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  1. Zips in the NFL

    Well that list definately needs to be updated. haha They have Charlie Frye as a Brownie. I feel bad for that guy
  2. Help out the Marketing Dept

    You can go with the Direct Mail but that is extremely expensive. One would definately have to pound it into the heads of people to get the point across. In marketing, they do have 3-hit theory which says you need to expose the consumer at least three times in order for it to stick. They need to have a gathering of some sort at the stadium. I know the stadium isn't done yet, but it would still attract some much needed attention.
  3. Tailgating

    I heard the family center on Exchange might be doing parking! Hopefully they'll have tailgating too. I haven't head if they will or not
  4. Tailgating

    Where are the radio stations going to be? Just in the regular parking lots or something?
  5. Tailgating

    Are there any companies around here offering their parking lots? That would be sweet if they were close
  6. Parking/tailgating

    So what is going on with tailgating? I know the university is having all of these limitations but where is the good lot going to be? We need to have something like the Muni lot. hahaoh and do you think there will be any local businesses providing parking?
  7. Stadium Operations

    I do believe there are opportunities for students. There should be at least!