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  1. It makes me think of EA Sports for some reason.... and the A in Army.
  2. If this was done for free---then the University got their $ worth
  3. This is a good deal for the University, but I don't think it necessarily means Groce is a lifer. It gives him a nice level of protection longterm, but I would expect him to entertain a big offer should one come his way-- a win win for him and the Zips
  4. If Gary Williams bolted for Maryland sooner in 1989, I think Huggins would have landed the OSU job.... Randy Ayers backed into that when everyone got cool on the Buckeye job
  5. I think it was a good hire.. and that the Athletic Dept acted responsibly. Two things I didn't think were possible... so things are looking up. I think spending more would have been foolish given the Athletic Department's financial situation---It's not fantasy football, it is a business.
  6. $500,000.... seems about right, for a team and an Athletic Dept that bleeds money. Glad they didn't lose their minds and spend even more money that they don't have. I wish him the very best.
  7. For this to be a success I want 4 years of 5 wins or more out of your first 5 seasons --including 2 winning seasons. If he is good -- and with the advent of the transfer portal, these should be the minimum expectations for a coach (at any school)
  8. While Akron fans look forward to an announcement ....... IMO-The exodus of coaches as the season ends (almost) has become a problem. The NCAA needs to put a dead period in place for recruiting (players)from say Thanksgiving until the first week of January. Then the need to leave/ start at a new school asap diminishes
  9. Akron can't afford to be in this game.. regardless of any donations to cover his salary, and Arth's buyout.
  10. What the hell does making a "push" for someone entail?... John Lovitz made a "push" for Morgan Fairchild iirc
  11. Progress would be me wanting to go to a game
  12. Akron has no business sponsoring FBS football… time to leave the MAC
  13. Tom Manning makes $925,000 at Iowa State .... he does not want to look at Akron
  14. He makes $618,000 at OSU... very little chance of getting canned, and will probably be bumped to a $ million within 3 yrs
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