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  1. I'm so thankful YouTube TV automatically records sporting events for favorite teams and leagues. Seems like I'll be watching a lot of this season's Zips, Cavs, XFL and NHL games.
  2. This article by Terry Pluto made me incredibly mad. Hey Akron hoops was good this year, let's interview Keith Dambrot and ask him what he thinks about it. Who the hell cares what he thinks? He bailed and Groce put together a nice run this season. Maybe, I don't know, interview the coach responsible for winning?
  3. You hate to see it. Although it cost me $5 today. I picked a parlay of Ohio U to cover and Dookes to win.
  4. These announcers are awful. Doing victory laps after a 9-0 run.
  5. Offense not great either. Might be time to switch the channel here.
  6. Wow the defense is not very good at all...
  7. I'm assuming that the Browns taking a LB in the third means they probably won't go after Gilbert. Unless he's undrafted. Still am a bit worried Pittsburgh might pick him. Although they also took a LB but don't think they are as solid at the position as Cleveland.
  8. Akron had 12 prospects at the Browns regional pro day. The most of any school. Would love to see some of them get a shot in Cleveland.
  9. I remember a few years back one of these secondary pro leagues wanted to put a team in Akron. I wonder if the AAF will ever make it's way to InfoCision? The way the league is structured if a team were placed in Ohio it would pull from OSU, Akron, and Kent alumni. The AAF has said they want to become the official farm system for the NFL. So add a Browns affiliation to the team and you have to think they could get some good crowds, and unfortunately better crowds than the Zips typically get. That is IF the weather is okay. I watched 3 of the games this weekend and they were surprisingly entertaining.
  10. For me the sound doesn't match up to the video and it's extremely quiet. Why is this so difficult?
  11. That game perfectly summed up KD's tenure. A team with "huge" expectations, playing to the level of it's competition and losing a game they should have won easily.
  12. Playing in front of 50 people. Is that more than they usually get for normal home games?
  13. I think you may have misunderstood me. Matt Campbell coached at Toledo for 5 seasons. I disliked him back then, and I don't like him at Iowa State now.
  14. Blows my mind how many people want Matt Campbell to be the next Browns coach. I'll admit I've always disliked him since his days at Toledo. Not many college coaches are successful in the NFL without any previous NFL experience. Can't imagine if guys like Spurrier and Saban couldn't do it, that a guy who is 15-17 and barely beat Akron this season would succeed in the NFL. But hey, the Browns have always been good at picking coaches.
  15. There's a reason they look "high school." It the stock script font they took from the Nike Uniform catalog and just started slapping it on everything. Nike Basketball Uniform Builder Nothing really unique about it and it is hard to read.
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