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  1. Stadium Expansion for 2012

    Seating is very frustrating if you aren't a student or lucky enough to get a grandstand ticket. My wife and I would have loved season tickets in the grandstand, but to be put higher on the waiting list we were told we would have to buy season tickets for the new west side reserved section, then have the chance to upgrade if grandstand tickets became available. I thought that was garbage, I would rather just get a general admission ticket and sit over on the side hill or something than pay more to have an equally crappy seat. The problem is, if you really want a good view of the game, without kids running around or students standing in front of you, the only good spot is the grandstand. As mentioned before, the lack of good seating can be a big turnoff for the casual fan. I really wish they would have built the grandstand larger initially and maybe made the outside section general admission or something. It sucks when you pay to get into the game and can't even get a good view of it!
  2. Creighton

    Is it just me? or was that clearly onside?
  3. Porter to Portland?

    Plain Dealer claims to have confirmed everything, including that Porter will finish the season with the Zips. http://www.cleveland.com/sports/college/in...aleb_porte.html
  4. Week 2 Action

    The week 2 NSCAA poll has Akron at 7 now. http://www.nscaa.com/rankings/1081/NCAADiv...dbb00ab789cf001
  5. Porter to Portland?

    I have to imagine there is a good chance Embick would step into the HC role, he has been under Porter for so long, it would probably give a smooth transition. Plus any recruits would be familiar with him.
  6. Alfred Koroma

    well according to Alfred's knee on twitter, he is feeling ready to play friday, but it will be up to Alfred and Caleb. Haha, if Alfred is doing this, he has a good sense of humor!
  7. Ticket Exchange

    So, can you access the ticket exchange through ticketmaster's website? How would this work if I wanted to buy tickets?
  8. I feel like Tommy will at least get a chance starting. I think he has been here longer than any other player on the team and has worked hard to earn a chance to start. But I think you'll see Porter trying quite a few different combinations at the beginning of the season to see what works best as the players gel. At this point, There are only three players that I am confident will start every game, Barson, Meves and Caldwell. Other than that, I think it's probably all up for grabs.
  9. A new question

    PhD Programs attract more prestigious faculty that along with PhD candidates produce lots of high quality research. Believe it or not, research plays a huge role even in business.
  10. Zips vs Raiders Game Thread

    Awesome about tommy. Any idea who was in goal?
  11. The Beer Thread

    Where did you get the 120 minute IPA? I've been wanting to try it but have never seen it anywhere. Just picked up some Oberon. Probably my favorite Bell's of what I have tried from them. Tough to beat for a flavorful summer beer.
  12. The Beer Thread

    Nice, I have been eying Rasputin for awhile but haven't picked any up yet. This review definitely makes me want it more!
  13. The Beer Thread

    Yea, Thirsty Thursdays at Thirsty Dog are great, keep in mind that it's cash only though. I highly recommend the Maibark. 6.5 ABV and very flavorful, but easy to drink, not too extreme.
  14. The Beer Thread

    Just tried the Samuel Smith Imperial Stout, it was excellent! I haven't tried the Taddy yet, but it will be soon to come.
  15. Jim Tressel on staff??

    Not sure if this has been brought up yet, but is it possible that President Proenza is grooming his successor in Jim Tressel? Just a thought...