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  1. Hot off the wire... Pac-12 scraps divisions moments after NCAA paves way Interesting article, hope this is the right place to post...
  2. The game didn't go nearly as bad as I was afraid it would, going up against a top 25 team (RPI) from the sun belt. Pretty decent crowd, with some marketing it could be a community event. The U could stand some positive pub. Next year bring Youngstown State to Canal Park. Make it interesting and competitive. Friday I'll be at Skeeles Field, should be a competitive game. The temp could hit 90^, that'll be a shock after the last 6 or 7 months of weather hell.
  3. I see the Zips have added three games against Purdue Ft Wayne at home. Hmmmmmm. The MAC Baseball Tournament should be played at Canal Park. Not on fake turf at Mercy Health Stadium. Avon is a more neutral site, and closer to MAC HQ. I just don’t like baseball on plastic. And there’s more for the fans to do before and after games in greater Akron.
  4. I work until 7:30 a few blocks away but will probably stop in afterward. They’re doing a Rust Belt sweep (Ak, Kent, and three with Pitt) to warm up for the ACC tourney. Kind of interesting.
  5. It's Senior Day. Ten players are playing their last college game on campus. Quite a few key players to replace.
  6. This was probably posted before, but brings back a lot of memories… https://www.beaconjournal.com/story/lifestyle/2014/09/21/local-history-acme-zip-game/10606501007/
  7. I hope so. I saw where the Cleveland Cavaliers store their courts, as in several different floors they use during the season based on what special uniforms they're wearing or what holiday or special occasion is going on. And we still have the Zoro logo on the floor.
  8. As far as longevity goes, tOSU have used the block O with changes in how the colors have been arranged for 64 years, and is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Iconic. Yeah yeah I know, we hate the Worthless Nuts. But, we want our university to be successful, sometimes you have to look at what's worked for other brands, including our rivals. In other words, DON'T MESS WITH IT FOR AWHILE. If ever.
  9. 0-4 against the kitties. But look at the bright side, we're not in last place. By overall percentage points. 🙄 I'm hoping to make it out Saturday for the Miami double header. Every home series this season I have something that comes up. Monday night they're playing Georgia Tech at Canal Park, I might pop in after work for that.
  10. IF they replace the old floor, or at least replace the logo. Something they haven't done in at least three logos. It's certainly not the worst, and not really the best. I still like the pissedoff Roo logo on my posts, but they wanted ONE logo, one vision for the entire university. Not just the athletics department. It has to look unique and catchy to prospective students in all of the programs. They are the ones the University has to attract. Not sports fans.
  11. https://www.espn.com/video/clip/_/id/33815283
  12. Just please don’t bring back the A with the kangaroo head…
  13. It seems the M.O. is to change the logo every couple of years to sell a new round of merchandise. I hate to see what they try next.
  14. You know. Oakland would be one hell of rivalry series. That's where Jordan Banfield jumped ship to be head coach, poaching several of our players with him. I see former Zip Brad Goulet leads the team with 57 hits and 5 homers. Brenton Phillips, Quinton Kujawa, and a couple other names sound veeeery familiar. Yeah that still stings.
  15. It would be more interesting to play former rival YSU in baseball every year than going to Lipscomb (although it’s probably warmer and safer in Nashville in February). See 2 games Saturday, get a room at the casino, and be back on Sunday for a matinee game. They’re playing at a level I would like to see the Zips play in a couple years. Getting hammered by schools the size of Wayne College doesn’t do much but ruin confidence and whatever pride they had.
  16. Why do I get the feeling they'll do the bulk of the construction during the football/soccer season?
  17. I was hoping to catch game 1 Saturday and walk over to the Spring Game, but that's out. There's no telling which Zips team will show up anyway. And the Spring Game is a wash for me. Bad move...
  18. Chris Bassitt got the season off to a rough start losing to the Giants giving up 5 runs on 8 hits in his first start with the Mets. He rebounded nicely with one ER (total) in the next two starts against the Diamondbacks and Nationals. He's now 2-1 with a 3.00 ERA and 20K's after his third straight 6 inning outing. His next start is scheduled for Tuesday in St. Louis which is scheduled to be on TBS. Then his NEXT start is slated to be on May Day, hosting the Phillies on ESPN. J.T. Brubaker was given the opening day start for the Pirates, his season also off to a rough start with a 0-2 record with a 7.30 ERA. He's been pitching to former Tribe backstop Roberto Perez. He should take the bump Sunday in Chicago, with the game possibly on TBS.
  19. I download Zips uniforms and floor for NBA 2K games, and rename the players. It's NBA rules, but it's better than nothing. And you need a couple centers. Best we can do with Madden is use older Rams jerseys and rename the players. Some years when I'm ambitious I redo the player ratings. It's a gamer thing. I go back to pong on a portable black and white TV.
  20. It's not the improvement we wanted to see at this point, but we've won as many MAC games this season thus far (8-12) as we did all last year (8-32).
  21. Man I miss those games. I'd rename all the players to current Zips. They had NCAA basketball too. I aint gonna lie, I was a pretty good coach on those.
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