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  1. Game 12—Golden Flashes @ Zips

    I just got a phone call, from President Wilson, telling me to come out to the game tomorrow. Anybody else?
  2. Game 3 — Dayton Flyers

    I watched some of the Ohio/Dayton game a few days ago. Probably looking at our first loss here, but maybe its something we can pull off. Giannis' (not even going to try to spell the name) little brother plays for them and he seems like a pretty talented player. They say he is the best shooter out of all of them (4 brothers), but he seemed to play close to the basket mostly from what I saw. Huge and athletic frame, just like his brother.
  3. I'll be getting my shots in all season long. Don't get so worked up about it, Akron isn't good enough for the "Akron man".
  4. Game 2 — UT Martin Skyhawks

    Utomi has 1st team All MAC and potentially MAC POY written all over him.
  5. Game 2 — UT Martin Skyhawks

    Utomi and Duvivier are just balling.
  6. Game 2 — UT Martin Skyhawks

    are you at the arena?
  7. Game 12—Golden Flashes @ Zips

    Seemed like a fiery speech at the basketball game. I'd have liked to hear that.
  8. Game 2 — UT Martin Skyhawks

    Reghi has called UT-Martin 3-0 multiple times already. They are 1-2....
  9. Stewart and MTB definitely fit that mold. Hooks is listed at 6'2" on 247.
  10. Game 12—Golden Flashes @ Zips

    Our manican was #1...is that a hint at who we should expect to see?
  11. Feel bad for Barberton. Just no match for Hoban, who seemed to have college size and athleticism at every position. That #20 for Hoban, Trayanum, was a beast and only a sophomore. Looks like he's already getting looks from atleast Michigan. I flipped over and watched the 4th of the Mentor/Iggy game. Really like Mentor's QB. Good leadership, high football IQ, great size, and can run the ball. Led two nice drives for a 4th quarter comeback win.
  12. Am not going to start a new thread, but if you won't be at any of the playoff games tonight and want to watch, you can choose from 10 or so here. Must be a Spectrum/TW subsriber. Barton/Hoban and Mentor/Iggy are very intriguing to me. http://www.myspectrumsports.com/oh/northeastohio.html
  13. Get some context before spewing that hyperbole.