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  1. Maybe he just decided to move on with life. He was here for a long time and was never more than a back up/special teams player.
  2. Yeah forget the Guardians, I want as much money going to the Zips as possible. Kaulig is a smart man, though. If he invested in baseball there is money to be made.
  3. Idea of where we stand right now. Cochran, Singleton, Monoghan, and Corner Jr gone from the roster. No real losses, though Cochran was a starter last year and Singleton showed some potential as a true freshman last year. If everybody that we have as committed shows up and is on scholly, we'd technically be one over. Get a better idea once the roster is updated for the season of course. Zips Football Scholarship Chart.xlsx
  4. Yeah it seems like Maddox committed though nothing announced yet. Also a WR either from Phili or named Adrian is my guess lol.
  5. Good for Milwee. QB play definitely wasn’t a problem when he was here. OC is what he really sucked at. I’m sure the TX “NIL” money sure helped too.
  6. That would mean he beats out Irons/Undercuffler as true freshman when they are seniors. I don't see it, but could be wrong.
  7. Those douchers made it seem like Akron isn't good enough for him multiple times. He seems really solid on us and graduates early. Can't wait to get him here.
  8. Cool story. Unfortunately its likely we won't have him for long. https://steelersdepot.com/2022/06/mentor-and-leader-coach-tre-bell-excited-for-steelers-internship/
  9. Wasn’t too long ago (even last year) we were signing guys with no other offers. I think his tape looks solid and the staff is off to a really solid start with this HS class. Think everyone had at least one other option at the FBS level except maybe the lineman from southern Ohio,
  10. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Kyle-Thomas-102431/RecruitInterests/ + Liberty and Kent St for his initial offers in HS. Looks like only other FBS offer this time around is LA Tech. Apparently a July grad so I'm sure that limited his interest.
  11. And here will apparently be the final product.
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