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  1. Re the spring game, I feel like I've known for a while there wouldn't be open, at least open to the public. No insider info..I read or heard it somewhere. The lack of media attention sucks! No doubt about it. No spring roster, no interviews, etc. It definitely hurts fan engagement IMO. However, I would assume its at least in large part due to budget cuts. People love shitting on UA sports (even more so football), but they took their share of budget cuts as well.
  2. I've also been looking forward to the surplus sale since golf has been discontinued.
  3. We've got 3 open if my math is correct! Marshall, Edwards, and Currie are underclassmen leaving.
  4. Edwards has entered the portal, per Verbal Commits.
  5. So assuming the 3 seniors (LCJ, Dailey, Reece) don't come back, and Currie and Marshall are gone, we have room to add at least 2 players who can contribute right away. Creators, creators, and more creators please.
  6. I'm not either, but I can't see it now as well! The U is covering tuition and general expenses (after other aid) for freshman who are eligible to receive Pell Grants for their first two years. Limited to Summit County and surrounding counties. Based on my memory, anyways.
  7. Finally a little bit of incentive to attract students! Is it worth it though? https://www.crainscleveland.com/amy-morona-blog/university-akron-creates-zips-affordability-scholarship?utm_source=afternoon-report&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20210330&utm_content=article9-readmore
  8. I like. Will probably purchase a few this year. Value is pretty incredible.
  9. Kato looking good, Arth wants to make sure he isn’t pushing shoulder too hard. Gibson still needs to work on fundamentals. Arth still makes mention of his natural talent, however. DJ Irons out with illness (but not COVID). Expectation is that QB battle will go into summer. SL McCall opening eyes. He will probably play DE in situations with 4 down lineman. Can play OLB too. D-Line got the better of the o-line in general. I agree, nice article. Nice to finally get some information since the U is putting out literally nothing
  10. https://footballscoop.com/news/sources-akron-nabbing-army-recruiting-director-for-on-field-spot/
  11. Interesting that George mentions a walk-on RB (ball) and a Rb who is no longer here (AFAIK) in Childs.
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