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  1. Man these UCLA players sure are cocky for barely beating Akron. Congrats. Act like you've been there before.
  2. Welp that was fun. We'll get em next year.
  3. I feel like they aren't calling the same ticky tacky calls against UCLA.
  4. Can't turn the ball over against elite teams. But man that Freeman foul hurts.
  5. Crazy to think the Zips have a 1-point lead and we really aren't playing well at all on offense.
  6. College basketball games should only be one half. I've always said that.
  7. Man this defense is making me tired just watching it. These guys are moving non stop. Hopefully it's sustainable and they aren't burned out in the second half.
  8. Rebound, keep our composure, strong defense and make smart 3s. That's our only shot.
  9. From the ActionNetwork betting site I frequent: "Akron vs. UCLA -13.5 | O/U: 128.5 This is too many points for what should be a low-possession game. The Zips also have bodies inside capable of hanging with the UCLA interior. If the Akron 3s aren’t falling, it could get ugly, However, if they are falling, this could be an upset nobody sees coming. Verdict: Akron +14.5" Feel like that could be said about any team though. Hey, if they hit a lot of 3's they could pull an upset. Well duh? Still positive though. I never bet money on any of my teams, because I feel like I'm going to jinx it. Might have to today though just to make it interesting. Also saw this: Wish they could have picked another day, but oh well. Maybe he'll get really cocky and overlook the Zips.
  10. This still blows my mind that he celebrated hitting a 3 like this. While his team was still down 1 point and he totaled 6 points and 9 turnovers. Get over yourself.
  11. So most likely we are a 13 seed right? That puts us in Buffalo, Milwaukee or Portland? Can't make it but man Buffalo would be a easy drive for Zips fans. Just fill up your tanks before you leave Ohio.
  12. Did he really just hit a 3 and skip all the way across the entire court? What a cocky piece of s***.
  13. Yikes this is cringe. Gives me real Juju/Claypool vibes. I'd honestly be embarrassed to be a Kent fan after seeing this. Although why anyone would choose to be a Kent fan in the first place is beyond me. Hopefully it just motivates the Zips and they let their play do the talking.
  14. One of my favorite Akron wins in a long long time...Go Zips!
  15. I don't why NE Ohio sports have to be so stressful. Never easy....
  16. Why do I feel like Buffalo wins it with a 3? Just want the Zips to have a shot to win it.
  17. Well that's one way to enter halftime tied. Sure seems like the Zips are getting outplayed and out-hustled on both sides of the ball. Buffalo getting way too many second chances on offense.
  18. This graphic is the perfect example of why the script Akron doesn't work. Not only is it one of the worst shown, but it is practically unreadable when shown at a smaller size. Exactly what happens on TV and schedule graphics. Also strange to see so many Big Ten teams schedule games against the MAC. I've always heard from those fans that the SEC is overrated because they schedule a bunch of weak non-conference games.
  19. Seems like a bizarre move for Toth, but l'd say we came out on top in this situation.
  20. This is interesting. Didn't even realize that Toth already left for Air Force.
  21. I'm always amazed at Ohio roads compared to the roads here in Pennsylvania. Not to mention I felt like the I-271/R-8 stretch was in a constant state of construction for at least 10 years. But our tax on gas prices are also considerably higher to "pay" for the roads. Guess it's a toss up. Pay thousands of money on gas or thousands to get new rims and shocks every year.
  22. Can't watch anymore. Is Kent shooting over 90% yet? Sure as hell feels that way.
  23. Kent just doesn't seem to miss and keep getting easy buckets every possession, while Zips seem to really have to work for points. Not a good recipe for success. Especially when one team is hitting every 3.
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