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  1. I don't mind other teams coming in and talking, they had a good year. Good for them. But it is one good year. Acting like you haven't been a garbage program, which you will return right to when Kiffin leaves, is hysterical due to the level of arrogance they seem to carry. I don't think the Zips win, the defense has been poor all year versus big play teams. I hope the game is competitive. I just think it's funny they are too good to play Akron, yet chomping at the big to play FSU in their one poor year, knowing full well this was their only chance to even sniff a chance at competing against them as they would get rolled 99/100 times.
  2. For those that are maybe confused, he was committed to wrestle at Virginia, as he is a very high talent on the mats. His preference is Football, where his only visit according to the article is to Elon.
  3. I don't think I recall ever witnessing a turnover to touchdown in the waning seconds like that before. The players wanted to walk off the field before they were rushed to make a snap. Just plain stupid.
  4. Bone headed play there....my goodness.
  5. Stinks you can't see the home side on TV, the away side looks pathetic. Surprised there aren't more people on that side. Side note *** watching on TV, the Zips audio team needs to get some new songs. My goodness, they play the same 3-4 songs and none of them are new. Entertainment matters to the younger crowd, not winning any favors there.
  6. I stopped a long time ago and tell them the same thing when the call. When they decide to actually play teams worth watching in a high school arena, I would consider purchasing again. I would not pay to see teams play teams in a high school arena that I have never heard of before. Now, I have moved and no longer live in the area but never bother telling them that. But am now in Chicago, a few blocks from me, Depaul is opening a brand new arena. I get it that they are in a better conference, but I signed up for season tickets to a team I have zero affiliation with just purely to see quality basketball.
  7. His excuse over multi bid league is a joke. He has nobody but himself to blame for the lack of NCAA appearances. He never scheduled a quality schedule, so he could never get quality wins and challenge his team so when tournament time came, he choked year over year. He couldn't recruit at Akron, so how is he going to recruit at a high enough level to compete in the A10? A $40MM reno won't help him any. Hopefully he gets fired within three years when they see he is a fraud. That being said.......Akron will also never grow as a program as long as they play in a HS arena in a league that is among the worst in the NCAAs. So until they get a big league arena or decide to go D2, they are in no mans land.
  8. Paying KD that much for a program that can't even sustain itself is pretty sad.
  9. Not a single error in there buddy. They have never beaten a top program, their small handful of wins against the power conference teams have been in significant down years. FSU in the NIT?? I guess you could count that, but bragging about NIT wins is not a very good position to be in. The MAC is one of the lower rung mid majors. When was the last win a MAC team has had in the NCAAs? Early 2000's? 1 win in what, nearly 20 years? MAC had a good run there in the late 90s, has gone way down hill from there. Soft schedule is a fact. They play schools at the JAR as a former college basketball player, I had no idea existed. But Dambrot will find any no name school to schedule to get an easy W to pad the most worthless 20 win streak record going. Zeke was the only high rate recruit he has landed, then failed to develop him to be an impact player in the MAC. No other big recruits, he can't even keep local kids from St V that are highly rated with his connection to that school. Josh Williams is his only St V kid the he hasn't personally coached, correct? I may be wrong there. Akron is not my primary school. I didn't go to school there, I don't live in the area anymore but I will always pull for local teams and I wish they would do more. I'd never go see a game in a HS arena against teams I have never heard of to watch guys that are so so college players. But I represent Joe Akron as you all call them and just pointing out the obvious.
  10. lol....can't even compete in the NIT. Hilarious. Dambrot has zero significant wins for this program. Never a big game upset. Never been competitive in the post season. Plays a soft schedule to pad Ws just to flame out year over year in the very weak MAC conference tournament. Never produced a big time player. Very little impact recruits. Dominates the MAC, one of the weakest conferences in the entire NCAA. But hey...keep getting those 20 win seasons in a HS gym.
  11. Teams worried about losing to Akron. I love it....some people really believe that. Akron has ZERO big wins in their school history, yet the reason they can't get a road game is because they are worried that they will become the first school to lose to Akron. Comedy relief is always good for this time of year. Akron couldn't even get by an extremely weak OSU team in the NIT. Give me a break..
  12. Yeah....no need to catch up, I stated that MAC schools pro days are typically attended by position coaches. Unless a Khalil Mack type player is up for grabs........
  13. Who said anything about NFL Scouts? Might have glossed over that one but didn't catch it? But you are kidding yourself if you think Akron has as much film in front of scouts as they do in the Big Ten or any other P5 conference. You are absolutely right that if you have talent, scouts will find you. But how many times do players come through Akron that catch the attention like a Brown did this year? However, you can get noticed by the scouts looking at other players. Hence why pro days at big schools mean a lot for lesser named players. There's a reason why Akron players have to go to other schools pro days, while P5 schools are filled with head coaches and not lower rung position coaches like at MAC schools when a big name player is not present.
  14. No, the people that count are the recruits to make the program better.
  15. I don't disagree with you at all, but once you leave Northeast Ohio, nobody knows who Akron is. Even with a name coach. If you are going to consider Akron, that means, more than likely, you are also going to get offers from the likes of Ohio, Toledo, NIU, etc... who have all had much better success than Akron. Add on top of it, the school isn't represented well by both staff and the locals, so outside of the terrific facilities and a coach, what does Akron have to offer to a recruit? I have been through the recruiting process myself...for basketball...and many of my friends chose to go DI because it was an offer, whether preferred walk on or not, and I chose the route of wanting to play as much as I could before it all ended. But I had zero dreams of pro sports. The sad reality is, kids that go to Akron really think that pro football is their best outcome. Just tossing that out there as well, that is a very realistic mindset for a lot of these kids.
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