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  1. If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there, does it make a sound?
  2. I believe in 1978 Billy Martin was fired and then came back in 1979 while still under contract with the NYY
  3. With the new President starting today, they should have had Green announce that football is dropping to FCS -- so Miller doesn't take the heat for doing it.
  4. Akron athletics have essentially become invisible to me in the last 3+ years.
  5. If they want to start fixing things, a drop to FCS should be next -- with most of the MAC
  6. "An Ohio-focused recruiting strategy is distinctive and will open up opportunities for student-athletes within the State of Ohio to compete at the Division I level. While we will welcome out-of-state students if they approach us, we will focus our recruitment efforts for new Zips within the State of Ohio.".... says the University that can’t repair their track
  7. For a team that averages 2350 (including free students), hosting any game is a financial drain
  8. Gerry demonstrated that in HS if you get the biggest and best kids to come to your school - often seeking your school out, you can dominate. When everyone else can get big, good athletes (NCAA), you need to be a better coach
  9. I liked George Thomas’ article ... no quotes or comments from Larry, but lots from a 25 yr old salesman and ex lineman who played for Arth for 4 years and coached with him for a yr telling us this is a good hire.
  10. re D3 candidates ... I think winning programs just roll along... like good HS programs -- coaches just have to not screw things up. I think by and large, the recruiting process at D1 is a totally different animal. At D3 , you do recruit, but you have kids that seek you out, and depending upon the school, you can throw money at them. I have no idea how Mt Union operates.. recruits , what type of budget etc, but they have 110 guys on their roster and 64 are from out of state. Does Mt U recruit these guys? or do they end up there because they have a history of winning and if a kid is paying for school, they want to go somewhere to win? The D1 game is different from top to bottom imo... If I'm picking the next coach, I do so from the D1 ranks
  11. The article does not paint a pretty picture.... when you plan to cut athletic expenses by $3 million, are buying out your football coach... and presumably are going to increase athletic sponsorships by $5 million, you must have some great accountants
  12. Maybe I'm missing something ...in FBS they have the same number of scholarships...P5 and G5. While most schools bleed money (P5 and G5), the last thing G5 schools need are more scholarships-- it also would further mess with title IX. Akron would do well to leave the MAC (actually the entire MAC should up and move down to FCS)... why this hasn't happened yet is beyond me.
  13. I have the utmost confidence in the BOT to make a good hire .....just kidding
  14. I never met Pres Wilson, I’m sure he is a nice guy and did a good job....but I fear that when the skin is peeled away on the University it is not in a good position for anyone with long term plans to remain in Akron. Just my guess.
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