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  1. I do not believe so - at least none reported on here (outside of the Marshall TE transfer and the St. Eds TE).
  2. Another one. A LOT of DBs brought in this recruiting cycle. https://247sports.com/player/tobias-thomas-46083510/
  3. With Jankowski committed, I wonder if there is room for Brown at the position. I am a bit surprised Arth brought in another true freshman QB with Marousek already signed. However, the more competition at that position, the better. I just would have preferred a transfer who would be more likely ready to contribute immediately and challenge Kato. Another player I forgot about is George Qualls. There was mention of him signing on his side after our early signing period class was announced. So we may only have 2 spots left after Jankowski's commitment. A true freshman WR (we haven't signed any yet) and a transfer OL to get me excited about would be a nice close to the class.
  4. Down goes the fighting KD's to previously 7-12 (1-5) UMASS.
  5. OWho playing tough. We can't let down. Physical game so far.
  6. You guys follow the rest of the conference closer than I do...I hope you're right in your analysis of the rest of the league. Sounds like Marches will be fun again!
  7. Good find on Leininger @bigjim. Looking at his profile, it appears he will be a walk on. With that info and @ComettoZip's nugget on Burkhart, we may have 4 available still?
  8. Commending comments from a player who has many excuses to sulk. A player who transferred from a program that had the biggest turnaround in the country right after he left, played on an 0-12 team, was kicked out of a game and reprimanded on TV by the coach (the horror 😂). I do believe Arth has been a culture changer off the field. Let's hope we are really building something here and the change also comes on the field sooner rather than later!
  9. We signed 20 in the early signing period. We have two additional commits since then, in Dimarco Johnson and Charles Amankwaa (both DBs). I would be surprised if anyone who was committed prior to the early signing period, who did not end up signing, will end up making their way on the roster. I don't believe DeShields will count against the 25 (somebody previously posted something about a walk on being in the program 2 years and being offered a scholly doesn't count). I believe we signed 25 last year, whether it was officially announced or not. I also believe you can't rollover unused schollies from the prior year, but i may be wrong there. With that said, my best guess is we still have 3 scholarships to give out this year. There have been rumors of Andre Williams potentially rejoining the team. I hope he doesn't count against our numbers since he was on scholly last year prior to leaving. I hope we can fill the class with some higher-rated players to get excited about. Tyrik McDaniel goes to the same high school as Dimarco Johnson. We are recruiting him and he is uncommitted. https://247sports.com/player/tyrik-mcdaniel-46085272 Deandre Butler is very highly rated (probably too high for us). But he is uncommitted at this point and actually signed with Arth & Chattanooga out of HS, though I don't believe he ever actually made it to campus. https://247sports.com/player/deandre-butler-46052396
  10. KD loves coming back to Northeast Ohio and use it as a recruiting tool. Funny how he hasn't played Kent or Akron though. He's been here what...at least 3 times since leaving?
  11. I was thinking something similar. Hopefully we can maintain/build on the lead. I would like a lineup the last 5 or so minutes of something like Tribble, Dawson, Ali, Reece, and Sayles. Force them to develop!
  12. Man..Dawson looks like a player who just joined the team a month ago.
  13. uh...he shot over 75% of the team's FTs and made 6 of them.
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