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  1. Game 2 — UT Martin Skyhawks

    A sophomore with a 20+ and 30+ game to start the season. When has that ever happened for the Zips!?
  2. UA to Renovate the JAR

    You're right, good call. Guess that side would be a lot tougher to renovate than I thought.
  3. UA to Renovate the JAR

    Wonder if they have something planned for that wall? Hopefully something better than just painting it navy and leaving it blank. I think the "floor-to-rafters" would be a great option, and probably easy enough. If I remember correctly that is just a long hallway used for storage behind there. Cut out enough of that wall and build up the stands. Re-route foot traffic from the track to behind the seats.
  4. Game 10—Zips @ Red Hawks

    I felt like Miami and Ohio we're both losses for the Zips... looking like it today
  5. UA to Renovate the JAR

    I'd say 75% if not more have some sore of fabric or banner covering the bottom. Usually because the inside is just a hollow section made of up supports and metal holding the screens together. It's a cheap way to make it look nicer. Both the new and old video boards at the Q were the same way.
  6. Miami vs. OU - Tonight @ 8pm on ESPN2

    I guess Miami is a toss up. But I see Ohio as a loss. The Bobcats average over 40 a game and the Zips are around 20. Unless the OC lets Woodson throw, I don't see how we can keep up. Especially with zero run game.
  7. Miami vs. OU - Tonight @ 8pm on ESPN2

    I don't think Akron can beat either one of these teams. 8 touchdowns so far and Gardner looks unstoppable.
  8. Game 9—Buffalo Bulls

    Defense has to win the game for us. Tighten up.
  9. Game 9—Buffalo Bulls

    I think if Buffalo scores on this drive, the games over. Zips offense isn't being aggressive enough and no sense of urgency.
  10. Game 9—Buffalo Bulls

    Buffalo can probably get 5 yards per play if they wanted.
  11. Game 9—Buffalo Bulls

    Not sure I understand this offense. Basically turning this into one play drives. The Zips have no run game. Either try something different or just take a knee twice. At least then we don't have to worry about a fumble.
  12. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    ** turns off TV **
  13. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    Toledo's offense looks unstoppable already. Hopefully we can slow them down.
  14. UA in the news

    Too bad Jean wasn't a basketball fan. The Jean Howard Taber Arena would have had a nice ring to it... In all seriousness though, that is an amazing gift.
  15. UA to Renovate the JAR

    Stop arguing and look at this: