports in college, donbest.com is the closest thing available. I look almost every week. This is the first week, someone other than Jonah appears. 10/07/19. LB. DeMarkus Glover. Undisclosed. left last game, is "?" Saturday vs Kent State 10/07/19. QB. Kato Nelson. Arm. left last game, is "?" Saturday vs Kent State 10/07/19. TE. Maverick Wolfley. Undisclosed. is "?" Saturday vs Kent State
  16. At this point, it's a guess. Kato was in street clothes for Tuesday's practice.
  17. Fearless Forecast™ Kato scores a TD, not lined up at QB.
  18. From the BJ article: “We’re planning on him being available. Kato is a tough kid,” UA coach Tom Arth said in his weekly news conference Tuesday. “He’s had a chance to really rest up quite a bit last week, feel great. He’s certainly progressed for us as we’d hoped last week. We’re preparing him to be ready to play.” The use of the words "available" and "ready to play" make me think how he will be used. I know nothing, just interpreting, and possible overthinking a small blurb.
  19. Discuss one or more of your answers below. If you like, make a Fearless Forecast™ (about this game) in this thread.
  20. Name two players in Akron history that you can look back on and say "man, we shouldn't have burned his redshirt" In your hypothetical scenario, I would select Gibson.
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