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  1. Baseball's BACK

    Who cares. Its baseball. The people who care are getting what they want in the team back and it appears the U will be putting very little (if any) of their own financial resources towards it.
  2. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    Yeah I brought it up in my initial post game thoughts. He got knocked on his butt at least half the time and there wasn't even a return. No offense to him as I like him being a team player and doing whatever it is to get on the field, but I have trouble believing he is one of the best 11 to put out there.....at least yet.
  3. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    ^^ I can relate, Balsy. While I think of myself as a realist and not a Bowden apologist or whatever, I would assume I am more patient than the old grumps is because the only ever Zips football I've ever known is 1-11 and 1-11. Then again, football before that wasn't anything to brag about either.
  4. Will We Always Have Football

    I feel like I'm "liking" skip's posts too much recently....not sure what has gotten into me.
  5. This team

    I was talking past tense in the sense of him being a coordinator at OSU, being that I believe he was the runner up when we hired Ianello. I don't think those types (coordinator at top programs) are realistic options in today's college football dynamic unless we are really ready to open up the checkbook.
  6. This team

    Highest completion % of his career (including the Penn St abomination) throwing to the least talented WRs he's had yet. Facts are facts.
  7. Will We Always Have Football

    Yawn. I started playing in 2nd grade and turned out just fine. How about we concentrate on teaching kids how to properly tackle.
  8. Baseball's BACK

    Lot of interesting wording in this press release. At face, I want to say its the best of both worlds, but are they "club" sports or not? I have very little faith on having enough community sports to have them.."funded". Essentially a club team in the MAC sounds like a disaster, at least from a competitive standpoint. However, it does give students a chance to compete at no additional cost to the U, which seems like a win? http://www.gozips.com/news/2017/9/19/general-university-of-akron-looks-to-bring-back-mens-baseball-add-womens-lacrosse.aspx
  9. Baseball's BACK

    Woah. Pretty big news. A lot of people seems subjective though.....as it is college baseball
  10. This team

    I'm not sure how I feel about that, probably lean towards no, but he does fit the "John Groce" mold.
  11. Game 4—@Troy Trojans

    I can't recall anybody penciling this game in as a win. Some may have predicted it, but nobody acted like they were a pushover. Troy won 10 games last season.
  12. This team

    Great insight.
  13. Game 4—@Troy Trojans

    I watched half of the Troy/NMSU game and I can't say I was too impressed with them. A solid G5 team obviously, but nobody really stood out that worries me. I think their QB is a 6th year senior and they have a pretty good RB that isn't quite back yet from an ACL tear? They didn't exactly light up NMSU, who was picked to finish 10th preseason in the Sunbelt, even though I'll admit they didn't look bad at all. Them getting more points than ISU did against us doesn't seem right. Hopefully it does end up like the ULL game a few seasons ago.
  14. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    I hate to insert myself into this convo, but I don't really see how you can "see the writing on the wall" during the 8-5 bowl win season. If you were being negative during that then I don't know what to tell you. That was just 1.5 seasons ago. We also started out last season 5-2 or 5-3 I believe it was...
  15. Zips in the NFL

    I would say not. Even though Higgins performed yesterday, he was really only called up because the coaching staff wanted to play Duke more at RB than the slot. That meant Kasen Williams was inactive. I'd expect him to be active next week and going forward with Coleman out.