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  1. Any insight you can provide on his medical condition?
  2. Let's all be thankful we aren't WMU fans. I would be livid.
  3. I need some recruiting news regarding our 3 open scholarships stat. Like without sports is rough.
  4. And Graves has declared for the draft, though he's entering with the option that allows him to return to school.
  5. I can't answer any questions, but my suspicion is that the staff making a conscious effort to get high-character student athletes on the team is going to keep us in a better position than some other programs.
  6. The Browns do not have an actual returner on the roster. JoJo has ranked in the top half of the league in returning the past 2 seasons. Never having to see a star WR on Dontrell Hilliard attempt to return a kick again is a plus if you ask me. The NFL roster is also increasing by 2, so that helps the case to have a returner specialist on the team.
  7. UNC also finished tied for last place in the ACC. Regardless, pretty thrilled about this game.
  8. Not necessarily transfer portal related as they aren't there, but looking at the spring roster compared to the 2019 roster, the following players are missing that should be there: Landon Forman (OL) Jonathan Neeley (OL) Tyler Gilchrist (DB) George Qualls (WR) is our only JUCO signee not currently on the roster. We are now down 3 Senior OL's we thought we'd have coming into the season. 2 of the 3 may not be a big loss considering what they've contributed so far in their career. I sure hope this staff knows something about the situation that we don't.
  9. Replacements hired. https://admin.gozips.com/news/2020/3/16/akron-football-adds-gibson-lett-as-assistant-coaches.aspx?fbclid=IwAR3UxTtE0GpYFSAyhv51kKKGsQKYWljcMB8TOITttAoaTYxJFJ-ZPXxjllc
  10. We still also have 2 scholarships open. We'd dominate the MAC if by chance the seniors were allowed to come back. Obviously you have to feel good about our outlook regardless.
  11. X hitting the game winner vs EMU. Beating Buffalo @ Buffalo for the first time in 3 years, even without Cheese.
  12. Well at least this means we should be the auto bid...if there is a tourney at all.
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