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  1. Just reported on channel 3 by Jim Donovan. MAC is mulling over option to allow immediate family only! 3 relatives per player, no band, no cheerleaders! obviously no fans. Uggh
  2. lady Zips host Toledo monday night in JAR at 7.
  3. In defense of Reece, I thought at least two of his fouls were ticky tack at best. One involved the player behind him (Toure) reaching over for a rebound but the ref calling white 5. offensively his hands are so much better than Deng's. I think they need to give Sayles a few minutes earlier in game too -not just when Cam and Deng are fouled out. As of today in the NET ratings Akron has dropped to 88. Still tops in MAC. Amazingly BG is 154
  4. Is this game no longer the “for Pete’s sake” purple out game? I haven’t seen or heard anything one way or the other. I know Danny is no longer coaching there but it was a nice tribute to our coach Pete. Hate to see both the “Pete’s sake” and the coaches vs cancer games just dropped.
  5. thoughts go out to Don Chiodo, the play by play man for central Michigan football and basketball. He was killed in a car accident yesterday
  6. t shirt cannon was pawned off ? hasnt been seen this year yet.
  7. Xeyrius with a double double in first half! Zips outrebound Marshall 29-14. All that with cheese and banks scoreless
  8. Not sure why a show called Zips "Live" is scheduled at a time when Ducks baseball is scheduled
  9. i guess Huggs doesnt consider anyone in Akron a 'friend".
  10. nothing wrong with homers! I wish Graves was here!! Maybe Mc Day will reconsider with new coach at OU
  11. I saw that. thank yous go out to those generous grads! Tim told me they hope to turf the field to make it playable in almost any conditions, Similar to Kent. Speaking of which, its a shame another of our grads Mike Birkbeck a former major leaguer and well payed assistant at Kent hasnt been willing to give back to his former school!
  12. have we hired offensive or defensive coordinators yet?? Not saying itll happen but Malones head coach Fred Thomas was DC at YSU for 8 years and he probably has stark county football connections. regardless of where he ends up you have to feel for the staff and players at Malone
  13. Not relevant to men’s basketball but did you all see Jody Kest resigned today?
  14. The Canton Charge will reportedly relocate from the 5200 seat Civic center to the new $75 million 5500 seat Hall of fame village sports arena. If anyone has seen the new (fawcett/Benson)stadium they know this new arena will be 1st class. Just doesnt seem fair-Neither Akron or the university combined can afford such a building but the NFL and its owners are building one for Stark county.
  15. Is Groce interested in UA job? None of us really know. But hes under contract with Illinois for another (2, 3 ?) years meaning he is being paid already so salary is not the initial obstacle at least until his contract expires. Another item, Antino was on a radio show on 88.1 this afternoon. He said he was reopening his recruiting and has spoken to a couple schools but he added he will consider staying at Akron depending on the coaching selection.
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