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  1. Game day..let’s get this dub 😎
  2. Miami has played Cinci and Minnesota..I’m not going to put them down yet. I think Buffalo is down some, with OU and BG for sure. Kent should run away with the East title this year. I predict Kent vs Toledo in the MAC-C with Kent winning, their coach moving on, then the program rejoining the basement.
  3. Arth did pretty good at JCu without your buddies boy playing, bigjim. His success at JCU is the only reason he is where he is today because it sure wasn’t from UT-C.
  4. Of course the NCAA finally allows some lee-way after we've suffered with years of being under the max scholarship limit... https://footballscoop.com/news/ncaa-reportedly-raise-25-man-scholarship-limit
  5. If we lose this game it'll even seal the deal for me. Go Zips.
  6. What exactly did he screw up with the QB situation?
  7. Ya'll, last week's loss is disappointing and I'm sure there will still be plenty of disappoint throughout the season...but lest not forget the lack of experience on the team as well as the predictions before the season began. There wasn't going to be some miraculous jump this year barring a miracle. The results thus far aren't that surprising.
  8. Boogie was not a starter in 2020. He was a back up RB. Boogie is a nice player who I'm sure will have a nice year at ULM, but the fact is Mathison is much better than him in the slot. Cross might have been a starter...unsure where he is (if anywhere). Stewart I believe transferred to an FCS school. No idea how he's doing.
  9. I think you're onto something with this. I noticed it some at Auburn, but was willing to give it a pass. Coincidentally, we scored on Auburn when this OL wasn't in. I noticed it again yesterday....when the play breaks down, it starts with a certain OL getting beat on the outside the majority of the time. He doesn't seem to do well pass blocking in space. As for other thoughts on the game, Feeney just might be this staff's Milwee. I don't like the 4-2-5. We have DL who can't get off blocks or put pressure on QB. Puts a lot of pressure on our LBs...and the extra DB doesn't seem to make much a difference considering QBs seem to complete passes at will on us. We apparently changed up strategy on DL by going "smaller or more athletic" this year, including bringing in a number of transfers who haven't yet made a difference. I though they should have brought in a transfer DB to upgrade the position opposite of Watts, and it still would appear to be an issue. Kelley-Powell, a Michigan transfer, hasn't made a single play since he's been here. Any time we force the offense to punt, it seems like a miracle. Temple ran a very vanilla offense yesterday. Same 2-3 running plays with a couple pass plays mixed in.
  10. I don't believe I've yet posted the scholly chart this season, but here's my best guess of where we appear to be at. 73 scholarship players in total, 12 under the "normal" max of 85..likely 25-ish less than teams who had a lot of seniors come back due to last year not counting against eligibility. We have one senior - Kato - who is clearly under scholarship. I'd imagine there are a few under scholly we don't know about, but those would be players who started as walk-ons who won't ever contribute outside of special teams. I'll be disappointed if there is some sort of multi-score loss tomorrow, and likely even a loss in general considering we should be going against a true freshman QB who has never completed a pass and a team that doesn't seem much more talented than us. Just feel its important to note we are still very young and under manned compared to a lot of teams we are playing. Zips Football Scholarship Chart.xlsx
  11. Nice to see that the program has seemingly returned to form.
  12. It being on Bally sucks...haven't found a way to watch it yet as I am a "cord cutter".
  13. Nice weather, winnable game, convenient time, big recruiting weekend, should be a nicer crowd (at least for us anyways). Lets get to the game tomorrow Zips nation!
  14. Anyone get any updates watching Zips Weekly last night ( @bigjim) ? My guess is we aren't going to hear anything about QB ahead of time.
  15. He would have played a lot at RB possibly, not at WR.
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