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  1. Trickett going to Marshall instead. https://footballscoop.com/news/sources-clint-trickett-joining-charles-huffs-staff-at-marshall/
  2. I just think we should do better than vague comments about players not being used correctly and patronizing other posters if someone questions it. Be specific. I don’t know if Arth will end up working out. I like what he stands for and that he’s a local, so I hope he does. There’s a lot of bashing of coaches, many have shown something to someone to advance their career. There’s a lot of bashing of him, he’s being looked at for an NFL job. Those are facts. Recruiting definitely needs to improve and/or we better hope he’s great at player development. I think his grade on that is TBD since many contributors are still so young.
  3. Boogie in Arth's first year was used in the slot, like Bowden, and had approx 4x the yards he had under Bowden.I thought he was an okay 3rd down/spell back for Dollard this year. He may have ended up with more yards rushing than he had receiving last year if we played a full season. Fine in both roles, but not a star in either. Boogie took a move for the team and I commend him for that...yes it may or may not have been his best/natural position (though he was a RB in high school). Morris never played once under Arth. He was out all of 2019 with an injury and entered the portal prior to the start of 2020 season. I don't know how Stewart was utilized incorrect. He was on the outside, same as he was with Bowden and I don't think anyone would disagree with him being there. I can concede QB play affected his stats, but can't really think of a time he made a play after catching the ball. He was a prototypical "possession receiver". Wolfley was also used in the same manner as Bowden as an H-Back type with the random route thrown in(and hurt seemingly every other play). I remember him being talked up under Bowden but it never materialized into anything. Dylan was a straight special teams player under Bowden. Had 5 tackles in his first 2 seasons. Had 47 in one season under Arth at DL. He was around an average MAC player, maybe LB would have been a better position, but it seems like splitting hairs. Chances are he won't be anything more than a special teams player at Florida so we'll never know. Most of this isn't opinion..its fact. How do you think these players named should have been used? One of Arth's former assistants is now a NFL head coach. Many of his assistants in his short 2 year period here have already moved on to better opportunities. He is reportedly being targeted for a NFL job. The proof seems to be there that he is a pretty good coach and other CFB/NFL programs see value in his assistants.Trust the process, or at least let it play out before determining if this is a success or failure.We want long term success (I hope) and that will likely take patience.
  4. What players do you think aren't being utilized correctly?
  5. We better enjoy watching him this season then. I can't see him coming back when he's got a family to feed.
  6. Yet still less than UL-M.
  7. I don't watch as much CBB as others, but have watched more than I typically do this year. I think we are the program I've seen that doesn't have the fan photos/cutouts in the stands. Maybe they make more from the sponsor banners they have hanging up?
  8. I think we all clearly saw flashes of what Dailey can provide in the Toledo game. He just has to put it together on a consistent basis. Trimble emerging has taken a lot of my focus off of Dailey. Hopefully he will come around, but I don't see a pressing need for it as of yet. We just beat the top two teams in the conference in the same week.
  9. Nobody has talked about Meeks for a long time. He was a starter in 2019, but didn't do much. That is a fact. Not saying he wouldn't have done much this year or next. With that said, the article states walk on. Most of our players could walk-on at a larger program.
  10. If you guys don't like the dark arenas, don't attend a game at Staples Center.
  11. 1. Williams forked over the money to make Embick one of the highest paid coaches in the nation. Do we agree/disagree with that move? 2. Williams hired Groce, and hired him on a very friendly contract his first few years, taking advantage of the Illiniois buyout. Do we agree/disagree with that move? 3. Williams fired Bowden - who most wanted fired. Do we agree/disagree with that move? Supposedly there were complaints KD and Bowden had about administration, but everything I've heard on that end is incredibly vague. I'd like to hear some more details before making an opinion on that. Biggest thing against him that I know of is that he may have botched the Arth hire. If Arth leaves early, I'd call it a failure, but it also gives him an opportunity to redeem himself. If he doesn't leave, I'm willing to see the process out 1-2 more seasons.
  12. $100k for each year left on his contract I believe. So should be $300k.
  13. Brown is classless and would be a PR disaster here. I've spent about two minutes thinking about it, but a young up and comer name that comes to mind is Brian Hartline. One of the best recruiters in the country, is from the area, has the OSU ties, has played in the NFL, is young so can relate to this generation somewhat, and has shown to be a pretty dang good coach in his few years. He's never been a head coach, but neither was Sean Lewis. Heck I am not even sure we could afford him. He's currently making 550k. He would need to surround himself with an experienced staff, however. I'm sure there's better choices, but that seems to be a high risk/high reward hire. An older guy that comes to mind is Doc Holliday, if you can get him to leave WV. His firing was a farce. That Marshall program had a lot more up years than down years with him.
  14. Welp is Hilltopper speaks, I listen. Being a fan of Zips football is though. Very tough. I suppose we could get lucky but chances are slim...
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