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  1. Game 3—@Northwestern

  2. Game 3—@Northwestern

    As I was saying... https://gozips.com/news/2018/9/18/football-akrons-alvin-davis-named-bednarik-player-of-the-week.aspx
  3. Anyone think NIU is going to knock off FSU this week? Seems like this is the worst FSU team in a very long time.
  4. Game 3—@Northwestern

    good point. it was Williams.
  5. Game 4—@Iowa State Cyclones

    Just watched the ISU/OU game this evening. This is gonna be tough. ISU crowd > Northwestern. ISU WRs > Northwestern. Montgomery > Larkin. Back up QB is solid as well. Doesn't seem to be much difference between him and the starter if you ask me. We can't afford a first half like last week if we want a chance. Going to need some help in ST/defense as well. Hopefully we can catch them looking ahead!
  6. Game 4—@Iowa State Cyclones

    Depth chart for Northwestern game is in the game notes. ISU should be released tomorrow or Weds, but should be few, if any changes. https://gozips.com/documents/2018/9/10//3_GameNotes_Northwestern_091518.pdf?id=13159
  7. Game 4—@Iowa State Cyclones

    Just looked at the guide and it shows Akron @ Iowa State at noon on FS Ohio.
  8. Game 4—@Iowa State Cyclones

    Awesome. I might miss it live so it looks like I'll get to see the replay at the very least.
  9. Game 3—@Northwestern

    You are spot on. I was trying not to be too specific. I think he definitely settled down in the second half as he only had maybe 1 penalty then. Luckily we were able to win despite that first half. FWIW, I didn't notice any let downs from an actual blocking perspective (meaning he seemed to be able to hold his own). Maybe that is why the coaching staff stuck with him. Has the talent, just needs to put and keep it together from a mental standpoint. I'd bet he does going forward. Learning experience. Also, we definitely had two #9s on the field during the last play. The football Gods were on our side for once. Learning experience.
  10. Game 3—@Northwestern

    My thoughts on the game: First half was rough on offense. Offensive line killed us with penalties and making us always be behind the chains as a result. Like Bowden said in his presser, I think it was a result of some acclimating to playing on the biggier stage. Definitely settled down in the second half and played well. Nice job of Gasser to hit his FGs. Not going to hold the last one against him as it was a long one. Our defense is bad as as expected. Agreed Bell played on hell of a game and both Davis'. MLB is a much better fit for Bell, IMO. Alvin should be the national defensive player of the week if there is such a thing! I can't believe he returned the second INT for a TD. First one was sweet too obviously. I can't wait to watch Morris and Williams shred the MAC for years to come. We did have a lot of questions marks at WR going into the year, but as I suspected, there is more talent there. On the injury front, I recall Jean-Baptiste, Featherstone, and Brady getting injured. I think Featherstone was in crutches after the game. I hope none are too serious and they can get back out there quickly. I really hope we can go into conference play relatively healthy. I was pretty baffled at the way our last possession was handled. I also get not wanting to punt the last play. Listening to the presser, it has been something thats been practiced many times, just wasn't set up/executed properly. If I were a betting man, I'd bet the clock operator was a little late starting it and quick to stop it on that play as well. If we really did have two #9s on the field the last play, we lucked out. Definitely some learning experiences that came out this game for players and coaches, just thankful it didn't cost us a big win. Was a pleasure meeting/celebrating with @Captain Kangaroo and his family. The Zips family section (I assume) at the game was an awesome & rowdy bunch. It's nice to see the players have a section for these far away games. Northwestern paid us 1.2M to go up there and kick their a$$. Who would have thought we would be undefeated 3 weeks into the season?! Now time to go read some crying on the Northwestern board and then on to Iowa State!
  11. Game 3—@Northwestern

    FYI the replay is available on the Fox Sports App. Watching now.
  12. Sarcasm meter is still broken Balsy.
  13. Game 1—@Nebraska Cornhuskers

    Paging @Zipmeister for his thoughts.
  14. Game 3—@Northwestern

    Should be able to watch on Big Ten Network, Fox Sports Go app, or Big Ten 2 Go app.