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  1. The University of Akron makes the front page And finally, it's positive!! Proud 2012 Graduate of the College of Nursing BSN program
  2. Spring sports athletes are getting an extra year of eligibility because of the cancellations. That doesn’t get immediately affect the Zips since IIRC there are no seniors on the team. but it will give the coaching staff an extra year to develop the players. Can’t hurt.
  3. MLB Network is showing the 1990 World Series with the Reds' #17 getting a key hit. Not particularly exciting, but for now it's all we got.
  4. Not really. We can only play the games scheduled.
  5. ...and then it was over. 😒
  6. Tough 1-0 loss to Urbana today at home. The Zips pitchers are lights out, but the bats are asleep.
  7. Against a D1 school too. A nice surprise. They have clinched a better record than the 2019 Zips football program.
  8. What a fun exciting game, and topped off with a BIG W against the Flushes. I got there during halftime from work, my son was able to see the whole game. I actually caught a first level parking spot and got home 45 minutes before he did. LOL. So much energy, with the seeding on the line (they didn’t know BG lost lol), the rivalry, sitting in a section with mostly Flushes. This ranks as one of my favorite sporting events. It’ll help get the guys ready for the tournament. This is going to be a fun, nerve wracking tournament. The first of two.
  9. For the series... I was expecting that kind of opponent scores per game...
  10. Looking at the scores, I was prepared for a lot worse outcomes for a first year program with few schollies...
  11. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale is my special occasion go-to. Although I'm getting into Fat Tire. Smooooooooth.
  12. Game two Oakland 1 Akron 0 Next stop, sunny California. Still looking for a video feed, but it's a long work week anyhow.
  13. That's a wrap. Oakland College Grizzlies 4 University of Akron Zips 3
  14. Middle of the 14th Oakland is up 4-3. The guys are trying to make up the lost innings from Friday and yesterday. LOL. I don't think game 2 makes it to 7 innings.
  15. Going to the bottom of the 10th still tied. I have audio now.
  16. Watching Game #1 on Zips Digital Network (when my internet allows). It would be nice if they showed the scoreboard now and then. Sure looks cold out there.
  17. So they don’t have as many scholarships as they are allowed. I had a scout tell me they were, but not all must have come through...
  18. College baseball in Ohio...
  19. Just my luck. I have tomorrow off, ready to watch the first game, and picked up OT on Saturday. And they rain (snow) out tomorrow's game. 😦
  20. It looks like the games will be available on Zips Digital Network https://gozips.com/watch/?Live=132&type=Live
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