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  1. Alex is the son of Peter Mapp who played for the Akron side that were finalists in the 1986 NCAA tournament.
  2. I was at the game but didn't have of a good enough angle on Maryland's "first goal" to comment fairly. However, I was told by a buddy who watched the match on BTN that after the save the ball went out for a corner. If the entire ball was in the goal it would defy the laws of physics for the ball to then cross the end line. Home cooking???
  3. http://www.socceramerica.com/article/65557/soccer-america-mens-top-25.html Soccer America's poll came out today and has the Zips at #8.
  4. The coaching staff received a verbal commitment today from DC United center back Alonzo Clarke. This should prove to be a huge signing for Akron.
  5. The last I heard, Pina is supposed to be enrolling at Coastal Carolina this upcoming spring semester. He's currently taking classes at a local Houston area community college to maintain his eligibility.
  6. Just wondering, has anyone been out to see any of the captain's practices this week? If so, any feedback on the form of the new players as well as the returnees would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I've been told that Fernando will be attending Coastal Carolina in the fall provided he passes a couple of summer classes in order to be eligible.
  8. Gainford will be eligible this fall and from what I've heard is one hell of a player. Should be able to make a significant impact on the attacking end. Seremba is hoping to be back in action by July, but it will probably be mid-season before he is fully match fit.
  9. From what I've been told, Carl Capellas resigned from his position because he wanted to spend more time with his family. This hire is to fill that vacancy. Looks to be an excellent hire!!!
  10. The last I heard regarding Seremba is that he will be staying at Akron. The coaches are hopeful that after a successful rehab that he will be able to begin contributing in matches by about midseason.
  11. The thee top 150's are Bryce Cregan #87, Richmond Laryea #99 and Nathan Schultz #103. From what I've been hearing, Sam Gainford (will finally be eligible this fall), Nathan Quirk and Sean Sepe (transfer from St John's) are all looking very impressive in training. Also, Jesse Garcia-Aguilar is meant to be a stud and comes to Akron by wais has thy of a personal recommendation from Caleb.
  12. I also saw the final RPI rankings and was a bit confused. I follow Akron and Coastal Carolina and in the season ending RPI Coastal was #28 and Akron #18. In the Big South tourney, Coastal played the #102, #113 and #129 RPI teams while Akron played the #95 and #105 RPI teams in the MAC tourney. Yet Coastal finished finished #19 RPI in the RPI and Akron at #20. Based on this example alone the RPI is SERIOUSLY flawed!!!
  13. I was at the match. Very questionable call on shoulder to shoulder contact. Particularly disappointing when one considers that the referee swallowed his whistle on two potential Akron PK's earlier in the match. One of which was a clear foul from behind on Abdul-Salaam at the penalty spot with about two minutes to play in regulation.
  14. My lineup guess for tomorrow is as follows. Stevenson Brenes Portillos Quinn Najem Souto Derschang Abdul-Salaam Souders Gallego Pina
  15. I addition to the accomplshments above, I think what Shaun has accomplished is all the more impressive when considering that Coastal is not fully funded, has only one poorly paid ($30k) assistant, has a crap facility and a ridiculously small recruiting budget. That having been said I am 100% behind Jared and believe that those in doubt will be pleasantly surprised this fall.
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