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  1. Comes from a big school that played in the tourney and was ranked most of the year. His big at 6’7” as well
  2. What are you talking about? I saw him leave his feet to shoot a 3
  3. To be fair, most of the teams we’ve lost to are crappy
  4. Personally for me, I don’t care who the team plays. I love going to games. I love watching my team play. So id hope the people that aren’t going bc of the competition aren’t also the same people that complain about attendance numbers and not having a newer nicer and larger arena. Show that it’s worth the time and money to build a new arena by attending all games. Even the ones that have bad opponents. Besides, why wouldn’t you wanna go see your team win.
  5. Defense looks nasty against a team that averages 85 a game
  6. Great effort by the zips in a tough place playing a top 10 team with an all American. Also sayles is so soft and erratic. That is all
  7. Yes he would. Sabian would have the zips as a top 25 team.the name alone would bring recruits and transfers.
  8. To be fair, Akron has trouble with everyone that is in the FBS.
  9. I 2nd Gino’s east if you like Chicago style pie. It’s the best in the city. I go there every time I visit Chicago. Expect a bit of a wait to sit and then about 45 min to an hour for the pie to cook. Fado Irish pub is also a great little Irish pub where all of the staff are actually from Ireland. If you want some good blues, right next to fado is the world famous “blue Chicago” blues bar. Very small but great music. If you are staying the weekend and want a upscale place the signature room on the 95th is fantastic. It’s on the 95th floor of the Hancock building, or you can go to the signature lounge on the 96th just one floor higher. Both have outstanding 360 degree views of the city. If you have time check out the Lincoln park zoo. It’s fantastic and free. I wish I could make the trip, but I’ll be in Boston this weekend. For those of you going, Have fun and as always, go zips!!!
  10. From what I’m reading on the husker fan sight the zips checked out and most likely won’t be able to get rooms for tonight or flights tomorrow night. Also our byes don’t line up so it’s either play or this game won’t be played this year
  11. No he’s saying dambrot had the professor lie and say he did the assignment. Which is academic fraud and a HUGE no no
  12. Not sure if anyone saw this but nyles Evans dropped a huge bomb. Whether it’s true or not, I’m not sure, and I wish I could say I’m surprised. Could be one of the reasons why Keith bolted.
  13. If you don’t want him to score 2, stop it
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